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Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher In-depth Review

The Aquagear water filter pitcher features a strong filter, but its design can cause frustrations during use.

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Tested Using Methodology v1.0
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Overall Verdict

Despite the lack of NSF certifications, the Aquagear water filter pitcher proved to have an exceptional filter, excelling in both chlorine removal and flow rate tests. Crafted from quality materials, its performance is commendable. Nevertheless, some parts and especially the handle, need improving overall. The pitcher is generally user-friendly; however, assembly can prove challenging due to its unintuitive design.

In conclusion, this pitcher demonstrated impressive filtration capabilities, but minor design flaws lower its overall purchase value.

Things We Like

  • Fast flow, short wait time
  • Effective against chlorine
  • Easy to refill

Things We Don’t Like

  • Difficult to put together 
  • Awkward, squeaky handle

With 30 years of experience under their belt, Aquagear has only a single product in the water pitcher category—the Aquagear. This pitcher can allegedly remove 20 times more contaminants than other filters. It’s backed by a lifetime guarantee, a recycling program, and a price to match the capacity.

Of course, it’s one of the first we bought to test. And here’s how the plain-looking Aquagear filter pitcher performed. Hint: It earned a spot in our Best Water Filter Pitcher compilation.

Key Specs

10 cups
Filter life
120 gal
Target contaminants
lead, chlorine, microplastics
ISO 17025 Lab tested
Product dimensions
L 11.0 in. x W 5.3 in. x H 10.2 in.

Where to Buy Price at publication $52.67

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Analysis and Test Results

9.4 Performance

The Aquagear water filter pitcher was among the top group in our performance test. It significantly reduced the chlorine concentration while offering an excellent flow rate. 

This filter pitcher won’t lower your water TDS level to a remarkable point, but whether that is a pro or a con depends solely on your personal preference. The filtered water tasted like pure bliss to our testers.

7.0 Design

The Aquagear pitcher would benefit from improvements to its design. It loses a lot of points for the finicky and unstable handle, while the lack of a replacement indicator may put some people off. However, all of its parts are strong, sturdy, and free of BPA. The filter appears to be well-built and well worth its price.

7.2 Usability

The Aquagear water filter pitcher is easy to use and maintain. Its convenient features make putting it together and disassembling a little challenging, but they do help make refilling and pouring easier. This is also one of the few filter pitchers that can withstand the dishwasher.

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