KOIOS 850W Bullet Personal Blender Review

Tina Pham
Tuyet Pham
Culinary Consultant
Lap Vo
Test Lead
Nguyen Ntk
Visual Specialist
Tested Using Methodology v1.0
KOIOS 850W Bullet Personal Blender Review
Blender type: personal
Power: 850W

Overall Verdict

Overall Score
  • Performance (60%)
  • Usability (15%)
  • Design (25%)

The KOIOS Bullet is a bargain if you’re willing to compromise on the heavy-duty side of performance. We tested it with multiple recipes, and it was able to handle everything except for crushing ice cubes. The blended drinks it produced weren’t perfect, with some still containing a smattering of unprocessed chunks, but for the price, that might not turn you off. 

Plus, while most personal blenders around this price concentrate on smoothie- and milkshake-making capability, the KOIOS wants you to remember its thoughtful design, generous accessory package, and the fact that it can even be used to grind dry ingredients.

Things We Like

  • Competitive price tag 
  • Extra extractor blade for dry blending 
  • Powerful motor allows for a wide range of tasks 
  • Two blending cups are included 
  • Intuitive to use 
  • The blades can be removed from the base for thorough cleaning

Things We Don’t Like

  • No option for hands-free operation
  • Updated Aug 9, 2022:

    Review published

After testing the 850-watt KOIOS Bullet in our lab, we can honestly say this is one of the best mid-range personal blenders you can buy. It blends well and provides consistent performance for a price that most people can afford. Although it might not have everything you want, it makes for a simple and effective blending solution. Worried about its reliability? Check out our hands-on testing.

KOIOS 850W Bullet Personal Blender Review In-depth review


How We Tested

The KOIOS Bullet did relatively well in three out of our four tests. It couldn’t power through ice cubes in the final round, but that didn’t worry us — the same is true for most mid-range blenders. The blended fruity drinks were above average. However, the fibrous greens should be blended longer than our 20-second time limit if you want decent results.


Protein Shake

KOIOS 850W Bullet Protein Shake
KOIOS 850W Bullet Protein Shake 1
  • Blending Time: 56 seconds
  • Result: Smooth
  • Unprocessed Chunks: Yes

The KOIOS can make a good breakfast or post-workout milkshake in a matter of seconds. In this test, it took less than 1 minute to break down and combine all the ingredients, which was faster than most. The powerful motor couldn’t quite remove all lumps from the protein shake, but only a few chunks remained unblended, so our drink was still pleasant to drink. Moreover, the residual solids didn’t affect the tasting experience much — they were so tiny that they didn’t bother us at all.


Frozen Fruit Smoothie

KOIOS 850W Frozen Fruit Smoothie
KOIOS 850W Frozen Fruit Smoothie 1
  • Blending Time: 1 min 20 seconds
  • Result: Silky Smooth
  • Unprocessed Chunks: Yes

The KOIOS Bullet brought all the ingredients together for a great-tasting smoothie in one minute and twenty seconds. Of all the similarly-priced blenders we tested, it was the only one that could liquify frozen ingredients that quickly. Most were 20-40 seconds slower, but that can make a difference; frozen foods thaw quickly at room temperature, so the longer you blend, the more your smoothie will be diluted.

Simply put, the quicker performance of the KOIOS made for a thicker and more ice-cream-like smoothie. Chilly and fresh enough to quench our thirst, it also retained the texture that people look for in frozen fruit smoothies.


Fibrous Greens

KOIOS 850W Fibrous Greens
KOIOS 850W Fibrous Greens 1
  • Blending Time: 20 seconds
  • Result: Very Coarse
  • Unprocessed Chunks: Yes

We evaluated how well this blender handled fiber by blending kale, celery, spinach, and water for 20 seconds. The mixture came out grainy with a substantial amount of partially blended particles. Then, we drained it through a mesh strainer and examined the pulp. It looked like green sand with a moderately coarse consistency. We didn't taste the mixture prior to draining, but this coarseness, together with the volume of pulp, meant this blender failed to extract most of the flavor from the greens.

We can’t say for sure if more blending time would improve the final result, but can conclusively say that 20 seconds worth of blending is not enough. By comparison, the Ninja Fit did the same job much better, leaving behind a significantly smaller amount of visible flakes. 

Our conclusion is that the KOIOS is just mediocre for blending leafy veggies. If you want to avoid leafy chunks in a quick high-fiber beverage, this is not the blender for you.


Crushed Ice Cubes

KOIOS 850W Crushed Ice 1
KOIOS 850W Crushed Ice
  • Ice Fineness: Coarse
  • Amoun Tof Unblended Ice: 77% of 6 oz

In this test, its performance was lackluster. The machine itself is incapable of crushing ice cubes. In fact, attempting to do so is not a good idea; the heavy-duty task can take a toll on your device and impair its performance in more ordinary blends.

The KOIOS Bullet comes standard with a compact motor base and stainless steel blades. It features only one speed setting, which is not unusual for this type of machine. Sleek and shiny looking, it has a cute, distinctive personality you won’t find in many rival personal blenders. Unfortunately, its motor base has some poor-quality inner components — we expect better even at this price point.

In the Box

KOIOS 850W Bullet In the Box
  • Motor Base 
  • Two Blade Assemblies 
  • Four Lids 
  • Cleaning Brush 
  • Three Blending Cups
  • Recipe book & user guide


KOIOS 850W Bullet Dimension
  • Height
    12.2" (31.0 cm)
  • Width
    5.5" (14.0 cm)
  • Weight
    2.9 lbs (1.3 kg)
  • Shaft Length

The KOIOS Bullet’s dimensions are about as standard as they come. At 12 inches tall by 5.5 inches wide, it is a typical size for a personal blender and can easily tuck away in your cabinet. Mobility is also very practical thanks to its compact form.


Build Quality

KOIOS 850W Bullet Build Quality

Build quality is moderate, with a body mostly made of plastic. The stainless steel blades look promising in terms of durability and capability while the motor base is rather flimsy. However, despite that, this blender stands very firmly during operation. It doesn’t jump around while handling solid foods like most mid-range counterparts such as the Magic Bullet. 

We like the metal surface on the front of the motor base. It gives our blender a more attractive appearance and better quality feel. After a couple of months in the lab, this surface still retains its original shine — even after the occasional cleaning with a metal scouring pad.



KOIOS 850W Bullet Blade
KOIOS 850W Bullet Blade 1
  • Material
    Stainless Steel
  • Type
    Sharp Blade
  • Guard Material
  • Blade Count
  • Removable
  • Dishwasher Safe

The KOIOS Bullet comes with two extractor blades: one is flat and the other shaped like a cross. 

The flat blade has two dull prongs tilted slightly upwards and is only compatible with the short blending cup. We haven’t performed any tests on it, but believe this add-on will be handy for grinding hard ingredients like coffee beans, raw nuts, and whole grains. The blender’s mighty motor and consistent performance suggest it should be able to handle such ingredients.

Most of your blended treats will be best served by the cross blade. With six sharp prongs, it contacts more food at any given moment, resulting in finer outcomes and faster blending times. That being said, it looks less sturdy than some models (particularly the Ninja Fit). More prongs also means you’ll have more nooks and crannies to weave in and out of when it comes to cleaning.

Motor Base

KOIOS 850W Bullet Motor Base
KOIOS 850W Bullet Motor Base 1
  • Rated Voltage
    120 V
  • Rated Power
    850 Watt
  • Rated Working Time
    ≤ 1 minute
  • Automatic Overload Protection
  • Weight
    2.4 lbs
  • Power Cord Length
    4.1 ft
  • Extra Feature
    suction feet, ventilation holes

The main housing of the KOIOS Bullet is made from medium-grade plastic, except for the front surface. It is a little smaller than other personal blenders, but could surprisingly tackle our tests without slipping or rocking around on the counter thanks to the four rubber feet at the bottom. 

Most models around this price cannot run continuously for more than one minute because the motor can overheat. The KOIOS Bullet is not an exception despite the fact that it’s equipped with many ventilation holes for better heat dissipation. If your drinks demand a longer blending time, make sure you let your machine cool down for 20-30 seconds after each 1-minute interval.


Blending Cup

not image
  • Material
  • Capacity
    17 ounces and 10 ounces
  • Weight
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Measurement Marks
  • Suitable For
    Small batches
  • Extra Accessories
    two Spout lids, a Flat-top lid, a Sieve lid

In this set, there are two tall cups (17 oz) for blending watery mixtures and a short cup (10 oz) for grinding solid ingredients. The tall cups can be sealed tightly by either a flat-top lid or spout lid if you want to enjoy your drink on the go. And the short cup’s distinctive design looks lovely. It features a flat foot for increased stability and is particularly compatible with the sieve lid so you can use it as a shaker for ground spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, cocoa flour, ground coffee beans, or whatever seasonings you need.

Speed and Controls

not image
  • Control Type
    Press/Touch Button
  • Min Speed
  • Max Speed
  • Presets
  • Max Noise Level
    N/A (db)
  • LED Display
  • Pulse Turbo Mode

Like many personal blenders, the KOIOS offers only one speed option but doesn’t have buttons or any sort of controls. To blend, you simply press the cup down into the base, then hold it continuously until your smoothie is ready. The operating method is so simple that you may not need any practice. It’s easy to get comfortable with this blender.


How We Rated

The KOIOS didn’t receive a higher usability score because it doesn’t allow for hands-free operation. However, it is still among the most user-friendly personal blenders out there on the merits of its straightforward operation, easy assembly, and effortless cleaning.


Hand-Free Operation

You can’t walk away while the KOIOS Bullet does its job the way you might with a full-sized blender. It requires you to keep a hand on it the whole time. Plus, you may occasionally need to pause to remove the cup and give it a thorough shake. 

Particularly in the smoothie test, frozen fruits got stuck under the blade and jammed it up. To even out the blend, we had to shake the cup after every 20 blending seconds. It gave us a good smoothie in 1 minute 20 seconds worth of runtime, so the process demanded four intervals total. Reviewers make a fuss about the repeated delays, but they’re a common occurrence among personal-size blenders. As long as you’re willing to spend an extra minute or two in the kitchen, it shouldn’t be a big deal.



not image

Setting up this blender is a breeze. After twisting the blade assembly onto the cup, you’ll need to flip the cup over and place it securely onto the motor base, aligning the cup’s protrusions with the grooves inside the motor base. To start blending, gently push the cup down as long as you desire. Once finished, release the cup from the motor base and unscrew the blade assembly.



not image

Of all the blenders we tested, the KOIOS is the only one with a blade that can be separated from its plastic base. It goes without saying, this can be a life-saver, especially since the blade assembly is not dishwasher safe. 

To remove the blade attachment from the base, push the blade gear forward until it falls out. Note that these two pieces screw very tightly together through a white gasket ring so you'll have to apply a significant force, which can be a challenge if your hands are weak or in pain. 

Once you’ve separated the blade attachment, plastic base, and gasket ring, they can be washed off easily with soapy water. The only parts that are tricky to clean are the blade’s undersides, but the included small brush will make life easier on you. 

The other pieces, including the lids and blending cups, can be put in the dishwasher.  For manual cleaning, just rinse them with soapy water.

Compared to Other Personal Blenders

If the KOIOS Bullet doesn't quite hit the performance marks you're after, the greater capability of the Ninja QB3001SS Fit, combined with its budget-friendly price, will possibly wow you. Everything about the Ninja QB3001SS Fit feels more refined and satisfactory if not indeed perfect in the segment. While its testing performance gave us quite a hard time with its demand for manual shaking, its results were much better than KOIOS Bullet overall. 

The NutriBullet Pro 900 is our best-to-buy personal blender this year. You’ll pay double the price for it, but in return, you get better all-around performance, a higher-quality build, and a more enjoyable blending experience. This blender also provides a sense of luxury with hi-tech features and thoughtfully-designed accessories. 

While the BLACK+DECKER FusionBlade didn’t blend as fast nor as evenly as the KOIOS Bullet in our tests, we still think its above-average results make it worth a look for those seeking a more athletic and imposing design. Like the KOIOS Bullet, this blender can only be used for moderately heavy blending and cannot be used as an ice crusher. 

We've gathered the full list of all the blenders we’ve tested into one article, so head this way if it's those details you're after.