Best Toaster Ovens in 2022 Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

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Best Toaster Ovens

A toaster oven is a vital part of any kitchen. Whether you’re toasting bread, melting cheese on a pizza, or even baking a small tray of cookies, a toaster oven can accomplish it all. But with a large variety of models out there, it can be tough to pick the one that best suits your needs.

That’s where we can help. To aid in your decision, we reviewed a number of highly-rated and popular models, seeking toaster ovens with a solid balance of performance and value. We consulted user reviews to find out which features matter to most consumers, so you can trust that our pick for the best all-around toaster, the Breville BOV845BSS Smart Oven, is an ideal blend of convenience, reliability, and outstanding performance.

Read on for our list of the best toaster ovens on the market, as well as a couple of tips for shopping for one.

Is a Toaster Oven Worth it?

Here are a few reasons why you should consider buying a toaster oven: 

1. Rapid Cooking Time

Because toaster ovens are generally smaller than full-size ovens or wall ovens, most require much less time to preheat. This means you don’t have to wait up to half an hour to begin cooking or baking. Within just a few minutes, your toaster oven should be hot enough to prepare a whole batch of muffins.

2. Efficient Energy Consumption 

Opting to use a toaster oven over a standard oven can also have an impact on your energy consumption. The machine can produce similar results to a full-size oven using just half the energy; a great way to keep down your electricity bill (and environmental footprint).

3. Various Sizes 

Toaster ovens come in various different sizes, so you should have no trouble finding one that fits your daily cooking needs.

Small ovens can brown your morning toast to perfection or easily handle single servings of food. Larger ones can deal with a pizza or several pounds of chicken in a matter of minutes. Mid-size toaster ovens, on the other hand, can be great for reheating leftovers and cooking frozen meals. 

How to Choose the Best Toaster Oven

The first thing most people consider when shopping for a kitchen appliance is the price. We know that you likely have a budget, so we always consider value for money. However, affordability means very little if the appliance doesn’t perform well.

As such, we’ve also made our evaluations based on cooking performance and ease of use, as well as noting each unit’s size and feature set — it’s important to ensure that your toaster fits both your space and intended use.

Here is a list of the most important characteristics to consider when choosing a toaster oven:

Heating Elements 


Heating elements matter as they will determine the efficiency of heat distribution. The two most common types include Nichrome and Quartz

Most people prefer Quartz elements because they respond and heat up quickly. With Nichrome, the long time-lag between the request for heat and actual delivery leads to temperature fluctuations that can cause inconsistent cooking results.

A few ovens have combined Quartz and ceramic heating elements.These machines are quite expensive yet stand out from the rest as having greater thermal responses and an ability to maintain the internal temperature. 

Regarding the number of elements a good oven should have, we’ve found that two are sufficient for a small unit, but may not provide enough heat to ensure even cooking on a roomier one. In other words, the larger a toaster oven is, the more heating elements are necessary. 

Capacity and Size

Since the size of your toaster oven will dictate its food capacity, it makes sense to think about what dishes you’re likely to be cooking, and how much counter space you can spare, before you shop around.

Cuisinart TOA-60 Interior

A toaster oven’s capacity can be measured by how much ofthe two most common toaster meals it can hold: pieces of toast and frozen pizzas.

For one- or two-person dishes, reheating, or just baking a few cookies, a smaller unit that can accommodate 4-6 slices of toast would be a smart choice. If you’re feeding a crowd, on the other hand, you might need to invest in a larger unit: the kind that can handle 8 slices of toast or a 13-inch pizza.


Typically, the more advanced the feature set, the higher the price. If you’re just looking for something basic to make breakfast, there’s no need to pay for more advanced features. But pricier ovens with convection settings will offer all sorts of fancy cook modes. 

These models run at somewhere between $100 and $250 and can often serve as alternatives to a full-size oven. Their interface usually has an LCD display with digital control and preset options for several common recipes like toast, bagels, pizza, and cookies. 

Top-tier toaster ovens appear more frequently in the $250 - $450 range, with some exceeding $700. They are better built with a stylish design, lots of power, and greater energy efficiency. As the cost goes up, you may also get more accessories and a customer-friendly warranty. 

Cooking Features

Each oven allows you to choose from a variety of different cook modes, each of which is intended for a specific cooking task. Cook modes primarily include toasting, broiling, baking, and reheating. 

But some advanced models include additional functions, such as food-specific presets that take the guesswork out of cooking things like bagels, muffins, or pizzas. 

One function that can make a big difference to cooking quality is convection, which is generally found only in the most expensive higher-end units. Convection uses a fan and exhaust system to circulate hot air inside the toaster oven, which makes for faster, more even cooking. Not everyone will find it necessary, but it’s definitely a ‘nice to have’—especially if you like to bake.

Useful Accessories

The majority of toaster oven models include a crumb tray, oven rack, and baking pan. However, some models include a lot more, and the number of additional accessories may depend on how much you’re willing to spend. Some deluxe convection ovens include multiple racks and extra baking pans.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that any removable parts will require regular cleaning. To simplify this process, look for a unit with easily-removable trays and racks.

Reviews of The Best Toaster Ovens in 2022

If you’re starting to get excited about all the things you can do with a toaster oven, you’ll love our list of recommendations.

1. Breville BOV800XL Smart Toaster Oven – Best to Buy in 2022

  • Cooks quickly and evenly
  • Simple to use and clean
  • Extra large capacity
  • Element IQ technology
  • No interior light
  • Pricey
  • Large footprint

Our pick for the best all-round toaster, the Breville BOV800XL Smart Oven, represents the ideal blend of convenience, reliability, and outstanding performance. If money is no object, this appliance is a no-brainer.

Advanced Cooking Technology 

At 0.8 cubic feet, the oven can accommodate six slices of bread and a pizza of up to 13 inches. It uses the exclusive Element IQ heating system to transfer heat across five Quartz elements for precise and stable cooking. With 1,800 watts of power, the oven heats up in a flash, getting your meals to the table in no time at all. 

Indeed the Breville is a reliable medium-sized oven that performs well across all cooking tasks. Although the price is a bit steep, we’re talking about the best, not the cheapest.   

Uncluttered Interface 

The stylish interface is user-friendly with nine different food presets, including sandwiches, cookies, pizzas, and chicken breasts. These functions allow you to automatically set the time, temperature, and cooking method for some of the most common toaster meals. This saves you from messing with other knobs and dials or relying on guessworks to find the best settings.

Other Nice Features 

We’re especially impressed by the oven’s rack height legend, printed on the right-hand side of the door’s glass window. No need to guess the rack’s height position for each cooking method, ensuring the best cooking results every time. 

Furthermore, the broiling rack is positioned close enough to the top to ensure the food will come out with a smoky exterior that traps all the delicious juices inside. And since broiling can easily burn the food, the door is designed to not obstruct your view. There is even an interior light for clear visual monitoring. 

The Breville Smart Oven is also exceptional with its magnetic auto- eject rack which will automatically eject halfway out of the oven when you open the door. Other convenient features that enhance the oven’s usability, include a slow cooking function for long cook times at low temperatures, a backlit easy-to-read LCD display, and a non-stick cavity coating for easy cleaning. 

Included accessories: three baking trays, a single rack, a baking pan, a broiler pan, and a nonstick pizza pan.

Potential Issues

Breville’s exchange policy has received some complaints, so if you’re thinking of buying a Smart Oven, just be aware that it might take some time before you can get a defective unit replaced. 


If you’re seeking something with a large capacity and wide range of presets, we highly recommend this oven.

2. Best Budget Toaster Oven

Things We Like

  • Highly affordable
  • Good value in terms of functionality and accessories
  • Small size and lightweight but sturdy design
  • Easy-to-turn knobs
  • High-contrast digital display
  • Cool-touch door handle
  • Easy-to-clean stainless steel exterior

Things We Don’t Like

  • No safety mechanism for the door
  • Convection fan isn’t all-applicable
  • No internal lighting

The black stainless steel Toshiba AC25CEW-BS Toaster Oven is our best budget choice. For just around $100 (at the time of writing), you’ve got yourself a medium-sized oven with good all-around performance, design, and usability. Technically though, it doesn’t excel at anything or offer anything unique.


The Toshiba AC25CEW did well in all of our performance tests with a fast preheat time and good temperature precision. It performed best in baking pizza. The ten cooking functions are useful for beginners, especially the Defrost and Reheat functions. In addition, the Rotisserie and Keep Warm functions can help them make a nice roast just like experienced cooks.


The Toshiba AC25CEW-BS has a light weight but sturdy construction and a large capacity for its size. Of the 6 accessories, the removable crumb tray and the rotisserie kit are rare for this price range. It also stands out for having many air ventilation holes on the 5 sides.


The Toshiba AC25CEW-BS has a clear digital display and 3 simple knobs making it intuitive to use. However, there’s nothing particularly convenient besides the accessories. In addition, if you want to readjust the function during cooking, you need to press stop and repeat all the inputs.

3. BLACK+DECKER TO3250XSB Convection Toaster Oven–Best Large Convection Toaster Oven

BLACK+DECKER TO3250XSB Convection Toaster Oven
  • Simple, intuitive controls
  • Quick at heating up
  • Good value
  • Useful accessories
  • Poor at broiling
  • Short cord

The Black+Decker is a smart choice if you’re looking for a convection toaster oven with conventional controls and a large capacity. Fashioned from sturdy stainless steel, this is a durable kitchen appliance that should more than meet your needs for years to come.

Inexpensive yet Efficient 

The Black+Decker Convection Oven works well for its inexpensive price. Although it can’t compete with its higher-priced competitors, it delivers better results than most convection toaster ovens in this price range. 

Measuring around 22-inch wide, the oven’s nonstick interior can accommodate up to eight slices of bread or a 12-inch pizza. It’s even roomy enough to fit most standard oven pans including handles.

There are several features that set this unit apart from a standard toaster oven. Its convection function, in particular, adds major appeal. Many owners praise its quiet convection fan, which they say is much quieter than what you’ll find on other models, such as the Hamilton Beach.

The oven’s interior light and 60-minute timer are also nice features to have. Indeed, extreme versatility is the name of the game for this large capacity toaster oven.

Straightforward Control Panel 

In addition to convection baking, the Black+Decker is also good at broiling, toasting, reheating, and keeping food warm. It features state-of-the-art electronic controls with four specific food presets. 

One common user complaint about this model is a dislike for its old-fashioned analog controls. However, this is simply a matter of preference. Many users say they prefer analog knobs over digital interfaces, as knobs allow you to quickly select the desired temperature and time.

Included accessories: a baking pan, a broiling rack, and a removable crumb tray.

Potential Issues

The Black+Decker only works best in a reasonably roomy, airy kitchen, as it is relatively bulky and can get particularly hot during use. If you have a small kitchen or counter space concerns, this may not be the toaster oven for you. 


The Black+Decker TO3250XSB Convection Oven is a solid unit. Though it may be a little bulky for a small kitchen, its spacious interior allows for more cooking options, making it a lifesaver for large families.

3. Best Medium-Sized Toaster Oven

Things We Like

  • Simple and straight-to-the-point control knobs
  • Sturdy design and durable material
  • Convection fan is all-applicable
  • Electrical safety feature for the door
  • Convenient slide-out crumb tray
  • Easy-to-clean stainless steel exterior
  • Plenty of recipes included in the user manual

Things We Don’t Like

  • Opening the door also turns off the light
  • A bit heavier and taller than other same-type ovens
  • Not very budget-friendly

Straightforwardness and simplicity are our main reasons for choosing the silver stainless steel Cuisinart TOA-60 Convection Toaster Oven Air Fryer as the best medium-sized toaster oven. It’s ideal for seasoned home cooks who are willing to spend a bit more ($230 at the time of writing) on an effective, robust, and lasting toaster oven.


The Cuisinart TOA-60 consistently excels at test dishes thanks to its steady and stable temperature combined with the convection fan always being deployed. In particular, it’s excellent at making toast and pizza. It also helps that the oven comes with a user manual with recipes and 3 accessories including an air fryer basket.


Even though its simplistic design only offers a few features, the Cuisinart TOA-60 nails everything. It has a high build quality with a sturdy construction and durable material. The control panel is completely analog with 4 knobs for Time, Temperature, Functions, Toast, and a Light switch.


Having no digital components, you can simply leave the Cuisinart TOA-60 plugged in after you’ve finished using it without worries. If we’re being nitpicky, this oven doesn’t offer many convenient features but it also doesn’t pose any problems. One small thing is that while opening the door stops it from cooking, it also turns off the light.

4. Instant Pot Omni Plus 11-in-1 Toaster Oven – Best Air Fryer Toaster Oven

  • Intuitive control panel
  • 11 cooking functions
  • Large capacity
  • Super convection technology
  • Air fry > Dehydrate presets
  • Affordable
  • A little bit bulky
  • Not included

The Instant Omni Plus is ideal for air frying fans. It also best suits those who frequently find themselves multitasking in the kitchen or preparing food for a family of more than 4 members.

  • Intuitive control panel
  • 11 cooking functions
  • Large capacity
  • Super convection technology
  • Air fry > Dehydrate presets
  • Affordable
  • A little bit bulky
  • Not included

Though it is cheaper, it has a roomier capacity and comes with almost all the features you’ll find in the top pick. This oven seems to have it all— a large LCD,  “one-touch” 11 cooking functions, efficient convection fan, and useful accessories for convenient cooking.

Rapid Cooking Time

With an air fryer setting, the Instant Omni Plus comes with the advantages of cutting back on fatty oils while still offering the same but far healthier outcomes. It is a great solution for those who are craving for fried food but want to limit the overall calories consumed. 

When the oven is on the air frying mode, it works by circulating hot air around the food at high speed to get a crispy layer more quickly with little or no oil. So apart from supporting your wellness, this model also works faster than conventional ovens, reducing the cooking time by around 20%. 

The cooking capacity is 26L, which can comfortably toast 6 slices of bread, roast a 14-lb turkey, and fit either a 9×13-inch pan, respectively. It even can handle both cooking trays at once, allowing you to conveniently prepare multiple meals at a time.

Ultimate Enhancements 

Besides an air fry feature, this oven also offers several notable improvements in design and feature set. These new additions include a dehydration feature for drying raw food, a super convection fan for better crisping, and a temperature/cooking time dial for easier control. 

With the Instant Omni Plus, you don’t need to pay extra for any optional accessory as it is shipped with everything you may need. Not only that, all the included items fit well in the oven and are easy to clean.  

Included accessories: An air frying basket, an oven rack, a cooking pan, rotisseries and forks, and a rotisserie lift.

Potential Issues

Coming along with the extra large capacity will be the bulky footprint. So, be mindful if you have a small space. 

Also keep in mind that the included 6-quart air fryer basket is only ideal for a couple or small family. If you’re planning on hosting a big gathering, you’ll need to make multiple batches to get enough food.


The Instant Omni Plus is an affordable air fryer. Its 1800W motor is strong and very powerful, promising to deliver speedy results. In comparison with other models on this list, it comes with more accessories, and has lots of cool functions to play with. Highly recommend it.

5. Breville BOV650XL the Compact Smart Oven – Best 4-Slice Toaster Oven

Breville BOV650XL the Compact Smart Oven
  • Low energy consumption
  • Intuitive, versatile controls
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Expensive
  • Exterior gets hot during use

With approximately 3,000 customer reviews and a 4.4 out of 5 star rating, the Breville Compact Smart Oven is currently one of the best-rated toaster ovens on Amazon. Like our top pick, the device is a bit on the expensive side, but if you don’t mind paying for quality, it won’t let you down.

Compact and Powerful 

In terms of performance, the Smart Oven is able to complete most cooking tasks relatively well, whether you’re baking a small batch of muffins, or a 12-inch pizza, four slices of bread or a 4-pound roast chicken. It can bake, toast, broil, and reheat food better than any of its competitors.

The Smart Oven cooks using Breville’s unique Element IQ technology. This means that the machine uses four heating elements as needed to ensure an even cook. By delivering the right power at the right time, it not only speeds up the cooking process, but also reduces energy consumption–something that many homeowners will appreciate.

With eight preset programs, the Compact Smart Oven gives you the flexibility to cook your food for optimum enjoyment, time and time again.

Included accessories: three baking trays, a single rack, a baking pan, a broiler pan, and a nonstick pizza pan.

Potential Issues

With various preset options, new users may be a little overwhelmed at first. However, once you get the hang of it, you’ll find that the presets make cooking faster.


The Breville BOV650XL seems worthy of consideration. Its lofty price buys you appropriately premium design and features. If you’re looking for a top-notch model that’s easy to use and convenient to clean, this versatile toaster oven will not disappoint. However, if you have limited counter space, then a smaller model like the Panasonic Flash Xpress might suit you better.

6. Panasonic FlashXpress Toaster Oven –Best Small Toaster Oven

  • Super fast cooking
  • Bright light
  • Durable
  • Easy to use and clean
  • No broiling option
  • Doesn’t cook evenly

For those with limited counter space, the Panasonic Flash Xpress offers easy-to-use controls and fast cooking functions in a small package.

  • Super fast cooking
  • Bright light
  • Durable
  • Easy to use and clean
  • No broiling option
  • Doesn’t cook evenly

Special Heating Elements 

In user reviews, the FlashXpress comes across as inherently usable. Users agree that it’s simple and intuitive to use. Although it doesn’t always heat evenly, with slight differences in browning when you compare food at the back and front of the rack, you can rotate the tray halfway through cooking to get more uniform heating.

Unlike many other models, this oven uses both quartz and ceramic heating elements, which facilitates near-instantaneous heating. This means you don’t have to worry about preheating in advance. Once you turn it on and set the temperature, you can insert your food immediately.

A Word of Caution  

Due to its tiny size, this 4-slice toaster oven is not a great replacement for your traditional oven. It won’t fit food for more than a few people, let alone a whole sheet of cookies. Most of what this unit does, however, it does very well. And what it does is simple: typical toaster stuff, like toasting and reheating.

Included accessories: A removable crumb tray, an oven rack, and an oven tray.

Potential Issues

There is no cancel button on this oven. Once you choose the cooking setting and press its button, you’re stuck in that mode. So if you tend to change your mind a lot, this may not be the toaster oven for you.


This oven lacks the fancy presets and settings of its more expensive brethren. However, if you want a small oven that gets things done quickly—sans the pre-heating—the Flash Xpress is absolutely a top pick.

7. Hamilton Beach (31126) Toaster Oven – Best Budget Toaster Oven

  • Compact design
  • Easy operation
  • Safe-open top
  • Can toast quickly
  • Limited timer (only goes to 30 min)
  • Loud convection fan
  • Accessories aren’t dishwasher-safe
  • Ineffective broiler
  • Exterior gets hot

If our other picks have more features than you need or simply exceed your budget, we think that this affordable, no-frills oven makes for a great alternative. Though it’s not the cheapest toaster oven available on the market, it does the job far better than others in its price category.

  • Compact design
  • Easy operation
  • Safe-open top
  • Can toast quickly
  • Limited timer (only goes to 30 min)
  • Loud convection fan
  • Accessories aren’t dishwasher-safe
  • Ineffective broiler
  • Exterior gets hot

A Basic, Easy-to-Use Toaster Oven

While the Easy Reach lacks many of the features included in high-end models, such as digital controls and cooking presets, it can toast and bake. It heats food evenly, uses a small amount of energy, and cooks quickly.

Its small footprint makes it ideal for kitchens with limited counter space, but the oven is still large enough to fit four slices of bread or a 12-inch frozen pizza.

There are manual knobs for adjusting time, temperature (150-450°F), and a small selection of vital cooking functions (toast, broil, roast, bake). Plus, there’s a timer bell to let you know when your food is ready.

Included accessories: an oven rack, a baking pan, and a crumb tray.

Potential Issues

The exterior of this oven tends to get hot while it’s in operation. So, be careful not to let any cords rest against the oven exterior as a safety precaution.

Other drawbacks include a loud convection fan and an inefficient broil function. And of course, the small size means the oven isn’t meant to accommodate large cuts of meat. For the inexpensive price, however, these are just minor concerns.


This cleverly-designed oven is notable for its simplicity and reasonable price. It does exactly what you want it to do—without breaking the bank. It can’t replace your full-size oven. But then, it’s not intended to.

Are Toaster Ovens Safe? 

It is natural for many of us to worry about health issues when we use our ovens. The two most common concerns are related to the risks of fire and the effects of Teflon coating.

Toaster Oven Dangers

Toaster ovens work by using heating elements. If crumbs get clogged up at the bottom of the oven for too long and get hot enough where the heating elements are working, they can start a fire. 

On most modern toaster ovens, however, the crumb tray is removable— as long as you detach the tray and clean it up after every use, the chance of your oven catching fire is minimal.

There are also concerns that toaster ovens coated with non-stick material, called polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), also known as Teflon, are harmful to our health and linked to bird deaths.

In fact, since 2013, all Teflon products are free of PFOA— the chemical that gives it the bad reputation. Therefore, the health effects of non-stick cookware are no longer a real concern.

What if the toaster oven you’re owning was producedbefore2013? There’s a chance it’s coated with PFOA, and you can only know by checking with the manufacturer or retailer. If it does in fact contain this harmful chemical, we highly recommend you stop using it.


All in all, except for the common danger of burns or fire hazards occurring when the ovens get very hot, countertop toaster ovens are generally safe for your health.

How to Clean A Toaster Oven

The best way to ensure a longer lifespan for your product is by cleaning it regularly. Here’s how you should clean your magic toaster oven after each use.

What You’ll Need

  • Baking soda
  • Dish soap/all-purpose cleaner/glass cleaner
  • Water 
  • Vinegar 
  • Soft cloth
  • Scrubber sponge
  • Toothbrush

Step-by-step Guides

  1. After using, unplug the oven, open the door and allow it to cool down
  2. Dump out all the crumbs into a trash can.
  3. After removing the crumb tray and racks out of the oven, hand-wash them with dish soap or all-purpose cleaner which is more natural and generally safer (there’s concern that conventional dish soaps contain toxic chemicals that link to health problems like cancers or immune system effects.) 
  4. After finishing cleaning, allow these parts to air dry completely. You can use a dry cloth to quickly absorb excess water or leave them in a sunny spot. 
  5. Dampen a soft cloth or a scrubber sponge with soapy water/all-purpose cleaner, then wipe the interior walls of the oven thoroughly (except for the heating elements area.
  6. Use a toothbrush or a soft cloth with a mixture of 3 tbsp baking soda and 1 tbsp water to gently clean the heating elements.
  7. Wipe down the glass door with glass cleaner/all-purpose cleaner, both inside and out. 
  8. Spray glass cleaner or all-purpose cleaner on the oven’s exterior directly, then wipe it down with a dry soft cloth. 
  9. Before storing, wait a few minutes for the oven to completely dry.

Useful Tips

  • Wearing rubber gloves is recommended to avoid contact with dirty surfaces or harmful chemicals.
  • Prepare a mixture of 3 tbsp baking soda and 1 tbsp ammonia to remove odor and stubborn stains inside the oven
  • Apply a paste of 2 tbsp vinegar and 2 tbsp water to quickly remove burnt-on grease on the inside of the oven’s door
  • Avoid using an old scrubber sponge, as it’s an ideal condition for bacteria to thrive

What Can Be Cooked in A Toaster Oven?

A toaster oven is an all-in-one kitchen appliance, serving multiple purposes. You can use it to cook almost everything, from broiling steak to dehydrating fruits or vegetables. Here are 6 of the top uses for your oven. 

Roast meat

Preheat the oven first. Rub the meat (beef, pork, chicken, turkey, etc.) with pepper, olive oil, garlic salt, and onion powder. After putting the food in, set the oven to bake setting at around 350°F and the timer to an appropriate duration (the cooking time is dependent on your tastes, types of meat and what sauces are being used.)

Toast bread

Heat oven to 400°F on toast setting. Spread one side of each bread slice with butter, cheese, or mayonnaise. Top with your ingredients like bacon and tuna (or keep them plain.) Place them in the cooking rack, cook for 5-8 minutes. 

Bake cakes/cookies/muffins

If you are a home baker who bakes occasionally, buying a convection toaster oven could be a wise investment. Check out one of our favorite cookie recipes.

Reheating leftovers

There are many things that can be reheated in a toaster oven. Just a few examples are pizza, bread, fried foods, baked goods, roasted/grilled meats, and cooked seafood. Before starting the process, make sure to cover your food with foil to keep it from drying out. 

Warm plates before serving

We all know that plates that are warmed before serving food will help keep food hot for longer, but we rarely know that toaster ovens can serve as a warmer too. Here is a simple tip that you might want to start implementing today— place your plates on the cooking rack, set the oven at around 150°F (or at its lowest temperature), and let it run for 1-2 minutes. 

Broil steak

Season each side of steak with desired ingredients. Set the oven to broil setting, heat up the broiling pan (coated with cooking spray) for at least 5 minutes. Once the pan is hot, put the food in. Cook it for 10 minutes. 

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1. Could anyone show me how to reheat pizza in a toaster oven? 

Reheating pizza in a toaster oven is easy. First off, preheat the baking tray lined with foil at 450°F. This will help your day-old pizza taste almost exactly like new: hot, crispy and puffy. Once it’s hot, put on your pizza and bake it for 10 minutes. Finally, enjoy! 

2. Can a toaster oven replace an oven?

The short answer is— maybe. The long answer is— it depends on many things, including your cooking purposes and the portion sizes. 

In practice, these two models perform almost identically. They’re exceptionally powerful and ready to churn out delicious food quickly and effortlessly, even though a toaster oven doesn’t offer the same possibilities as a conventional one. 

Due to the smaller size and capacity, however, most toaster ovens can heat up 30%-50% faster than regular ovens, thus saving you a lot of cooking time and energy. Beyond requiring less time for preheating, they can also cut the cooking time, from 2-4 minutes, especially when you’re cooking a small portion of food. With a more compact design, they’re also quite a bit easier to clean and maintain. So, if you plan on cooking a small/medium amount of food at a time, buying a toaster oven will be a wise investment. 

Unlike a toaster oven which requires no installation and is ready to use once plugged in, a conventional oven needs to be properly installed. Most of the time, the installation process is not difficult, but it takes time and effort, and sometimes more money. However, regular ovens do have their place. While their smaller version —a countertop toaster oven— can only accommodate about a medium batch of cookies or a 13-inch pizza, a standard oven it can easily handle a whole turkey/chicken or a large batch of muffins and scones at one time. If you’re cooking for a large family (more than 6 members) or want to prepare a big dinner party, clearly, a full-size oven will be more appropriate.

3. Do you need to preheat a toaster oven?

The preheating process is primarily used to heat up the air inside the oven to a proper temperature before the food is put on. Depending on your oven’s size and what you’re going to cook, it will take 5-15 minutes for the appliance to get hot. 

Preheating the oven allows the food you're making to start cooking at the correct temperature straight away. This usually produces tastier, more appetizing food, and is essential when baking to get consistent results. This is the main reason why preheating a toaster oven beforehand is not a must (except for when you’re baking) as it can heat up so quickly, but it’s helpful to do so and generally recommended. 

4. What's the difference between a toaster oven and a microwave?

Toaster ovens make quick work of toasting/baking/roasting/reheating by using heating elements to warm up the inside air, allowing the food to be cooked evenly and thoroughly. 

Microwaves function by using electromagnetic waves to heat the water molecules. Contrast the toaster ovens which cook food from the outside in, it heats everything at once. This is a main reason why it usually finishes the jobs faster than the counterpart. 

While microwave ovens are only good at reheating leftovers and defrosting frozen foods, toaster ovens can handle well almost cooking tasks, such as reheating pizzas, baking quick treats, broiling steak, and browning/toasting breads.

5. Do I need a microwave if I have a toaster oven?

It depends on your cooking purposes. If you only want something for reheating foods and defrosting frozen meat/veggies, there is no need to extra buy a toaster oven. As a good microwaves can (only) do these job pretty well.

If you’re planning on baking and toasting occasionally, on the other hand, we recommend you invest in a convection toaster oven without hesitation. Besides baking and toasting, it’s also excel at broiling, grilling, warming and roasting.

6. Can I use a toaster oven to bake?

Yes, you definitely can use your toaster oven to bake everything, from raw meats (beef, chicken, turkey, etc.) to pastries (cookies, muffins, cheesecake, etc.) and crisp veggies (potatoes, sweet potatoes, broccoli, asparagus, etc.) 

Here’s our step-by-step baking guide:

  1. Set the oven to bake setting and adjust the cooking temperature according to your recipe, typically between 300°F and 450°F
  2. Allow it to preheat for at least 10 minutes
  3. Put in the food
  4. Set the cooking time depending on your dish
  5. Press the oven’s start button and let it run. The oven will turn off automatically once the finished time is reached