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Brita Ultramax Water Filter Dispenser (27 Cup) In-depth Review

The Brita Ultramax Water Filter Dispenser 27 Cup is an affordable, but highly effective water filter dispenser.

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The Brita Ultramax Water Filter Dispenser (27 Cup) next to a glass of water

Overall Verdict

The Brita UltraMax 27 cup water filter dispenser comes with a powerful Elite filter that is well-built and lasts longer than most. It could easily filter out high concentrations of chlorine while maintaining an excellent flow rate. What’s more, the filter doesn’t leak material—a problem affecting many pitchers and dispensers of this type. While there is some room for improvement in its design, the Brita UltraMax is generally easy to work with. If you’re a small family or household (up to five people) looking for a fridge-fitting water dispenser that doesn’t require constant refilling, the UltraMax is a good choice.

Things We Like

  • Fast flow rate
  • Large capacity, less refilling
  • Flap opening for easy refilling
  • Durable, flexible spigot

Things We Don’t Like

  • No side handles
  • Opaque reservoir

The Brita UltraMax 27 cup dispenser comes with two handy filter options. The Standard filter option lasts 1 - 2 months while the Elite filter lasts three times as long costing only $10 more. We went with the Elite filter as it seemed a more sensible choice given the dispenser’s large capacity. For a total of under $40, the combo was very affordable.

At first sight, the filter dispenser has a slim body that appears to fit in a refrigerator  without taking too much space. Its Elite filter piece looks almost identical to the Standard filter, which had performed well in our chlorine and flow rate tests previously but unfortunately leaked filter material.

We installed the Elite filter and discarded the first tank of water as per instructions. Then, we put the dispenser through the exact same series of tests we do to determine the Best Water Filter Pitchers. Here’s what we discovered about the Brita UltraMax.

Key Specs

27 cups
Filter life
120 gal
Target contaminants
Chlorine, cadmium, mercury, benzene, asbestos
NSF 42, NSF 53
Product dimensions
L 13.4 in x W 5.2 in. x H 10.2 in.

Where to Buy Price at publication $37.20

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Analysis and Test Results

9.0 Performance

The Elite filter worked like a charm against chlorine. It produced crisp, odor-free water without stripping off all the dissolved solids. The filter also took the same amount of time as some other pitchers, such as the Brita Style, to produce double the amount of clean water. If you’re tired of having to refill your pitcher constantly, this large capacity UltraMax-Elite filter combo  might just be the answer.

8.2 Design

The Brita UltraMax’s design may not be a conversation starter—it looks as basic as it can possibly be. The tank walls may even feel a little flimsy, while the grips are not ideally positioned. However, other small details, such as the lid flap, the indentation at the bottom for drainage, and the two-way spigot, are all well designed and made. These user-friendly and convenient features set the UltraMax apart from many similar-looking filter dispensers.

8.3 Usability

Considering its size and weight, moving the Brita UltraMax at full capacity and placing it into the fridge might be a little challenging to those with short or weak arms. Other than that, this filter dispenser is comparatively easy to use, assemble, and maintain.

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