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Kizen LaserPro LP300 Infrared Thermometer In-depth Review

Built tough with great usability, but not for precision. It’ll be good for kitchen use, but there are more precise infrared thermometers on the market for industrial or HVAC applications.

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Tested Using Methodology v1.0
The Kizen LaserPro LP300 Infrared Thermometer Gun standing upright on its handle on a turn table against a blurry blue backdrop.

Overall Verdict

The Kizen LaserPro LP300 is a tough case. On the one hand, it has excellent build quality and a great usability score. But on the other hand, with a very mediocre measurement mode, it won’t be much use if you’re looking for an infrared thermometer that can return exacting, extremely accurate results.

The Kizen LaserPro LP300 could be a good enough purchase for kitchen use where reading is off by a few degrees. But if you plan on using the thermometer for other applications, like industrial use or HVAC, other infrared thermometers on the market can give more precise results, like the Helect or the Eventek thermometers.

Things We Like

  • Quite affordable for what it is
  • Solid build quality
  • Laser emitter is bright and can be easily tracked
  • Display panel is decently bright and data points can be easily read in many conditions (under studio lighting, in the dark, etc.)
  • Handle is indented and textured for easier gripping
  • Loud speaker

Things We Don’t Like

  • Mediocre measurement accuracy
  • Doesn’t have many measurement mode
  • The backlight can’t be turned off

Not much is known about Kizen besides their extensive portfolio on Amazon. Their thermometers, which include LaserPro LP300, are generally well-reviewed.

After testing a unit in our lab for a week, it’s hard to determine whether the LaserPro LP300 is a good deal. While it does a good job in the cold test with ice, it’s one of the few infrared kitchen thermometers in our database that failed the hot test with cooking oil.

Its lackluster measurement accuracy is the only drawback. Otherwise, the Kizen LaserPro LP300 performed excellently in our assessment's design and usability portions.

Check the detailed test report below.

Key Specs

L4 x W1.77 x H5.9 inches
4.86 ounces
Display type
Backlit LCD panel
Measurement modes
Audio cues
Temperature range
-58°F to 1,122°F (-50°C to 600°C)

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Compared to Other Infrared Thermometers

Analysis and Test Results

5.2 Performance

The Kizen LaserPro LP300 performed well in the cold test with ice, but it failed the hot test with cooking oil. This affected its overall performance score and made us hesitant to recommend it, despite its high scores in other areas. However, the total score still falls within a passing range.

Therefore, for kitchen use where extreme precision is not crucial, the LaserPro LP300 could be a suitable choice. However, alternative infrared thermometers may be more suitable for industrial applications and other uses.

9.3 Design

The Kizen LaserPro LP300 comes in a printed cardboard box and includes the thermometer, complimentary AAA batteries, user manual, warranty card, and emissivity settings chart. At 4.86 ounces, it’s a bit heavier than other infrared thermometers in our database, but it’s still comfortable to hold with one hand and fits well in a kitchen drawer.

The thermometer has excellent build quality, a red single-dot laser emitter with good brightness, a backlit LCD display panel, and is powered by two AAA batteries.

7.2 Usability

Our reviewers rate the handling experience of the Kizen LaserPro LP300 as "excellent," thanks to its excellent handling with indents and a textured grip for comfort and ease of use. The thermometer has a mode that lets you change the emissivity setting. Besides the EMS mode, it doesn’t allow you to do much else.

The thermometer features audio cues with a loud speaker that beeps when transitioning to HOLD mode, making it audible even in a noisy kitchen.

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