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Braun Multiquick 7 Hand Blender In-depth Review

Offering a solid mix of functionality and quality at an appealing price point, the Braun Multiquick 7 Hand Blender holds its own in performance, even if it doesn't top the charts.

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The Braun Multiquick 7 hand blender standing on a table with its accessories, including a plastic beaker, whisk attachment, food processor, and a paper carton box.

Overall Verdict

Our testing placed the Braun MQ7035X firmly above average. It shone particularly in making frozen fruit smoothies, beating egg whites, and preparing nut milks. It fell slightly short in achieving the finest consistencies in mayonnaise and pureed soups, but these results were still satisfactory enough. Nevertheless, what the MQ7035X lacks in all-out performance, it more than makes up for with its user-friendly operation, durable construction, and the assortment of practical accessories it comes with.

Things We Like

  • Luxury vibe 
  • Lots of user-friendly features 
  • Sturdy construction 
  • Smooth and comfortable blending performances

Things We Don’t Like

  • Quiet pricey

The Braun MQ7035X stands at the forefront of Braun's innovative kitchen technology. As the evolutionary successor to the highly acclaimed Braun MultiQuick 5, it raises the bar with a more powerful 500-watt motor, enhanced by cutting-edge features and a stylish, ergonomic design. The ACTIVEBlade technology where the shaft enables the blade to oscillate, for example, is the first of its kind. Our testing has shown that it significantly improves cutting precision in ways that traditional blenders with static blades simply cannot match.

Key Specs

H 15.5 x W2.8 inches
2.1 lbs (1.0 kg)
Number of speeds
Pulse/Turbo option
A whisk attachment, food processor, beaker.
Dishwasher-safe wand

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Compared to Other Immersion Blenders

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Analysis and Test Results

8.3 Performance

The Braun MQ7035X is one of the most impressive blenders we have tested. Its standout capabilities include producing velvety smoothies from frozen fruits and efficiently grinding almonds for homemade almond milk. Thanks to the included whisking attachment, making mayonnaise and whipping egg whites to stiff peaks can also be done with confidence.

8.0 Hot Soup Purée

Scooping a spoon of pureéd soup from a full batch in a plastic beaker made by the Braun MQ7035X immersion blender in 30 seconds.
Scooping a spoon of pureéd soup from a full batch in a plastic beaker made by the Braun MQ7035X immersion blender in 30 seconds.
A batch of soup pureéd by the  Braun MQ7035X immersion blender is checked for smoothness by being drained through a stainless steel mesh strainer.

For those who savor the comfort of a hot, homemade soup, the Braun MQ7035X promises to deliver with ease and finesse. In this pureéing task, it came impressively close to delivering the perfect purée. It powered through most ingredients with a notable efficiency, and while it did not capture every last piece to perfection, the end result was a pleasingly smooth texture with a touch of homemade authenticity. A few solids might slip through, but they're the exception rather than the rule.

8.8 Frozen Fruit Smoothie

Scooping a spoon of smoothie from the plastic beaker to check its texture after the Braun MQ7035X Hand Blender had completed the test in 1 minute 10 secs.
Scooping a spoon of smoothie from the plastic beaker to check its texture after the Braun MQ7035X Hand Blender had completed the test in 1 minute 10 secs.
After finishing blending, the green smoothie made by the Braun MQ7035X immersion blender was spread evenly throughout a paper on a table to check for solid chunks.

For this test, the challenge was formidable: blend a medley of kale, pineapple, and mangoes into a silky concoction as quickly as possible. The MQ7035X responded with a performance that was nothing short of remarkable, clocking in at a swift one minute and ten seconds. Not a single fragment of fruit remained unblended, and impressively, the kale, which often poses a challenge due to its fibrous nature, was reduced to the finest stage. In the end, every element was incorporated perfectly, creating a smoothie that was as nutrient-dense as it was delicious, with a homogeneity that promised a smooth, enjoyable sip every time.

7.0 Mayonnaise

A little bit of mayonnaise sticking in the whisk attachment of the Braun MQ7035X blender.
A little bit of mayonnaise sticking in the whisk attachment of the Braun MQ7035X blender.
Scooping a spoon of mayonnaise made by the Braun MQ7035X immersion blender.

The Braun MQ7035X impressed us once again, this time in the preparation of mayonnaise. In use, its whisk attachment beated the oil into the egg yolks with a consistent vigor that the blending shaft might not match. This action resulted in a notably smooth blend and allowed for a stable emulsion. The whole emulsifying process lasted 2 minutes, which was twice the time of leading rivals, such as the Cuisinart, KOIOS, and Chefman. The resulting mayonnaise was creamy and maintained a consistent texture. However, it tended towards an oilier finish, missing the mark on the glossy and firm texture that is the hallmark of perfect mayonnaise.

9.3 Almond Milk

The Braun MQ7035X immersion blender beside its bowl of almond milk and the corresponding almond pulp produced in 1 minute.

Our test with the Braun MQ7035X for almond milk was a success, with the blender quickly producing a refined almond pulp that reflected a superior extraction process. Within a minute, we were rewarded with almond milk that had a delightful natural sweetness and a luxuriously creamy texture, all without additional sweeteners.

8.0 Whipped Egg-Whites

The Braun MQ7035X immersion blender stands next to a glass of whipped egg whites forming stiff peaks, with a digital timer showing "2:30" in the foreground.

While the Braun MQ7035X was not the quickest at whisking in this test, requiring 2 minutes and 30 seconds to reach stiff peaks, the consistency and quality of the peaks were worth the effort. 

Unlike typical blending shafts, the blender’s whisk attachment ensured a more effective aeration process for the egg whites. This design minimized excessive agitation, which is crucial as overbeating egg whites can lead to the breakdown of their protein structure, resulting in dry or grainy peaks. Eventually, the gentle incorporation of air by the whisk attachment resulted in a flawless texture that would be stable enough to endure folding into batters or gracing a lemon meringue pie.

9.3 Design

The Braun MQ7035X is a feature-rich hand-held blender, with a lot of standard and innovative technology that all works well. Its design is both eye-catching and upscale, with the blending shaft featuring a stainless steel accent and the motor housing sporting a brushed metallic finish. Everything feels robustly built, but this sturdiness does contribute to a somewhat hefty weight.

In the Box

The Braun MQ7035X immersion blender unpacked beside its box, with accessories including a whisk and a chopper attachment, a blending beaker, and warranty and product registration paperwork.
  • Motor body 
  • Blending shaft 
  • Whisk attachment
  • Food processor
  • Beaker
  • User manual


The Braun MQ7035X standing on a table, with the length of its blending shaft being noted to the side as 8.3 inches, and the total length of the unit as 15.5 inches.
15.5" (39.4 cm)
2.8" (7.1 cm)
2.1 lbs (1.0 kg)
Shaft Length
8.3" (21.1 cm)

At a height of 15.5 inches, Braun MQ7035X is tall enough to blend in deep pots without splatter but not so bulky that it becomes cumbersome to use. The slender width of 2.8 inches allows for a firm grip, essential for precise control during blending. 

Standing at 15.5 inches tall, the Braun MQ7035X is comparable in height to the average immersion blender, allowing for easy immersion in both shallow dishes and deep pots. Still, its width is more slender than some high-powered alternatives, such as the Vitamix 5-speed. This suggests it can be gripped and maneuvered with ease, even in smaller hands. The 8.3-inch shaft length, on the other hand, is sufficiently long to reach deep into pots and pitchers, providing versatility in blending directly in various container sizes.

9.0 Build Quality

The motor housing and blending shaft of the Braun MQ7035X.

As mentioned earlier, the Braun MQ7035X's added weight feels reassuring in hand, signaling a solid and well-constructed design. Its plastic body is impressively tough, a stark contrast to the flimsier materials often used in less expensive models. The blending shaft, adorned with stainless steel detailing, serves as the workhorse of the blender, designed to withstand countless blending sessions without any signs of wear. Indeed the Braun MQ7035X is something completely different in the market, from its aesthetic to its build quality. Models like that can get a bit pricey, but you're still getting your money's worth for sure.

Speed and Controls

A close-up of the Braun MQ7035X's single-button.
Min Speed
Max Speed
Noise Level
Digital Display
Pulse Mode

The Braun MQ7035X's single-button speed control allows for intuitive operation, with variable pressure adjusting the blend's pace. Light pressure yields coarse results, and more pressure provides finer textures. While this enables easy one-handed use, it may take time to master for those used to fixed-speed blenders, and the lack of set speed levels can complicate achieving consistent results.

9.5 Blending Shaft

A close-up of the Braun MQ7035X blades
A close-up of the Braun MQ7035X blades
A close-up of the Braun MQ7035X Blending Shaft
Stainless steel
Sharp Blade
Guard Material
Stainless steel
Blade Count
Dishwasher Safe

The Braun MQ7035X's small blade prongs are deceptive; thanks to ACTIVEBlade technology, they move on a flexible shaft for enhanced efficiency. An additional milling blade also increases slicing per rotation, ensuring quicker, uniform blending despite the blades' modest appearance.

10 Beaker

A close-up of the Braun MQ7035X beaker
20 oz
Dishwasher Safe

The included beaker, free from harmful chemicals and marked with measurements, is ideal for preparing small portions. Due to the small size, it isn't suited for hot liquids, which could splatter and cause burns.

10 Power Cord

A close-up of the Braun MQ7035X power cord.
Cord Length
5.2 ft (1.6 m)
2-prong plug

The power cord of the Braun MQ7035X is generously long, ensuring that you won't feel restricted in movement while using it. 

Extra Accessories: Whisk Attachment

A close-up of the Braun MQ7035X whisk attachment.
Stainless steel
Dishwasher Safe

For moderate tasks like whipping cream, beating egg whites, or making emulsified sauces, the Braun MQ7035X's whisk attachment proves quite effective. When compared to budget-friendly alternatives like the Hamilton Beach, its polished stainless steel wires stand out in terms of sturdiness and durability.

Extra Accessories: Food Processor

A close-up of the Braun MQ7035X food processor attachment.
 Stainless steel
Dishwasher Safe

The Braun MQ7035X's food processor attachment is a versatile addition, allowing for quick chopping, slicing, and dicing. 

9.3 Usability

Despite its robust construction, the MQ7035X manages to balance sturdiness with ergonomic design. The weight, while on the heftier side, adds to the stability during operation, reducing vibration and user fatigue. The grip is designed to be comfortable for prolonged use, and the controlling button is intuitively placed for ease of use. 

9.3 Ease of Use

In our use of the Braun MQ7035X, we found its vortex effect notably efficient, drawing ingredients into the blades and reducing the need for manual adjustment for even blending. The bell-shaped blade guard is another key feature, effectively reducing splashes – a significant benefit for liquid recipes like nut milk or soup. This design also lessens suction, enhancing control, especially in deep pots. 

Distinguishing itself further, the Braun MQ7035X features a gradual acceleration mechanism. Unlike other blenders that start with abrupt, high torque, it increases speed steadily. This controlled approach not only helps in keeping the kitchen clean by minimizing splashes but also contributes to the motor's longevity by avoiding the strains of sudden high torques.

9.5 Blade Assembly

Equipped with highly responsive ejection buttons on its motor body, the Braun MQ7035X simplifies the detachment of accessories, a convenience that not all models have. These buttons are designed for tactile feedback and immediate response, allowing for quick and effortless removal of the blender shaft or whisk attachment. 

The process of attaching these components is equally effortless and intuitive. Just align the attachment with the main body, and click them into place for a secure fit.

9.0 Handling

Someone is holding the Braun MQ7035X handle.

With a textured, ergonomic handle, the Braun MQ7035X ensures a secure and comfortable grip, even with wet hands, and is shaped to minimize user fatigue. The control button's optimal placement under the thumb makes for effortless use, promoting one-handed operation and reducing the potential for mishaps during blending.

9.5 Cleanability

A simple rinse under the tap was also sufficient to remove any lingering soup or smoothie remnants effectively, but we found that wiping down the blending wand with dish soap was also very easy thanks to the blades’ flexible design. 

Cleaning the whisk attachment was similarly straightforward. The spacious gaps between its loops allowed for effortless cleaning with a soapy sponge, even when dealing with sticky substances like mayonnaise.

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