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Brita Marella XL Water Filter Pitcher In-depth Review

The Brita Marella XL water filter pitcher surprised us, but not in a good way.

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Tested Using Methodology v1.0
person pouring water from the Brita Marella XL to a glass

Overall Verdict

The Brita Marella XL water filter pitcher was a miss for us. Its Maxtra filter core proved super effective in our high chlorine concentration test producing fine-tasting water. However, it took its sweet time to do the job and left visible particle traces in the filtered water. The design has strong points, namely a stable handle and a convenient pour-through lid, but those were not enough to make up for its faults. For one, the overly tight lid made every cleaning or replacement session a struggle. Additionally, the lack of a spigot means dispensing at full capacity requires some strength for its XL size and weight.

 This filter pitcher delivered less than promised and was a no-go for us.

Things We Like

  • See-through reservoir 
  • Stylish and strong handle
  • Beautiful color choices 
  • High effectiveness against chlorine

Things We Don’t Like

  • Poor fitting of lid 
  • Slow flow rate
  • Leaking of filter material
  • Short filter life

Brita is a veteran and a go-to brand for many American homes—its trademark has almost become a generic name for filter pitchers. The success of the decade-old Brita Everyday, which performed like a charm in our tests, gave us every reason to believe the Brita Marella XL would excel. After all, it looks so much glossier and features a new generation filter core.

Yet, the sleek look and brand moniker didn’t get it very far in our tests. If there’s a black sheep among Brita filter pitchers, it’s likely the Marella XL.

Key Specs

27 C
Filter life
120 gal
Target contaminants
lead, chlorine, microplastics
Product dimensions
L 10 in. x W 5.8 in. x H 10.2 in.

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Analysis and Test Results

5.3 Performance

A filter pitcher’s performance depends heavily on the filter, and the Marella XL is no exception. The Brita Maxtra filter core worked great to reduce chlorine and improve the taste and smell of the water while retaining total dissolved solids (TDS). On the other hand, you have to suffer a slow flow rate.

6.6 Design

The Brita Marella XL features a strong handle that supports its heavy weight during pouring and refilling. It also has a convenient pour-through door which is more hygienic than most other pitchers. Unfortunately, the ill-fitted lid was a hassle to deal with and was prone to damage during cleaning and replacement. The filter also leaked particles into filtered water. In addition, the XL size suggests a spigot would have been useful.

7.5 Usability

Though it doesn’t look so different from other Britas, the Marella XL proved to be a lot less user-friendly. Its weight when full made lifting a light arm and wrist workout, while the ill-fitted lid sometimes required both tact and strength to remove or resecure. 

Unlike many other pitchers, however, the Marella XL is dishwasher friendly, which can be a consolation for those with ‘chufxishophobia’ (fear of kitchen sink).

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