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Elite Gourmet Immersion Blender EHB-2425X In-depth Review

The Elite Gourmet EHB-2425X banks on its affordability to account for its poor quality and lackluster performance, yet not every customer may agree with this logic.

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Tested Using Methodology v1.0
Elite Gourmet Immersion Blender EHB-2425X is standing on a table with its user manual and packaging box

Overall Verdict

The Elite Gourmet EHB-2425X demonstrates varied performance. It excels in simpler tasks like making mayonnaise and almond milk, yet it struggles with more demanding ones like blending frozen fruits and whipping egg whites. While its ability to puree soup is above average, the shorter blending wand could pose challenges in deeper pots. This model is perhaps best suited for users with basic, lighter blending needs, rather than those seeking a robust, all-purpose blender capable of a wide range of heavy-duty tasks.

Beyond its operational capabilities, the blender's overall build quality and user experience are points of concern. The construction of the EHB-2425X doesn’t inspire confidence, with a general flimsiness that raises doubts about its long-term durability.  Additionally, the ergonomic aspects of the design are underwhelming. The handling and comfort during use are not up to par with what regular or intensive use would require.

Things We Like

  • Budget-friendly price
  • Simple, straightforward design 
  • Emulsifying capability

Things We Don’t Like

  • Subpar build quality
  • Insufficient motor power 
  • Inadequate splatter control 
  • Limited grip comfort

Sporting a 150-watt motor, the Elite Gourmet EHB-2425X represents a low-range immersion blender in terms of power, but what it may lack in sheer force, it compensates for in its compactness and user-friendly design. The question, however, lingers: does this immersion blender's modest power and simple design fully satisfy the diverse needs of home cooking, or are there hidden limitations to its capabilities? Let’s find out!

Key Specs

H 13.4 x W 2.9 inches
0.9 lbs (0.4 kg)
Number of speeds
Pulse/Turbo option
Dishwasher-safe wand

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Compared to Other Immersion Blenders

Analysis and Test Results

6.3 Performance

The Elite Gourmet EHB-2425X delivered adequate performance in soup preparation, effectively handling cooked ingredients and yielding a smooth result. It also fared reasonably well in making mayonnaise and grinding almonds for a batch of creamy almond milk. However, challenges arose when handling denser mixtures such as frozen fruit smoothies, where there was a noticeable decline in performance. The lack of an extra whisk attachment means our blender also underperformed in tasks that require aeration.

8.0 Hot Soup Purée

Scooping a spoon of pureéd soup produced by the Elite Gourmet EHB-2425X from the plastic beaker to check its smoothness.
Scooping a spoon of pureéd soup produced by the Elite Gourmet EHB-2425X from the plastic beaker to check its smoothness.
A batch of soup pureéd by the Elite Gourmet EHB-2425X immersion blender is checked for smoothness by being drained through a stainless steel mesh strainer.

The Elite Gourmet EHB-2425X is at best a basic pureeing tool. Suitable for home use where ultra-smoothness isn't critical, it might be passable. However, it struggles with achieving the fine, velvety texture required for more gourmet culinary applications. Our testing substantiated this, as even after a standard blending interval, the soup exhibited a coarse and uneven texture. Straining only highlighted this deficiency further, revealing a smattering of unblended particles. You may think a 30-second blending benchmark is quite limited for the blender to show its full capability, but there are other blenders that yield an almost perfect result within that allotted time.

You might assume that the 30-second test period is insufficient, but it is noteworthy that there are blenders that can make a pass with an almost perfect purée. They include the Vitamix 5-speed and the Ninja Foodi. And this suggests that the shortcomings of the Elite Gourmet EHB-2425X lie in its capability rather than the testing duration.

3.5 Frozen Fruit Smoothie

Scooping a spoon of smoothie from the plastic beaker to check its texture after the Elite Gourmet EHB-2425X Hand Blender had completed the test in 2:30 seconds.
Scooping a spoon of smoothie from the plastic beaker to check its texture after the Elite Gourmet EHB-2425X Hand Blender had completed the test in 2:30 seconds.
After finishing blending, the green smoothie made by the Elite Gourmet EHB-2425X immersion blender was spread evenly throughout a white paper to check for solid chunks.

In our test of the Elite Gourmet EHB-2425X's ability to blend a frozen fruit smoothie containing kale, apples, and mangoes, we found its final texture to be inconsistent. While the fruits were broken down reasonably well, the kale remained coarse. Achieving even this moderate texture required an extended blending time of 2 minutes and 30 seconds, a duration that is well beyond that required by more capable blenders. (For example, the Braun MQ7035X). 

As the blending dragged on, the frozen fruits thawed out, resulting in a smoothie that was too thin instead of thick and creamy. Moreover, the process was quite hands-on; it demanded constant manual manipulation of the blender. To ensure complete blending, we had to actively push the blender into the mixture, frequently agitating it to bring unprocessed kale and fruit pieces into the path of the blade. 

Considering these points, it's clear that the Elite Gourmet EHB-2425X is not the best fit for enthusiasts of frozen drinks and smoothies, particularly those incorporating tough greens like kale.

9.0 Mayonnaise

A hand pours a creamy mixture from a cup beside the Elite Gourmet immersion blender; a digital timer reads 01:40, set against a backdrop of kitchen appliances.
A hand pours a creamy mixture from a cup beside the Elite Gourmet immersion blender; a digital timer reads 01:40, set against a backdrop of kitchen appliances.
Mayonnaise made by the Elite Gourmet EHB-2425X immersion blender.

Out of all the tests we ran, the Elite Gourmet EHB-2425X performed at its best when making mayonnaise, whipping up an ideal emulsion in just 1 minute and 40 seconds. This was the most impressive result from the blender across our series of five tests, with the mayonnaise emerging exceptionally smooth and perfectly emulsified.

You may notice the beaker's tendency to wobble under the action of the blending shaft, but this can be easily remedied by using a heavier, more stable container or by placing the beaker within a shallow bowl on the countertop to curb the movement.

7.5 Almond Milk

A white plate of almond pulp and a bowl of milk produced by the Elite Gourmet EHB-2425Xstick blender within 1 minute and 20 seconds.

Finishing the task in a competitive 1 minute and 20 seconds, the Elite Gourmet EHB-2425X matched the average performance of other blenders in our lineup. Our post-straining revealed that the almonds were ground to a fine consistency. This infused the milk with a rich flavor, creamy texture, and the almonds' inherent nutrients. 

Still, it’s worth noting that during the blending process, pieces of almond skin frequently became lodged in the holes of the blade guard. This led to a partial barrier around the blades, hindering efficient contact between the blade and the remaining almonds. Consequently, we had to periodically pause the blending to clear these trapped skins and redistribute the contents to ensure a more uniform grind.

Failed Whipped Egg-Whites

A digital timer shows 2:00 on a kitchen counter, with a beaker containing unsuccessfully beaten egg whites next to the Elite Gourmet immersion blender.

For aeration-heavy tasks like whipping egg whites, the Elite Gourmet EHB-2425X proves unsuitable. Its blending mechanism, unlike a dedicated whisk, fails to adequately introduce air. The consequence was a disappointing separation of the egg whites into a frothy upper layer and a watery lower layer, instead of a uniform, fluffy foam.

5.2 Design

The Elite Gourmet EHB-2425X is designed with simplicity and affordability in mind. Its construction prioritizes cost-effectiveness, using materials that are economical rather than premium.

In the Box

The Elite Gourmet EHB-2425X immersion blender lying on a table with its paper carton box and a user’s manual.
  • Motor body 
  • Blending shaft 
  • User manual


The Elite Gourmet EHB-2425X hand-held blender standing on top of its blending shaft on a table, with the length of the shaft being noted to the side as 6.8 inches, and the total length of the unit as 13.4 inches.
13.4" (34.0 cm)
2.4" (6.1 cm)
0.9 oz (26 g)
Shaft Length
6.8" (17.3 cm)

The Elite Gourmet EHB-2425X's compact design is great for easy storage and light tasks. However, its lightweight build, though convenient for handling, may compromise stability; a heavier blender often feels more sturdy and can handle tougher blending without excessive vibration or movement. Furthermore, the shaft length of 6.8 inches, though workable for standard tasks, might not reach deep enough for effective blending in large pots or for handling larger batches.

5.0 Build Quality

A close-up of the blending shaft and motor body of the Elite Gourmet EHB-2425X
A close-up of the blending shaft and motor body of the Elite Gourmet EHB-2425X
A close-up of the interior of the Elite Gourmet EHB-2425X’s motor body.

The Elite Gourmet EHB-2425X's construction is crafted entirely from lightweight plastic, so it not only lacks the robustness and tactile satisfaction associated with higher-end kitchen appliances but also raises questions about its long-term resilience. Such material choices often lead to vulnerabilities in structural integrity, especially under frequent or heavy use.

Internally, the coupling mechanism, a blend of plastic and metal, is poorly designed and lacks refinement. This suggests a potential weak point over time, particularly under the strain of blending harder ingredients or with consistent use.

Speed and Controls

A close-up of the Elite Gourmet EHB-2425X Single-Button
Min Speed
Max Speed
Noise Level
Digital Display
Pulse Mode

Our Elite Gourmet EHB-2425X operates on a single speed controlled by just one button. This approach offers straightforward operation. Yet, the lack of variable speed settings limits its ability to finely tune blending consistency or tackle more intricate recipes that demand precise speed control.

5.5 Blending Shaft

A Close-Up of the Elite Gourmet EHB-2425X Blade Assembly
Stainless steel
Sharp Blade
Guard Material
Blade Count
Dishwasher Safe

The blade assembly features two prongs, which feels somewhat flimsy. They lack the firmness and sharpness  you often find from those of more heavy-duty models. Additionally, the plastic guard surrounding the blade does not inspire confidence in its ability to endure the stress of repeated use, especially with hard ingredients like frozen fruits.

0.0 Beaker: Not Included

NaN fl oz (NaN ml)
NaN oz (NaN g)
NaN" (NaN cm)
Dishwasher Safe

10 Power Cord

A Close-Up of the Elite Gourmet EHB-2425X power cord.
Cord Length
5.1 ft (1.6 m)
2-prong plug

The power cord is of a reasonable length so we’re afforded the flexibility to move around our kitchen space without being tethered too closely to an outlet.

Extra Accessories: Not Included

Dishwasher Safe

6.4 Usability

The Elite Gourmet EHB-2425X, in its pursuit of extreme simplicity, ends up sacrificing essential features that contribute to convenience and ease of use. Its straightforward design, while making its operation instantly understandable, also strips away the versatility and comfort found in more advanced models.

5.3 Ease of Use

In our experience, the blender’s 150-watt motor proved insufficient for creating a strong vortex to smoothly blend ingredients. We frequently had to stop and manually mix the contents, which made the blending process quite tedious. On a positive note, we didn't struggle with excessive suction to the beaker, which allowed for easier maneuvering of the blender.

Nevertheless, spatter was an issue due to the lack of variable speed settings. Starting at a high speed caused liquids to splash, a messy and inconvenient aspect of its operation.

7.0 Blade Assembly

To detach the wand from the motor, you’ll need to twist the top motor clockwise and the bottom blender wand counter-clockwise, which is the opposite of the typical motion. This can be initially confusing for those of us accustomed to the more common method, where these actions are reversed.

However, the mechanism itself is not complex. Once the correct twisting motion is understood and remembered, locking and unlocking the pieces into place is straightforward. For those new to hand blenders, this reversed action won't pose much of an issue, as there are no prior habits to unlearn.

8.5 Handling

Someone is handling the Elite Gourmet EHB-2425X Immersion Blender

The handle is designed with a relatively slim profile. For users with smaller hands, this might make the blender easier to grip and maneuver. However, the lack of a textured or rubberized grip could be a drawback, as it may lead to a less secure hold, especially when handling wet or slippery conditions.

8.0 Cleanability

Our cleaning tests revealed that food particles tended to cling to the backside of the blades, and these residuals were not easily removed with just a rinse under running water. The tight space between the blade and its guard restricted access, making it impossible to reach with fingers to clear away the leftovers. For a proper clean, we had to resort to using a straw-cleaning brush to dislodge and remove the trapped food particles.

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