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Brita Metro Pitcher (6 Cup) In-depth Review

The small size of the Brita Metro filter pitcher proved to be its greatest advantage.

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The Brita Metro Pitcher next to its package box

Overall Verdict

The Brita Metro is effective against chlorine and is quick to deliver crisp, good-tasting water. On one hand, the pitcher can be a little challenging to disassemble for filter replacement and cleaning. However, its simple design and other convenient features make everyday use a breeze. Thanks to its compact size, the 6-cup Metro is a good choice for a personal filter pitcher. The compromise seems to be the black particles in the filtered water that you will, unfortunately, have to ignore.

Things We Like

  • Compact
  • Fits a refrigerator door bin
  • Fast flow rate
  • Versatile filter life display

Things We Don’t Like

  • Leaky filter 
  • Difficult to disassemble

Priced slightly above $20, the little Brita Metro looks almost plain, even for a plastic pitcher. However, its slim body makes it a promising choice for a water filter pitcher that fits in a refrigerator door bin.

But does the size mean a compromise on water quality and user-friendly features? To address this concern, we tested the Metro evaluating its performance in terms of chlorine removal, flow rate, and other key features—tests we’ve been doing to find out the best water filter pitchers. Let's discover if this petite pitcher delivers on both filtration effectiveness and user-friendly attributes.

Key Specs

6 cups
Filter life
40 gal
Target contaminants
chlorine, mercury, copper, zinc, cadmium
NSF 42, NSF 53
Product dimensions
L 9.4 in. x W 4.3 in. x H 9.4 in.

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Analysis and Test Results

8.9 Performance

Featuring Brita’s Standard filter, the Metro had no difficulty filtering out the chlorine in our heavily contaminated test water. It did so at an excellent speed, taking just a little more than 20 seconds to fill up a full glass. The filter produced fresh tasting water with no detectable smell of chlorine.

7.3 Design

Small enough to fit comfortably in a refrigerator door bin, the Metro has a strong build and a finish that lives up to the brand moniker. It comes with convenience features such as a pour-through door and filter replacement display. The filter piece works decently but is comparatively tricky to install and is prone to material leakage.

8.3 Usability

The Brita Metro is more user-friendly than most other pitcher filters. Removing the reservoir can be tricky, but other than that, the simple design, secure fit, and modest size and weight support effortless refilling, dispensing, and cleaning. The refill flap may work better when handled by a stable hand, but no force or skill is required to open or close it.

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