Chefman Cordless Immersion Blender In-depth Review

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Chefman Cordless Immersion Blender In-depth Review
Blender type: immersion
Power: 0W

The Chefman cordless is our favorite immersion blender even when it wasn’t up to the task of beating eggs. We can’t say for sure whether you’ll love its soup-making capability since it performed just moderately in our pureéing test. 

Nevertheless, if you’re seeking the best cordless immersion blender for your frozen fruit smoothies, you don't have to look far because this Chefman might have an adequate power for your daily whole-food consumption. It is also a decent pick that will allow you to make a quick, easy mayonnaise or to experiment with different nut pairings for your non-dairy milk. 

Efficiency aside, we’d rate the build quality and materials as average, but they somehow add a touch of elegance not found with similarly-priced models. Other nice extras include the indicator LED light, shaft-release button, and safety mechanism. 

In conclusion, although the Chefman cordlesscosts a little more than other immersion blenders in its class, the efficiency and excellent mobility it provides are well worth it.

Things We Like

  • The lock function helps prevent accidental operation, reducing the likelihood of personal injury. 
  • It feels like a fancy blender.
  • Multiple speed options allow for a wide range of tasks. 
  • It is capable of pulverizing frozen fruit and making mayonnaise.
  • Colored LED ring indicates the battery’s status accurately.
  • All the buttons are easy to control.
  • An included cookware guard keeps pots and pans scratch-free.

Things We Don’t Like

  • It is unable to whip eggs due to the lack of a whisk attachment
  • Updated Oct 28, 2022:

    Review published.

In the growing market of cordless immersion blenders, the Chefman stands out for its quick-charging battery, advanced safety technology, and a top speed of 15,000 RPM. As we learned from our early testing, though, none of the machines in this class perform particularly well. Nonetheless, we still expected this blender to stand out because it looks and feels impressive for the price.

The Chefman Cordless Immersion Blender In-depth Review


How We Tested

The Chefman is a moderately capable immersion blender. With stable battery power, it brings quite a lot to the table. In our tests, it didn’t work particularly quickly, nor were the results among the best, but based on its testing performance, we’re confident that the capabilities of this blender extend beyond soup, smoothies, and mayonnaise.


The Chefman managed to create a serving of hot soup in 30 seconds. The soup wasn’t puréed to perfection since there was still a considerable amount of food flakes left behind, but for the most part, we were pleased with its smoothness. If you prefer your purée to be smoother, blend longer.


The Chefman Cordless Immersion Blender Smoothie

At the highest speed setting, our Chefman broke down all the ingredients quite easily — better and faster, in fact, than we expected from a blender in this segment. The test smoothie came out with a satisfying texture, combining smooth, pulverized fruits with the green of kale for a nice, chilled mouthfeel.


Emulsifying with the blending shaft, this Chefman cordless blender passed the mayonnaise test within a minute and a half, which was slightly faster than average. The final mayonnaise looked smooth and was well emulsified, sharing a similar texture with those produced by a whisk attachment.


The Chefman cordless device may not be a bad option when you’re making nut milk. Just make sure to use a blending beaker with sufficient capacity. 

Our drink was creamy and packed with characteristic almond flavor so we think you will love it as much as we do. During our test, the blender did, unfortunately, suction itself to the beaker's bottom, causing the mixture to splatter every time we moved the blending wand. However, this wasn’t only about the suction — things would work better if we used a larger beaker.


This machine’s blending shaft was unable to beat the eggs, but it shares this shortcoming with most blending shafts. If you want your machine to properly whip the eggs, we recommend choosing one that comes with a whisk attachment, such as the Braun MultiQuick-5. A whisk’s many thin wires will uncurl the protein strands of the egg whites and incorporate air into them. That way, stiff eggy peaks are able to form and stay stable.

We like the look of this blender, especially the color-coded LED ring on top. It lights up during operation to create a fancy blending experience. The overall quality is fine with all parts coming as standard. However, we did have a few reservations about the blades’ metal housing, which presents some shortcomings that you may feel uncomfortable with.

The Chefman Cordless Immersion Blender In the Box
  • Motor body 
  • Blending shaft 
  • Blade guard
  • Blade edge guard
  • Charger adapter & USB cord 
  • User manual

Beyonds the two main components, the Chefman also comes with a pot & pan guard to prevent scratches on your cookware and a blade guard so you can cover the blade entirely while your blender is not in use.

The Chefman Cordless Immersion Blender Dimensions

This Chefman is the right size to fit comfortably in your palm. At 1.4 pounds, it is a bit on the light side, but so are most immersion blenders that are made of standard plastic.


The Chefman Cordless Immersion Blender Build Quality

The Chefman provides a medium level of quality at a very reasonable price. With a black-clad exterior all around, the motor looks charming and notably elegant. After a course of testing, we found a smattering of tiny scratches around this part, but they’re not too noticeable unless you look closely.

The Chefman Cordless Immersion Blender Speed and Controls

You control this blender’s multiple speeds by varying the pressure on the trigger switch in front. The harder you press, the faster the blade will spin. There is also the safety lock button on the device’s rear. Both buttons must be engaged before the motor will turn. Fortunately, both of them are very sensitive, so you won’t need much pressure to get the job done. 

Your Chefman doesn’t have a pulse function, but you can still chop food evenly by pressing and releasing the buttons in short intervals.


The Chefman Cordless Immersion Blender Blending Shaft

The whole blending shaft is made of standard stainless steel, but after several uses, we nevertheless found a small rust spot on the blade guard. We’ve tested a myriad of immersion blenders and noticed that rust is rare. We can’t say for sure whether the rust will spread, but if it does, the machine’s integrity and appearance will be severely impaired. 

The level of craftsmanship of the blade guard is okay overall but it could stand some improvements. The holes in the guard, for instance, look non-uniform and slightly misshapen. 

The blade has two prongs: one is sharp and the other is dull. It’s sturdy enough to puree nearly all kinds of soft foods. It can even make quick work of emulsifying, so you can prepare mayonnaise or any other sauce that needs a creamy, stable base.


The set doesn’t include a blending beaker, but you can purchase this add-on from any retailer.


Chefman Cordless Immersion Blender Battery

After a full 2-hour charging session, the battery will hold enough power for 18-20 minutes of blending. The LED ring on the top shows the battery level or charging status. It will be a steady blue while the charge is above 50%, but when the battery drains down to below that point, it will turn orange or red before powering off. Note that you can also use your blender for a quick task without charging it to 100%.

No extra blending attachments are included.


How We Rated

The Chefman’s usability is great. There’s no cord to accidentally yank on, allowing for maximum flexibility while blending. With the balanced size, it isn’t cumbersome, creating a comfortable experience even when you're pureeing a large batch.


Maneuvering the Chefman is particularly easy and usually doesn’t splatter ingredients around. With the exception of the almond milk test, we didn’t have much trouble with our blending motions; this blender suctioned itself only lightly to the beaker’s bottom. 

Most of our testers also praised its pressure-sensitive speed controller, though a few got frustrated trying to switch between mid-range speeds. Either way, it does take some time to get a feel for the speed controls. 

The removable plastic guard covers the metal blade housing to minimize scratches on your pots and pans. With it in place, you can be less timid with your motions.


The shaft-release button not only helps reinforce the connection between the motor housing and the blending wand, but it also allows for easier disassembly. Simply press this button and pull the blending wand to separate the two parts. Setting up the blender is straightforward as well; align the motor body housing with the blending shaft and push them together until you hear them click.


Our Chefman let us blend in comfort thanks to the ergonomically designed handle. It didn’t get slippery even when our hands were oily during the mayonnaise test. The stable grip it provides is meaningful, especially if your hands fatigue quickly.


All removable parts are top-rack dishwasher safe, but we prefer to clean them by hand since it’s faster and practically effortless. Following each test, we scrubbed away the food tailings with a soapy sponge. Most of the residue rinsed off easily, including the bits stuffed up behind the blades.

The Chefman Cordless Compared to Other Immersion Blenders 

When it comes to overall usability, we appreciated that the Chefman offered flexibility and comfort similar to the KitchenAid KHBBV53. The same goes for its testing performance, though this blender did create a bit too much suction while preparing nut milk, which resulted in an annoying mess.

With the exception of making whipped egg whites, it’s hard to match the Vitamix 5-speed. But considering its steeper price, that one is definitely not for everyone; the Chefman may still be good to keep in mind. In comparison to the Chefman, the Vitamix is somewhat heavier, but that didn’t make it any harder to use.  

Performance with a mid-powered motor of the Braun MultiQuick-5 is fine, if not top-notch in this segment. The Chefman’s testing results didn’t measure up. Another thing that we like about the Braun over the Chefman is the blade housing design — food didn’t cling to the outside, so there was no need for a scraper. 

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