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Vacuum Sealers

We test dozens of Vacuum Sealers for performance, usability, and design. Here’s our test procedure and detailed reviews.

We’ve tested and scored over a dozen vacuum sealers in our lab. This article detailed the process we used to score and assess each model!

Our Vacuum Sealer Reviews

Nesco VS-12 Deluxe vacuum sealer packing a bag of roasted cashews. In front of it are packed bags of tomatoes and black rice grains.
Overall Score: 9.1
Test Method v1.0
The Megawise VS6621 is a compact vacuum sealer with an integrated cutter, making it a great choice for those seeking an affordable, space-saving bag-sealing solution.
Overall Score: 6.7
Test Method v1.0
The black Anova Precision Pro vacuum sealer on a wooden surface. In front of it are vacuum bags containing roasted cashews and black rice grains.
Overall Score: 8.4
Test Method v1.0
The Mueller MV-1100 vacuum sealer during a dry food test portion. Here, it’s vacuum-packing a bag of white rice grains.
Overall Score: 5.9
Test Method v1.0
The Inkbird Vacuum Sealer INK-VS01 is extremely compact, yet it’s powerful enough to be able to vacuum pack most foods — black rice grains and bean stalks, in this case — to perfection.
Overall Score: 7.3
Test Method v1.0
The FoodSaver VS-0160 sits next to a glass bowl containing carrots, limes, and red chili peppers. In front of the sealer is a packed plastic bag of black rice grains.
Overall Score: 8.3
Test Method v1.0
The Nutrichef PKVS18BK comes in a beautifully illustrated box and has a look that impresses right away.
Overall Score: 6.8
Test Method v1.0
BonsenKitchen VS2100 Vacuum Sealer Hands on Review
Overall Score: 4.9
Test Method v1.0
The hinges of the CALOTO AP-12X are quite sturdy and don’t creak when we lift or lower the lid.
Overall Score: 5.8
Test Method v1.0
The Geryon E2900-MS finished up a working cycle after vacuum-sealing a bag of fresh black rice grains.
Overall Score: 6.3
Test Method v1.0

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