KRUPS Belgian Waffle Maker In-depth Review

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KRUPS Belgian Waffle Maker In-depth Review
Power: 1200W

The KRUPS Belgian waffle maker has a beautiful presentation. The waffle maker’s frame is solid, and it has the look of an expensive waffle maker. Unfortunately, its look belies its performance. In one test, the KRUPS only produced a mediocre waffle. In another, it ultimately failed to make an edible waffle at all.

Being the first (and so far only) waffle maker to fail the performance test, we are hesitant to recommend it to anyone.

Things We Like

  • Solidly built from high-quality materials
  • Able to cook four waffles simultaneously
  • The waffle plates’ non-stick coating works great
  • Controls are straightforward to use
  • Easy to clean

Things We Don’t Like

  • Waffle’s quality is mediocre in the self-mixed recipe test
  • Failed at producing an edible waffle in the test with the Birch Benders mix
  • Power cord is too short

The KRUPS promised to be the perfect waffle maker for families. It has a large set of waffle plates that can cook four square-shaped waffles at once.

When we received the KRUPS waffle maker in our lab, it was evident from the start that it was a reasonably fine-quality product. Thus, we had high expectations of this model.

Unfortunately, throughout the testing period, the waffle maker didn’t quite reach the level of greatness that we thought would be an easy climb for it. Despite having a solid, premium design, its cooking performance is disappointingly lackluster.

Here’s a more comprehensive report.

KRUPS Belgian Waffle Maker In-depth Review


How We Tested

As of June 2022, it is the only waffle maker in our initial series to have failed the performance test. Thus, it ranks last on our list. The KRUPS did a rather mediocre job at cooking our self-made waffle batter. Moreover, it failed to produce an edible waffle using the Birch Benders waffle mix in our second test.


Considering this waffle maker's price and glamorous look, the waffle it produced was quite disappointing. The coloration is pale and unremarkable. Our chef gave the texture a low score due to the waffle’s dense core with next to no air bubbles to help soften it up. In terms of flavor, the mushiness of the waffle ruined the flavor profile by introducing a raw batter-like taste.

Color (35%) — 6

  • Color tone: Very light gold (Both)
  • Color distribution: Even

Though a section of the crust has a dark brown color, most have a very light gold tone. The pale coloring of the waffle looked as if it was still undercooked. Fortunately, this is only by appearance. The waffle has been cooked thoroughly.

Texture (25%) — 5

  • Texture: Mediocre
  • Aeration level: Low; air bubbles were few as well as being very small in sizes

The texture was pretty disappointing. The waffle was still dense on the inside despite being left to cook for over 7 minutes. The result was a very chewy waffle. In certain spots, the waffle was even mushy.

Taste (40%) — 5.5

  • Flavor: Sweet and buttery, but there’s also the taste of raw batter mixed in
  • Mouthfeel: Mushy 

Our chef still noticed the sweet, buttery taste of the batter. However, the underdeveloped interior of the waffle greatly affected the tasting experience by introducing the bland taste of raw batter into the flavor profile.


Since we never managed to make an edible waffle with the KRUPS in this test, all three score fields are 0. The waffle has a pale, almost-white color of raw batter. The texture is mushy. And since it hasn’t fully cooked just yet, the taste is atrocious.

Color (35%) — 0

  • Color tone: Pale gold (Both)
  • Color distribution: Even

Coloring is unspectacular. We repeated the tests several times, yet the waffle always came out with a sickly pale yellow tone.

Texture (25%) — 0

  • Texture: Bad
  • Aeration level: Low; air bubbles were virtually non-existent

The aeration level is very low. When we cut the waffle, an undercooked interior is exposed. Not only are there next to no air bubbles, but we could still see “fillings” of raw batter in the waffle’s interior.

Texture-wise, it is incredibly mushy to the point of being runny. It almost seemed like the waffle was still in a semi-liquid state.

Taste (40%) — 0

  • Flavor: Cloying taste of raw batter
  • Mouthfeel: Mushy

It was evident from the start that the waffle was inedible. It tasted terrible, with the distinct raw egg-like flavor of uncooked batter.

Arguably, the highlight of this model is its premium design. Build quality is excellent. Certain parts, such as the top lid made from stainless steel, give the waffle maker a luxurious appearance. The solid weight of the machine also contributes to the moneyed feel.

The KRUPS waffle maker comes with a few extra features that can’t be found in cheaper products, like removable waffle plates and an audible alarm.

KRUPS Belgian In The Box
  • The KRUPS waffle maker
  • Instruction manual

The box’s content is fairly basic, containing the waffle maker itself and a user manual. No extra accessory is included.

KRUPS Belgian Dimensions & Weight

Weighing over 9 pounds and having a rectangular shape measuring 14.4 inches long and 10.2 inches wide, the KRUPS is a hulk of a waffle maker. It takes a lot of space on the countertop, so finding enough storage space is always a problem. Plus, its weight makes transport a tiresome chore.


KRUPS Belgian Build Quality

The build quality of this waffle maker is excellent. Its body is primarily constructed from lightweight plastic, but the top of the lid is made from steel. Typically, durability is a concern if a product is made from plastic. But it’s easy to look past that, considering how the plastic construction saves the waffle maker from being heavier than it already is.

Every part of the waffle maker looks well-built, especially the reinforced lid hinges.


KRUPS Belgian Waffle Plates

The KRUPS waffle maker gets a perfect score in this section. The waffle plates are rectangular and segmented into four quadrants. Each quadrant can make a square-shaped waffle measuring 4.6 inches.

Both plates are coated with a layer of non-stick material. Unfortunately, KRUPS doesn’t disclose what non-stick they used for the plates, but there’s a good chance it’s Teflon. The non-stick layers work well enough and we did not have to deal with many cooking residues besides a few bits of debris.

The plates can be removed for easier cleaning. They can be detached via two red levers on the side. The user manual indicates that the waffle plates are dishwasher-safe. However, there are many reports of the KRUPS waffle maker’s non-stick coating becoming oxidized and worn out after they’re put through the dishwasher. Exercise caution.


KRUPS Belgian Control Panel

The control panel sits at the front of the waffle maker.

On the left are two indicator lights. The “ON” red light will light up when you plug it in. When the plates are well heated and ready for use, the green “READY” light will turn on, accompanied by an audible chime.

A small browning level control dial (temperature control) is featured on the right. It turns very smoothly and has five settings.

The only feature missing from the control panel is a built-in timer.

KRUPS Belgian Power Cord

The power cord is only 25 inches long, which is way shorter than average (around 30 inches). So you may have to use an extension cord.

At the bottom of the waffle maker, you will find a grommet that you can wrap the cord around for easier management and storage.

The KRUPS waffle maker does not come with any extra accessory.

Ease of Use

How We Rated

The company has done a great job at making the waffle maker user-friendly. Features like the straightforward controls and the audible chime make interacting with the waffle maker an ease. We also appreciate design details like the oversized handle and the lid lock, which improve handling.

The KRUPS waffle maker received outstanding scores in both safety and cleanability.


KRUPS Belgian Handling

As we mentioned earlier, the waffle maker is straightforward to operate. The lock is situated at the front center of the machine, behind the handle. It is top-actuated, which means you must press the top of the lock instead of the bottom to open the lid. It’s a pretty intelligent design. You can grip the front handle, then work the lock by pushing inward with your knuckles.

When pushed, the lid will lean backward at an angle, preventing it from snapping close unexpectedly.


KRUPS Belgian Safety

After several cooking sessions, the top side becomes very hot. We measured a peak temperature of 176°F.

At 127°F, the bottom side of the KRUPS waffle maker is very warm to the touch.

The handle, separated from the baking chamber, is cool to the touch. Our thermometer registered a temperature of 89°F, which is at room temperature.


The waffle maker is easy to clean for most parts. Thanks to the highly effective non-stick coating on the waffle plates, cleaning them was as simple as wiping them down with paper towels. When thoroughness is needed, the plates can be detached and cleaned up separately.

There aren’t any hard-to-reach nooks and crannies on the waffle maker. The material of the waffle maker doesn’t aggressively grip onto the dried batter, either.


KRUPS Belgian Indicator Light Visibility

The two indicator lights at the front are very bright and can be seen even under studio lighting.

Compared to Other Waffle Makers

While the KRUPS waffle maker has a beautiful and luxurious design, its cooking performance was disappointing. It is the worst performer among all the models we tested. Our ratings may change later on when we eventually have to re-evaluate this model, but for now, it is not a good buy.

Instead, we have found a better alternative: the DASH No-Drip Belgian waffle maker. It shares the same design as the KRUPS. Such as the suitcase-like design and square waffle plates with four 4-inch quadrants. Yet, its results in the performance test were significantly better.

If neither of these models sounds appealing, see our best-to-buy waffle makers buying guide. If you’re searching for Belgian-style waffle makers specifically, see our list of the top Belgian-style waffle makers for more details.