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SOVARCATE HS980E Digital Infrared Thermometer In-depth Review

The Sovarcate HS980E is currently one of the best infrared thermometers in our database. Check out our full test report in this article!

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Tested Using Methodology v1.0
The Sovarcate HS980E IR thermometer on a turn table against a blurry blue backdrop.

Overall Verdict

The Sovarcate HS980E is one of the best infrared thermometers we have in our database. It did decently well in performance tests and, thanks to a very good design, did excellently in the design and usability assessments. If you’re looking for a mid-range infrared thermometer for use in the kitchen (or for any temperature measurement tasks), the Sovarcate HS980E will make for a good purchase at the price point.

Things We Like

  • Fairly accurate and reliable temperature readings.
  • Rugged, industrial design
  • Extremely bright laser emitter
  • Color LCD VA screen panel
  • Comes with a good selection of measurement modes
  • Very loud speakers

Things We Don’t Like

  • Measurement accuracy can be better.

Sovarcate is a pretty popular name in the infrared thermometer niche. Besides the HS980E (this model), they also got other models like the HS960D and the Smart Sensor AS530, each of which had become hits among consumers. We bought a unit a few months earlier and put it through its paces in our laboratory to see how good it truly is, and, fortunately, the HS980E has proven itself to be a capable IR thermometer.

The IR thermometer is decently accurate in our performance tests — not the best, but passable. The Sovarcate HS980E also did well in our design and usability tests. We expect it’ll be a good fit as a kitchen thermometer.

See our full test report below!

Key Specs

L3.74 x W1.77 x H6.3 inches
5.5 ounces
Display type
LCD VA panel
Measurement modes
Audio cues
Temperature range
-58 to 1,122°F (-50 to 600°C)

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Compared to Other Infrared Thermometers

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Analysis and Test Results

7.1 Performance

The Sovarcate HS980E sits in the middle of our performance chart. It performs better than many models, like the Lasergrip GM400 or the ThermoPro TP-30, but it’s still at a disadvantage compared to Wintact and Helect.

Its scoring in the hot test with cooking oil is better than in the cold test by a few fractions. And as a whole, the Sovarcate HS980E gets passing scores on all tests, signaling it as a reliable infrared thermometer, but it may not be the most accurate.

9.8 Design

The Sovarcate HS980E offers a well-built design, a reliable laser emitter, and a clear display panel for accurate temperature measurement. Everything that you need to get the thermometer running in the box. Overall, we have little to complain about regarding the design quality of the Sovarcate HS980E.

8.3 Usability

The Sovarcate HS980E offers excellent handling with a nicely textured handgrip so you can use it easily with wet hands. As such, the thermometer has a high handling score comparable to its sibling model, the HS980D.

There are several measurement modes, including emissivity adjustment, maximum reading display, and an alarm feature that triggers a loud beep from the speaker when the set temperature is reached.

Similar to the design quality section, our reviewer gives the Sovarcate HS980E a very deserved high score in this section.

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