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Chefman Cordless vs. UTALENT 5-In-1 Side-by-Side Comparison

We tested the Chefman Cordless vs. the UTALENT 5-in-1 to evaluate how efficient each of them is. In the end, there were a lot of surprises here.

Chefman Cordless vs. UTALENT 5-In-1: Only One Is a Viable Pick for a Mid-Range Immersion Blender.


Price at publication
H16.4 x W2.3 inchesH15.0 x W2.0 inches
1.4 pounds1.7 pounds
Number of speeds
Pulse/Turbo option
Min speed
10,500 RPM9,440 RPM
Max speed
14,333 RPM13,330 RPM
Max noise
72 dB94 dB
A blade guard, a blade edge guardA whisk attachment, a food processor attachment, a milk frother attachment, and a 20-ounce blending container
Dishwasher-safe wand


Blending Shaft
Build Quality
Overall Design Scoring

We like the look of this blender, especially the color-coded LED ring on top. It lights up during operation to create a fancy blending experience. The overall quality is fine with all parts coming as standard. However, we did have a few reservations about the blades’ metal housing, which presents some shortcomings that you may feel uncomfortable with.

At first, we were mightily impressed with the blending shaft's unique design, but its disappointing testing results then diminished our excitement. Sure enough, the UTALENT’s distinctive design doesn’t make it any more effective or easier to use.


Ease of Use
Blade Assembly
Overall Usability Scoring

The Chefman’s usability is great. There’s no cord to accidentally yank on, allowing for maximum flexibility while blending. With the balanced size, it isn’t cumbersome, creating a comfortable experience even when you're pureeing a large batch.

As mentioned above, the UTALENT is quite complicated to use and cannot ensure smooth operation. More to the point, it lacks a few nice features that we like about some other more user-friendly models.


Hot Soup Purée
Frozen Fruit Smoothie
Almond Milk
Whipped Egg-Whites
Overall Performance Scoring

The Chefman is a moderately capable blender. With stable battery power, it brings quite a lot to the table. In our tests, it didn’t work particularly quickly, nor were the results among the best, but based on its testing performance, we’re confident that the capabilities of this blender extend beyond soup, smoothies, and mayonnaise.

The UTALENT didn’t perform as well as other blenders we’ve tested. Although it includes all the standard features of a decent hand blender, it still couldn’t blend evenly or cleanly. It is also worth noting that during our testing, we encountered a great deal of frustration with its operation.

Overall Scores

Overall Scoring

Pros & Cons

  • The lock function helps prevent accidental operation, reducing the likelihood of personal injury. 
  • It feels like a fancy blender.
  • Multiple speed options allow for a wide range of tasks. 
  • It is capable of pulverizing frozen fruit and making mayonnaise.
  • Colored LED ring indicates the battery’s status accurately.
  • All the buttons are easy to control.
  • An included cookware guard keeps pots and pans scratch-free.
  • It’s inexpensive.
  • Its milk frother can make milk foam.
  • We got extra blending tools in one set.
  • All the attachments are dishwasher safe.
  • It is unable to whip eggs due to the lack of a whisk attachment
  • It works inconsistently. 
  • The motor power is low rating. 
  • It isn’t effective at blending solid foods.


The Chefman’s performance was notably more competitive than the UTALENT 5-in-1 and this should be the area to focus on if you're considering buying one of the two. In our test, the UTALENT 5-in-1 was just mediocre at blending frozen fruits. More disappointing might be the pureeing performance, which was a lot worse than what we expected from a mid-range immersion blender.

A lot of new immersion blenders these days are adopting a sleek, stainless steel finish, hi-tech features, and multiple mixing attachments. But this Chefman cordless sticks to a simple style—we're happy about that, even when its capability is limited due to the lack of extra accessories. The UTALENT 5-in-1 comes with standard features, too, but it lacks overall refinement and comfort when you're tackling solid blends.

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