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At Healthy Kitchen 101, our committed team conducts exhaustive tests on kitchen tools and appliances. Our thorough evaluations and ratings ensure you make well-informed decisions, selecting the finest products each time.

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Two men arranging a row of immersion blenders on the table


We purchase all products at our own expense. Appliances are selected based on market research, unique product specifications, and consumer popularity. Furthermore, we do not procure any sponsorships nor do we receive donations. We have no stake in the reputation of any brand, popular or otherwise.

Man using a thermometer agaisnt an electric kettle on the table, surrounded by other electric kettles and a digital timer


Appliances in the same category undergo identical tests in the same environment. Tests are data-driven and collaboratively developed in order to avoid personal bias and inaccuracies. We design the tests ourselves and consult outside experts when necessary. Tests are user-based and devised to highlight product features, strengths, and weaknesses. All procedures, including taste-testing, involved three or more people.

Hands holding infrared thermometer and real time temperature monitor agaisnt a pan on the mini gas oven, surrounded by other infrared thermometers


All our testing procedures are documented in detail and available on our website. Our data is accompanied by photographic and video evidence for validation. Additionally, we provide a transparent explanation of how we assess, rank, and assign scores to all products. Our aim is to empower you to make well-informed and trusted purchasing decisions.

Latest Updates

  • Infrared thermometers reviews launched

    Jun 8, 2023

    We conducted comprehensive testing on 13 infrared thermometers from diverse brands, with the primary goal of identifying the most precise and user-friendly thermometer options. These thermometers underwent rigorous assessments involving ice baths and boiling oil. Discover the most reliable devices that cater to your cooking needs!

  • Test methodology V1.0 released for garbage disposal machines

    Nov 15, 2022

    After 4 months of experimenting with twenty garbage disposal models from different brands, we have designed a series of tests that will reveal their true capacity for dealing with various types of food waste. Check out how we test garbage disposals at Healthy Kitchen 101.

  • First batch of cold brew coffee makers tested and reviewed

    Jul 28, 2022

    We bought 15 of the best-selling cold brewers on the market and followed the manufacturers' instructions to make coffee with them. We then rated each one of those coffee makers based on its design, ease of use, and the quality of its coffee. Our test results, reviews, and recommendations are now available on HealthyKitchen101.com!

  • Testing and reviews now available for waffle makers

    Jun 28, 2022

    After making (and eating) hundreds of waffles in our lab, we zeroed in on the best time and temperature settings for each machine we own. We also note the waffle makers' unique strengths and weaknesses. Check out our ratings and reviews to find the right one for your kitchen!

  • Toaster Oven reviews launched

    May 26, 2022

    We test out some of the most popular toaster ovens with a variety of foods using different time and temperature settings. We also rate how easy they are to work with and to clean. This is an ongoing process, so we'll keep buying more ovens and testing them out. Here are our testing methods, current results, and our recommendations so far.

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