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Brita Style Fridge Water Filter Jug In-depth Review

The Brita Style is a great water filter pitcher for those seeking a combination of style and effective water filtration—provided you don’t mind filling up in advance.

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Brita Style Fridge Water Filter Jug next to its package box

Overall Verdict

The Brita Style filter pitcher, featuring the Maxtra+ filter, performed exceptionally well in reducing chlorine taste and odor and improving water quality.This high degree of effectiveness came at the cost of a slightly reduced flow rate. The pitcher stands out as an exception to Brita's typical basic design, boasting a sleek and stylish appearance. The pitcher's compact size and manageable weight make it user-friendly, allowing anyone to handle it even when filled to capacity.

We recommend it for individuals or small households seeking a combination of style and effective water filtration, who don’t mind the less than ideal flow rate.

Things We Like

  • Stylish, elegant design
  • Stable refill flap
  • Fits any fridge door bin
  • Large, see-through reservoir

Things We Don’t Like

  • Filter leakage
  • Slow flow rate

The Brita Style was love at first sight for us. Its graceful design and refrigerator door-bin-fitting body makes it an attractive choice for small households. Its Maxtra+ filter core had performed exceptionally well in our chlorine tests with previous Brita models—albeit with the usual slower than average flow rate.

The pitcher and filter performed just as expected. Here are the details of how it fared in our tests.

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Analysis and Test Results

6.6 Performance

Featuring the Maxtra+ filter, the Brita Style was one of our best performers in the chlorine reduction test. It effectively eliminated chlorine odor and taste from tap water. However, the slow flow rate was a compromise to this high degree of effectiveness.

9.1 Design

Brita pitchers are not usually famous for their looks, but this Brita Style is, true to its name, an exception and an epitome of style when it comes to filter pitchers. It features a minimalist design with posh colors and elegant rounded corners. All the plastic parts are BPA-free, sturdy, and fit together securely. Its filter life indicator and pour-through lid—both practically designed—are also the most graceful we’ve seen on a Brita.

9.4 Usability

Brita seems to have taken criticisms of previous products to heart and implemented improvements on the Style. The pitcher boasts an impeccably designed lid, offering hassle-free refilling and secure dispensing. The assembly and disassembly process is now effortless thanks to the precise fit. Its compact size and modest weight means anyone can pick it up at full capacity and use it with ease. 

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