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Euro Cuisine WM520 vs KRUPS Belgian Side-by-Side Comparison

Can’t decide between the Euro Cuisine WM520 and the KRUPS Belgian waffle maker? See our side-by-side comparison of the two here!

Euro Cuisine WM520 vs KRUPS Belgian: Side-by-Side Comparison


Price at publication
Heart-shaped waffle plates, tactile browning control, indicator lightsQuartered classic-style waffle plates, removable plates, intuitive controls
Adjustable Settings
L10 x W8 x H4.5 inchesL14.4 x W10.2 x H4.5 inches
Stainless steel/plastic housing; aluminum nonstick baking platesStainless steel/plastic housing; aluminum nonstick baking plates
4 pounds9.1 pounds
Waffle diameter
8.0" (20.3 cm)4.6" (11.7 cm)
850 watts1000 watts
Number of waffles
3-year limited warranty2-year limited warranty


Build Quality
Waffle Plates
Control Panel
Overall Design Scoring

The Euro Cuisine WM520 has a luxe, chrome-plated housing. It gives the waffle maker a very luxurious appearance.

Though overall construction is sound, the flimsy lid hinges could do some refinement. Positioned on top of the lid is an intuitive control panel that pairs a dial for adjusting browning levels with two indicator lights (one for power, one for the ready status of the waffle maker).

Contrary to its performance, the KRUPS waffle maker has one of the best designs and overall build quality in our database. From the sturdy, stainless steel top lid to the solid weight and feel of the machine, it's clear just by looking at it that the KRUPS is a high-end waffle maker.

But it's more than just good looks that sets this model apart from basic models. It comes with removable waffle plates that provide added convenience. There's an audible alarm that can help you monitor the cooking process more easily.

Usability Comparison

Indicator Light Visibility
Overall Usability Scoring

The Euro Cuisine WM520's sole control input is the browning control dial, which lets you set the desired browning level by tuning it. Two indicator lights at the top inform you how far along your food is in cooking. Once you're finished cooking, the non-stick coating on the plates helps simplify cleaning.

Unfortunately, it didn't fare well in our safety test due to an alarmingly hot handle. Still, that doesn't detract from its overall ease of use and convenience.

The KRUPS waffle maker has outstanding safety ratings. During our thermal safety tests, all of the oft-touched surfaces on the waffle maker (the handle, the lid, and the bottom side) are all cool. It’s very easy to clean and boasts user-friendly features like straightforward controls and an audible chime that make it easier to interact with the machine. We also like the oversized handle and lid lock, which greatly enhance the user experience.

Performance Test

Self-Mixed Recipe
Birch Benders Mix
Overall Performance Scoring

Using the Euro Cuisine WM520, we were pleased with its consistent performance throughout our tests. Although not of five-star quality, the fluffy waffles would still be an ideal accompaniment to any breakfast table.

By June 2022, the KRUPS waffle maker was the sole model that failed our performance test. It miserably earned last place on our rankings after its inability to cook self-made batter and even worse, transforming Birch Benders mix into an inedible mush in the second test.

Overall Scores

Ease of Use
Overall Scoring

Pros & Cons

  • Did a passable job in our self-mixed recipe test
  • Luxurious design with chrome lid
  • Easy to use control panel with clicky, responsive browning level dial
  • Eco-friendly PTFE and PFOA-free ceramic coating on the plates
  • Excellent cleanability
  • Solidly built from high-quality materials
  • Able to cook four waffles simultaneously
  • The waffle plates’ non-stick coating works great
  • Controls are straightforward to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Loose lid hinges
  • The rubber screw protectors can be easily lost
  • Many surfaces of the waffle maker became scorching hot after two-three cooking sessions
  • Waffle’s quality is mediocre in the self-mixed recipe test
  • Failed at producing an edible waffle in the test with the Birch Benders mix
  • Power cord is too short


The Euro Cuisine WM520 differs from most waffle makers in that it’s neither a classic-style nor a Belgian-style waffle maker. Rather, it’s a Norwegian-style waffle maker and comes equipped with a set of waffle plates imprinted with a beautiful heart shape.

This makes the Euro Cuisine WM520 a great choice for cooking waffles during festive times like Christmas or Thanksgiving. And if you want to add some flair to your breakfasts or mealtimes, these special waffles will be just the ticket!

The KRUPS Belgian has a more traditional Belgian-style patterning. Its large set of waffle plates can cook four 4-inch square waffles at once. A waffle maker like the KRUPS can be a god-sent for large families or people who need to cook large batches of waffles regularly.

Unfortunately, we must recommend the Euro Cuisine WM520 between these two for one reason: the KRUPS exhibited very poor performance during our tests. It’s the only model in our database thus far that failed a cooking test.

Instead of the KRUPS Belgian, if you still want the ability to bulk-cook, we recommend the DASH No-Drip Belgian waffle maker as an alternative.

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