Nguyen Ntk, Visual Specialist at Healthy Kitchen 101

Nguyen Ntk

Visual Specialist

Nguyen Ntk is a graphic designer, photographer, and videographer whose philosophy centers around respecting and celebrating the beauty of reality. Through his lenses, Nguyen strives to capture the true essence of objects and events, showcasing and highlighting authentic features without distortion or exaggeration.

Nguyen Ntk handles all things graphic at Healthy Kitchen 101, from product comparison charts to unboxing videos. He has also been the person behind many of the beautiful food photos on Healthy Recipes 101 since 2018.

Nguyen is a proud husband and father to three gorgeous kids. When not at work, he’s at a badminton court or pushing his kids around on a trolley in the supermarket.


  • Founder of Ocean Wedding Studio 
  • Participant of the Canon Photo Marathon (2009-2012)


Expertise: Information Technology

Education: Bachelor of Science

Location: University of Science, Vietnam National University (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)