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Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher In-depth Review

The Aquagear water filter pitcher features a strong filter, but its design can cause frustrations during use.

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a hand holding the Aquagear water filter pitcher and pouring water into a glass, cardboard box

Overall Verdict

Despite the lack of NSF certifications, the Aquagear water filter pitcher proved to have an exceptional filter, excelling in both chlorine removal and flow rate tests. Crafted from quality materials, its performance is commendable. Nevertheless, some parts and especially the handle, need improving overall. The pitcher is generally user-friendly; however, assembly can prove challenging due to its unintuitive design. 

In conclusion, this pitcher demonstrated impressive filtration capabilities, but minor design flaws lower its overall purchase value.

Things We Like

  • Fast flow, short wait time
  • Effective against chlorine
  • Easy to refill

Things We Don’t Like

  • Difficult to put together 
  • Awkward, squeaky handle

With 30 years of experience under their belt, Aquagear has only a single product in the water pitcher category—the Aquagear. This pitcher can allegedly remove 20 times more contaminants than other filters. It’s backed by a lifetime guarantee, a recycling program, and a price to match the capacity.

Of course, it’s one of the first we bought to test. And here’s how the plain-looking Aquagear filter pitcher performed. Hint: It earned a spot in our Best Water Filter Pitcher compilation.

Key Specs

10 cups
Filter life
120 gal
Target contaminants
lead, chlorine, microplastics
ISO 17025 Lab tested
Product dimensions
L 11.0 in. x W 5.3 in. x H 10.2 in.

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Analysis and Test Results


The Aquagear water filter pitcher was among the top group in our performance test. It significantly reduced the chlorine concentration while offering an excellent flow rate. 

This filter pitcher won’t lower your water TDS level to a remarkable point, but whether that is a pro or a con depends solely on your personal preference. The filtered water tasted like pure bliss to our testers.


 test tube labeled Aquagear next to test kit box with two test strips on top, magnification of test result
10 mg/l
0.5 mg/l

The Aquagear was quick to filter so we did not expect great results in the chlorine test. Surprisingly, it was able to remove most of the chlorine from a high concentration (10 ppm) to a safe level at 0.5 ppm. Considering the typically low chlorine levels found in regular tap water, this level of effectiveness should be more than sufficient.

10Flow Rate

Aquagear pitcher next to smartphone

The Aquagear has an excellent flow rate. It completed filtering a full reservoir in only 3 minutes 30 seconds. 

It’s still better if you refill the pitcher in advance, but if you’re in a hurry, it takes less than 30 seconds to give you a standard glass of clean water (220 ml).

9.3Taste & Smell

gloved hand holding water TDS meter over a paper cup labeled Aquagear next to lower part of water filter pitcher
Unfiltered TDS
70 ppm
Filtered TDS
58 ppm

The Aquagear produced fresh and crisp water. Our three testers were all happy with how the tap water tasted after filtration. 

While removing most of the chlorine, the Aquagear was easy on other dissolved solids. The filtered water TDS value was higher than any other pitcher we tested, with the exception of the PUR plus, which was only 1 ppm higher. 

With this, the water can retain its natural sweet taste.


The Aquagear pitcher would benefit from improvements to its design. It loses a lot of points for the finicky and unstable handle, while the lack of a replacement indicator may put some people off. However, all of its parts are strong, sturdy, and free of BPA. The filter appears to be well-built and well worth its price.

In the Box

The Aquagear water filter pitcher, cardboard box, user guides, plastic details
  • The Aquagear water filter pitcher
  • 1 x filter 
  • 1 x user guide
  • The Aquagear comes with its user guide in a purple cardboard box that looks simple and pretty like no other. One filter is included in the package, though not pre-assembled.


The Aquagear water filter pitcher and measurements
11.0" (27.9 cm)
5.3" (13.5 cm)
10.2" (25.9 cm)
28.6 oz (811 g)

6.0Build Quality

The Aquagear water filter pitcher
The Aquagear water filter pitcher
Close view of the handle and filter of the Aquagear pitcher

If there’s one thing to change about the Aquagear, it’s definitely the handle. While looking substantial in size, it’s made hollow inside, probably for a lighter weight. It is not fixed to the pitcher properly, so everytime we pick the pitcher up, it wiggles a bit and makes a squeaky sound, which is worse when there’s more water inside. Its smaller end is open and not attached to the pitcher, which doesn’t help either.

Other than that, the Aquagear water filter pitcher is made of decent material and while the finishing on its plastic cover could be improved, it has an interesting design that stands out. Unfortunately, the uniqueness of its design proved to be gimmicky.


The Aquagear pitcher in a fridge door
The Aquagear pitcher in a fridge door
gloved hand pushing open the trap door on the Aquagear
gloved hand lifting the Aquagear spout cover
Replacement Indicator

Being one of the older models of water filter pitchers on the market, the Aquagear doesn’t have a filter replacement light or a spigot. Its spout works just fine, however, and we like that it has a spout cover which may prevent dust or insects from getting into the pitcher. 

The Aquagear can fit in a cooler compartment in your fridge, and it may even fit in the door if your fridge is large. However, you may need to remove the door compartment above it to clear the way.


The filter of the Aquagear pitcher
Filter Model
Filtration Process
activated carbon, ion exchange media
Third party tested
Filter Capacity
6 months (120 gallons)

The filter of the Aquagear pitcher comes in a strong case, which you turn to screw onto the reservoir. The installation is slightly more complicated than with your typical Brita but doesn’t require a high IQ or any tools. 

Despite the great flow rate, our chlorine test showed that water runs through the filter thoroughly processed. Upon close inspection, we detected some material leaking into the filter tray; however, the amount was almost negligible.


The Aquagear water filter pitcher is easy to use and maintain. Its convenient features make putting it together and disassembling a little challenging, but they do help make refilling and pouring easier. This is also one of the few filter pitchers that can withstand the dishwasher.


Aquagear pitcher from top with lid removed, right and wrong way to install reservoir
Aquagear pitcher from top with lid removed, right and wrong way to install reservoir
Aquagear pitcher from top with lid removed, right and wrong way to put on anti-splash lid
parts of the Aquagear pitcher, disassembled

While it looks simple from the outside, the Aquagear is not the easiest to put together. Its filter requires screwing, and although admittedly without tools, that’s more complicated than most. We had some frustration figuring out how to place the anti-splash lid—each of the three testers struggled a couple times before we figured it out. The cover itself also feels awkward and difficult to put on—the stabbing guides and spout cover make the process unnecessarily complicated.


gloved hand holding Aquagear pitcher to refill at sink faucet
Reservoir Capacity
1750 ml

Refilling is a bliss with the Aquagear. It has a trap door on its lid that allows tap water to run through, so you can refill the reservoir single-handedly. The reservoir is opaque so you can’t see inside, but the trap door does close up as there’s more water, so overfilling shouldn’t be a problem. It certainly wasn’t for us.


Hand holding Aquagear filter pitcher and pouring water to glass
Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher Dispensing

We’ve read reviews of customers having problems with the unfiltered water from the reservoir getting mixed with water from the pitcher as they pour, but that wasn’t the case for us, as long as the reservoir is less than one third full. The anti-splash lid, as difficult as it is to put on, stays firm and does its job to keep the reservoir shut during pouring.

The flow was smooth, unaffected by the spout cover. Just make sure you don’t tilt the pitcher too much at once!


Aquagear filter pitcher parts in sink, water from tap running into pitcher
Dishwasher Safe

The Aquagear is easy to clean, though you don’t want water to get into the holes on its handle or mold may develop. We also recommend paying more attention to the threads connecting the filter and the reservoir during cleaning, as germs and mold may get into the small nooks there. The pitcher takes only 3 - 4 minutes to wash by hand, but it’s nice to know that all parts except the filter can be tossed into the dishwasher without issues.

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