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PUR Plus 30 Cup Dispenser In-depth Review

This filter dispenser looks like a mini fish tank, but it has well-made components and a strong filter.

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Tested Using Methodology v1.0
The PUR Plus 30 cup water dispenser next to a glass of water

Overall Verdict

The PUR Plus 30 cup water filter dispenser features a well-built and effective filter. Its slow flow may be frustrating to some, but if you refill it in time, the spacious reservoir ensures you will have clean water when you need it. Though there are no whistles and bells, its function-oriented design makes the dispenser easy to work with. Assembling, refilling, dispensing, cleaning, and filter replacement each takes less than a few minutes.

Having a large capacity, the PUR Plus 30-cup filter dispenser is a good choice for households of more than two people.

Things We Like

  • Strong build, durable material
  • Effective against chlorine
  • Straightforward filter life indicator
  • Handy spigot

Things We Don’t Like

  • Slow flow rate
  • Basic, unattractive design

Is PUR water pure? We had a great impression with the brand after testing its faucet-mount filter, the FM2500V, which was easy to install and worked great against chlorine, though at an unimpressive flow rate. The unit landed a spot in our Top Faucet Filters compilation and gave us good reasons to have hope for this filter pitcher dispenser.

It turned out that the two have more similarities than differences, even down to their drawbacks. Unfortunately, this one didn’t qualify for our Top Water Filter Pitchers nomination.

Key Specs

30 C
Filter life
40 gal
Target contaminants
Chlorine, lead, cadmium, mercury, benzene, asbestos
NSF 53
Product dimensions
L 15.4 in. x W 5.5 in. x H 10.2 in.

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Analysis and Test Results


The PUR filter had no problem tackling the high concentration of chlorine in our test water. It produced clear, crisp water; unfortunately, it did so at a speed inappreciable by someone in a hurry. You can rely on this filter dispenser to turn your stale tap water into something more drinkable as long as you remember to refill it immediately after emptying it.


Test tube labeled PUR Plus next to test kit box and magnified results
10+ mg/l
0.5 - 1 mg/l

To test filter pitchers’ chlorine reduction rate, we used test water with a chlorine concentration of 10+ mg/l, more than two times the ceiling deemed safe by the CDC. The PUR Plus filter brought it down to below 1 mg/l, well within safe levels.

1.0Flow Rate

The PUR plus 30 cup water filter dispenser, a water container, and a smartphone timer

Taking over an hour to complete processing a full reservoir, the PUR filter was one of the slowest we’ve tested thus far, beating only the LifeStraw which features a membrane microfilter. You’ll have to pre-fill this dispenser way in advance for enough clean water. 

This result was consistent with the PUR FM2500V faucet filter, which did similarly well against chlorine but suffered the same low speed.

9.3Taste & Smell

Gloved hand holding a water TDS meter over a paper cup labeled PUR 30C, next to the water dispenser
Unfiltered TDS
70 ppm
Filtered TDS
59 ppm

Our three testers were happy with the water produced by the PUR filter. It tasted bland as water should be with no detectable odor.


There’s not much to write home about the design of the PUR 30-cup dispenser—it looked low key and function-oriented, the only flashy part being the indicator lights. We could tell, however, that it was built with good materials and great fit and finish. Even its filter piece felt more solid and durable than most.

In the Box

The PUR Plus dispenser, its package box, filter piece, promotional leaflets
  • The PUR filter dispenser
  • PUR filter with lead production
  • User guide

The PUR 30-cup filter dispenser comes in a large cardboard box with one filter in a plastic poach (not pre-installed) and a user guide. 

The guide is also available online in English and Spanish.


the PUR Plus dispenser and figures indicating its measurements
15.4" (39.1 cm)
5.5" (14.0 cm)
10.2" (25.9 cm)
53.7 oz (1522 g)

9.5Build Quality

The PUR plus 30 cup dispenser from the side

The PUR 30-cup dispenser has a simple design and with the filter installed, some of our coworkers have mistaken it for a fish tank when it sits alone on the table. 

The whole unit is strongly built, with thick, substantial walls and parts. It gives a much more solid feel than the Brita UltraMax dispenser. While nothing shiny, all its parts including the pitcher, reservoir, lid, spigot, and filter are robust and durable, well-fitted, and neatly finished. Its handles are thick and substantial, giving a firm, easy grip. The lid, while not having the best design, is well made and fits without issues.


The PUR Plus dispenser spigot, anchored
The PUR Plus dispenser spigot, anchored
The PUR Plus dispenser spigot with the filter life indicator light on
Two hands picking up the PUR dispenser
Replacement Indicator

Unlike your typical Brita pitcher, the PUR 30-cup filter dispenser features a filter life indicator on its spigot instead of the lid. A gentle press and hold on the silicone button will trigger the three lights, and the one indicating the current status remains and flashes for longer. 

With the built in light indicator, the spigot is substantial and easy to grab. It works only one way but is easy to maneuver and can stay in one fixed place for hands-free dispensing.

Similar to the Brita UltraMax, this PUR dispenser features handles at its front and back ends instead of on its two sides. While this may look like it’d help save some fridge space, the reality is you have to reach deeper into the fridge compartment to place it, which can feel awkward if you are not tall or have short arms.

8.5Filter Piece

Left: the PUR dispenser filter piece; top right: The filter in the reservoir; bottom right: the filter as installed
Filter Model
Filtration Process
activated carbon, ion exchange, pleated paper
Filter Capacity
2 months (40 gallons)

The PUR dispenser comes with two filter options: the standard PUR filter and the PUR Plus, which is certified to reduce lead. We went with the Plus. 

The filter piece feels strong, solid, and robustly built. Assembling is effortless, but removing the filter takes a little force to twist it and take it out. The filter did release small black flecks, but only in the reservoir and fortunately not in the filtered water.


Its straight-forward design means the PUR Plus 30-cup filter dispenser is user-friendly. It takes mere minutes to put it together or take it apart, and cleaning is pretty much a breeze. While it would be more convenient if we didn't have to remove the entire lid for refilling, there are few other drawbacks to mention about the usability of this dispenser.


Parts of the PUR plus: the dispenser, reservoir, lid, and filter piece

Without too many parts, assembly and disassembly was straightforward with the PUR dispenser. Its reservoir is made so its rim covers the rim of the lower tank, which makes removing it easier than other pitchers/dispensers. The most challenging part is putting on and taking out the filter, but that doesn’t require great force. 


Water being poured from a container into the PUR Plus dispenser reservoir
Reservoir Capacity
3300 ml

The lid on the PUR dispenser is one piece, so you have to remove the whole thing when refilling. Which is not particularly difficult, but we think the flaps on the Brita UltraMax makes refilling easier. 

The reservoir is large in proportion to the tank and can offer enough water for at least two persons through the day. The whole unit can hold more than 2 gallons (8 liters) of water at a time, so rest assured you won’t have to take too many trips to refill it.


Water being dispensed from the PUR plus 30 cup filter dispenser into a glass

With a handy spigot, it’s easy to get water from the dispenser. The spigot can also stay in a fixed position, allowing for hands-free dispensing. 

Like most dispensers with a spigot, we could not completely empty the PUR even by tilting it. That said, the amount left was negligible.


Hand cleaning the inside of the PUR plus dispenser with a tissue
Dishwasher Safe

The PUR dispenser should not be tossed into a dishwasher, but as it only contains water, handwashing it doesn’t take more than a few minutes. The trickiest part to clean is its spigot, which requires a small sponge on a stick to reach. There are also some other corners, but thanks to the dispenser’s spaciousness, they’re all easy to work with. 

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