BELLA Rotating Waffle Maker In-depth Review

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BELLA Rotating Waffle Maker In-depth Review
Power: 1000W

The Bella Rotating waffle maker out-performed many of the expensive waffle makers in our performance tests. While the coloration of the waffles weren’t too great, the texture and taste were quite good.

It has a stately, compact design. Handling is smooth thanks to the intuitive controls and smooth rotation system. An included drip tray makes the waffle maker painless to clean. So, it’s a shame that some key build-quality and safety issues will turn out to be deal-breakers for many people.

Things We Like

  • Affordable
  • Did a good job in both of our performance tests
  • Overall design looks very premium
  • The non-stick coating functions well

Things We Don’t Like

  • Poor build quality
  • The lid is dangerously loose

The Bella Rotating outperformed many expensive waffle makers in our performance tests. While the coloration of the waffles wasn’t too great, the texture and taste were quite good. 

It has a stately, compact design and is very easy to use and handle. Cleaning the waffle maker is painless, thanks to an included drip tray.

It’s a shame that the waffle maker has fairly poor build quality (despite the beautiful design). It also has a few concerning safety issues. These can be deal-breakers for some people.

BELLA Rotating Waffle Maker In-depth Review


How We Tested

The Bella waffle maker did well in our tests. Although there’s room for improvement in coloration, the texture and taste of the waffles produced by the Bella were good.


The coloration was decent despite the waffle’s wells looking slightly burnt, and some spots on the crust looked undercooked. It received only a passable grade due to having a low aeration rate. Fortunately, it picked up the slack with its tastiness.

Color (6.25) — 35%

  • Color tone: Very dark brown - Light brown (both)
  • Color distribution: Even

The crust was a bit dark, but there were no signs of charring. Dark spots mostly focused within the wells of the waffle. Outside the wells, the waffle mostly had a pretty light brown color.

But since it was darker than ideal, we couldn’t give it a higher score than a “good” 6.25.

Texture (6) — 25%

  • Texture: Mediocre
  • Aeration level: Medium; air bubbles have begun filling the interior of the waffle. However, their sizes were small, and their numbers were few.

Air bubbles have begun to fill the interior of the waffle. Unfortunately, they haven’t developed to their full sizes just yet. All the bubbles we saw were small, concentrating mostly near the crust, while the core of the waffle was dense.

Taste (8) — 40%

  • Flavor: Sweet with a buttery aftertaste
  • Mouthfeel: Slightly mushy

Our chef rated the waffle highly, citing its sweet flavor and buttery aftertaste. And though the mouthfeel was a bit underwhelming, it didn’t seriously affect the waffle’s quality.


In this test, the Bella waffle maker did a slightly better job, but not by a lot. 

Coloration is visibly improved with a more even, prettier coloration. Unfortunately, because the waffle is peppered with air pockets, it has several discolored spots. The texture is decent, but its aeration level is still low, resulting in a mushy texture. The mushy texture is one of the reasons why our chef didn't give the waffle a high score on the taste test.

Color (8/10) — 35%

  • Color tone: Light gold (Both)
  • Color distribution: Even

The crust on both sides of the waffle maker had a beautiful golden-brown color. On the crust were large formations of air bubbles, which had a pale yellow color of undercooked batter. Besides ruining the overall look of the waffle, they also messed with the color palette.

Texture (7.8/10) — 25%

  • Texture: Good
  • Aeration level: Medium; air bubbles have begun to develop, but they haven’t reached their maximum sizes

The waffle has filled out well with a thick, soft interior. It has a medium aeration rate, evidenced by the many tiny air bubbles within its core. The bubbles were in the process of forming and expanding, but the aeration process was cut short before it could reach completion. Thus, while the waffle was soft and spongy, it was still too moist on the inside to receive a higher score.

Taste (6/10) — 40%

  • Flavor: Sweet and slightly savory, cloying in undercooked parts
  • Mouthfeel: Soft and spongy for the most parts, mushy in certain spots

As a whole, the waffle’s flavor profile was decent. It had the signature sweet and slightly savory taste of the Birch Benders mix. However, certain parts of the waffle were undercooked and gave it an off-putting cloying taste, which negatively impacted its scoring on this test.

On the outside, the Bella 13991 looks like a premium machine with its glossy stainless steel body. But upon closer inspection, its build quality is disappointing due to a wobbly lid, which can be dangerous. Except for this issue, the waffle plates, control panel, power cord, and other parts are of adequate quality.

BELLA 13991 Classic What’s in the Box?
  • Bella Classic Rotating Waffle Maker (13991) 
  • User manual
  • Drip tray

The box includes the waffle maker, a user manual, and a drip tray.

BELLA 13991 Classic Dimensions

The Bella 13991 is more difficult to store due to its rotating design, which brings its height to 7.3 inches. Fortunately, Bella makes storage less annoying by making the handle foldable. The waffle maker's footprint can be reduced with the handle folded and the body rotated vertically.


BELLA 13991 Classic Build Quality

The Bella 13991's body is made from stainless steel with a mirror finish, which gives it a somewhat premium look. However, we noticed that the mirror finish could be smudged easily and is highly susceptible to scratches. However, a much more serious issue was the extremely loose lid hinge. Whenever it's opened or adjusted, the lid wobbles dangerously.


Bella Waffle Maker Waffle Plates

The waffle plates are cast aluminum coated with a layer of PFOA-free Teflon. In all of our tests, the non-stick coating worked perfectly. The waffles slid cleanly off the plates without leaving messy residue behind.

A small anti-spill moat runs around the perimeter of each plate. The moat is too small to catch big spills, which isn’t particularly helpful.


Bella Waffle Maker Control Panel

The temperature dial turns smoothly but doesn’t have any specific temperature notches or settings. Instead, there are only “Min” and a “Max” labels on either side. The user can tune the dial to any arbitrary point in between.

You will find a red POWER button under the dial, which shines when you plug in the waffle maker. The blue READY button beside it will light up when the plates are thoroughly heated and ready for use.

Bella Waffle Maker Power Cord

The power cord is relatively short, so you may have to use an extension cord. There is no cable management feature on the Bella 13991.

Hamilton Beach 26031 Drip Tray

A drip tray accompanies the waffle maker in the shipping box. It slides in underneath the waffle maker’s body. The tray does a great job of catching spilled batter. It is removable and dishwasher-safe.

Ease of Use

How We Rated

The Bella 13991 only passed this test by a hair. The waffle maker failed multiple categories due to its poor build quality and relatively unsafe design. It only managed to get an overall passing score because of its high cleanability.


It failed the handling test due to the dangerously loose lid. Whenever we started a new waffle, we had to hold the lid with one hand while pouring with the other. If we dared remove that stabilizing hand, the lid had a good chance of snapping shut unexpectedly.

Except for this critical issue, the Bella 13991 is easy to use. The control panel is simple, and the waffle maker turns smoothly. A lock is built into the handle and keeps the lid securely shut when the waffle maker is flipped.


Bella Safety Bottom side temperature

The unsteady lid is a serious safety issue. Fortunately, aside from the lid, we didn’t find any other significant safety problems.

The top of the lid got warm — but not dangerously so — at 147°F.

Both the handle and the base remained cool to the touch. The measured temperatures in these areas were respectively 90° and 85° after several rounds of testings.


BELLA 13991 Classic Cleanability

The Bella 13991 is very easy to clean. Though it’s prone to fingerprint smudges and scratches, the metal surfaces can be cleaned and polished with mild detergent. The waffle plates only need to be wiped down with paper towels every once in a while to get rid of waffle debris. We also don't find it difficult to scrub dried batter off the plastic parts of the waffle maker.

When a spill happens, the large drip tray can catch every droplet. The tray can be washed by hand or loaded into a dishwasher.


Bella Waffle Maker Indicator Light Visibility

The lights are very dim. It’s almost impossible to see them from afar under harsh lighting. Even with some ambient lights turned off, the indicator lights are still faint.

Compared to Other Waffle Makers

Despite relatively low build quality, the Bella 13991 makes up for its cooking performance. In our database, it is one of the best performers by far. So, we think it more than deserves a place in our best-to-buy waffle maker listing as “the best Belgian waffle maker.”

The Bella Classic (13991) also got onto our list of the best Belgian-style waffle makers. It was selected as the best value model in this design class.

But if you don’t appreciate the low build quality of the Bella, there are plenty of other models you can pick. For example, the Hamilton Beach 26031 and the Cuisinart WAF-F20P1 are both great models with comparable performance. In the case of the Hamilton Beach 26031, the pricing is quite close!