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ZeroWater 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher In-depth Review

The ZeroWater 10-cup filter pitcher has an effective filter and some cool features, but it falls short in a number of ways.

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ZeroWater 10 cup filter pitcher next to a glass of water

Overall Verdict

The ZeroWater filter pitcher has a good filter. The filtration flow rate is slower than some, but it did bring the TDS level to zero in our tests, which is rare. Other than the spigot, which is an uncommon but much appreciated feature on a 10-cup pitcher, the ZeroWater 10 fails miserably in overall design. The filter reservoir felt flimsy and had considerable excess plastic or flash that we wondered if it had skipped quality control. Refilling water, pouring, and replacement all require more effort than other filter pitchers.

In short, it’s not a bad filter pitcher, but it definitely is not among our top picks.

Things We Like

  • Strong TDS removal
  • Included TDS meter 
  • Spigot for easy dispensing

Things We Don’t Like

  • Slow flow
  • Poor build quality (filter tray)

ZeroWater is a relatively new brand of water pitcher, with Zero Technologies LLC, being founded in 2003. The brand prides itself on providing filter pitchers that remove “virtually all dissolved solids”, and each product comes with a TDS meter to prove the point. 

The ZeroWater 10-cup pitcher is one of their top-selling products. The filter boasts to remove 99% of lead and chromium, 92% mercury, 94% PFOA/PFOS, with NSF/ANSI standards 42 and 53 certifications under its belt. For all the claims, the price is very competitive.

Will it provide the “purest water” as advertised, and will you have to go through pain to get there? Join us as we put the filter pitcher through performance and usability tests.

Key Specs

10 C
Filter life
Target contaminants
chlorine, lead, chromium, PFOA/PFOS
NSF 42, NSF 53
Product dimensions
L 11.4 in. x W 5.9 in. x H 10.6 in.

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Compared to Other Water Filter Pitchers

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Analysis and Test Results

4.3 Performance

While it’s not as effective as most others in chlorine removal, the filter stays true to its name: it did bring the TDS level to zero every time in our tests. Note that it’s also one of the rare filters certified against NSF standard 53 to remove lead, mercury, and chromium. The water tasted and smelt bland, leaning to the acidic side. This, we postulate, could be due to the removal of all dissolved solids.

7.5 Design

The ZeroWater pitcher looks sturdy from the outside and has a well-built, solid filter, but the filter reservoir and filter case have a poor finish. Instead of filter life indicators, you can rely on the included TDS meter for replacement time.

 The spigot is a nice touch that gives it some advantage against filter pitchers of the same capacity.

6.7 Usability

The ZeroWater filter pitcher has some major design flaws, which affects the ease of use. Its flimsy filter tray makes it awkward to install the filter, and the lack of a trap door means refilling requires completely removing the lid. While the pitcher has a 10-cup capacity on paper, you can’t technically fill it without draining the filtered water.

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