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Eventek ET312 Infrared Thermometer Gun In-depth Review

The Eventek ET312 is currently one of the best IR thermometers for the price, with its highly accurate IR sensor, great build quality, and decent usability.

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Tested Using Methodology v1.0
The Eventek ET312 standing upright on a turn table against a blurry blue backdrop.

Overall Verdict

As of May 2023, the Eventek ET312 is our database's most well-rounded IR thermometer. The thermometer achieves high scores in all our test sections, ranging from the performance tests (the Eventek scored well in both the cold and the hot tests) to the design and usability tests. In addition to good measurement accuracy, the Eventek ET312 also comes equipped with many measurement modes.

The only issue we found with the Eventek is that the material that goes into the product isn’t very premium, making it looks and feels cheap.

And speaking of cheap, the Eventek ET312 is a very affordable thermometer (which explains the choice of material.) If you’re looking for a budget-friendly but decently reliable IR thermometer, this one will do the trick!

Things We Like

  • Great IR sensor that returns accurate readings
  • Well-built outer housing and parts
  • Bright laser emitter
  • Handling experience is decent
  • Decent complement of measurement modes for the kitchen
  • Loud speakers give off audio cues when the thermometer has finished scanning

Things We Don’t Like

  • The product looks and feels cheap
  • The handle isn’t textured, which can make it slippery on wet hands

Considering how cheap it is and how Eventek isn’t a very known brand in the US market, the success of this IR thermometer is quite surprising. We selected this IR thermometer for the review project, bought a testing unit using our funds, and then put it through its paces in our lab. The results are surprising: the Eventek ET312 displays very good measurement accuracy for the price.

How good is it, actually?

Read our full test report below!

Key Specs

L3.14 x W1.65 x H6.3 inches
4.36 ounces
Display type
Backlit LCD
Measurement modes
4 (EMS, average, min, max)
Audio cues
Temperature range
-50 to 550°C (-58 to 1,022°F)

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Compared to Other Infrared Thermometers

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Analysis and Test Results

8.2 Performance

In terms of performance, the Eventek is the most accurate out of the latest batch of 13 IR thermometers so far. It maintains scorings well above the 8.0 score band in both the cold test with ice and the hot test with cooking oil.

This puts it in the same order as other best performers, such as the Sovarcate HS980E and the Wintact IR thermometer.

7.9 Design

The overall build quality of the Eventek ET312 is good, with sturdy and well-constructed housing. The material used for the thermometer is mostly smooth plastic, which gives it a cheaper appearance and feel compared to more premium IR thermometers with textured parts.

The bright laser emitter can be tracked even under harsh studio lighting. The LCD panel is backlit and measures 1.18 inches across.

8.0 Usability

The Eventek ET312 infrared thermometer offers a decent handling experience. The handle is indented, which lets the user grip better onto the thermometer gun, even with wet hands. However, the lack of texture on the handle can be problematic.

It provides a diverse range of measurement modes. Although there is no alarm mode, the thermometer features audio cues through a speaker that beeps when the trigger is released or when switching to the HOLD mode.

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