Black+Decker WMD200B Double Waffle Maker Review

Matthew Lee
Tuyet Pham
Culinary Consultant
Lap Vo
Test Lead
Nguyen Ntk
Visual Specialist
Tested Using Methodology v1.1
Black and Decker WMD200B Double Waffle Maker Review
Power: 1200W

Overall Verdict

Overall Score
  • Performance (50%)
  • Usability (30%)
  • Design (20%)

Affordability is the main attractor that drew people to the Black+Decker WMD200B Double Waffle Maker. However, the waffle maker can offer more than just a wallet-friendly price tag. Its performance is acceptable across all waffle recipes in our tests. Although there is still room for improvements concerning the waffles' quality, none of the waffles were considered unpalatable by our chef.

Heating is even on both sides of the waffle maker. You can cook both waffles at once and expect them to come out with the same qualities.

Though it may lack some standard features, such as a temperature control switch, its design and overall build quality are excellent.

Things We Like

  • Double-sided design is useful for making multiple servings
  • Performs decently on all performance tests
  • Solid build quality for the price
  • Great cleanability thanks to the included drip tray

Things We Don’t Like

  • Bulky and heavy
  • Tends to undercook the bottom of the waffle

Being one of the more affordable double-sided models on the market, Black and Decker WMD200B Double Waffle Maker has offered a fairly compelling deal to consumers. It’s part of the reason why the WMD200B is so popular.

But affordability and popularity won’t mean much if the waffle maker doesn’t perform well. Therefore, we decided to put the WMD200B to the test in our lab. In this in-depth review, you will be able to get a closer look at this waffle maker and see for yourself what it’s capable of.

Black and Decker WMD200B Double Waffle Maker In-depth Review


How We Tested

Our chef assessed all of the waffles made by the WMD200B to be delicious. Unfortunately, the waffle maker didn't do so well in coloration and texture tests. The WMD200B has a notable tendency to undercook the bottom side of its waffles. Thus, one side of the waffle almost always had a lighter color and a mushier texture than the other.


Self-Mixed Recipe

BLACK+DECKER Self-Made Recipe Color Top
BLACK+DECKER Self-Made Recipe Color Bottom
BLACK+DECKER Self-Made Recipe Texture
BLACK+DECKER Self-Made Recipe Taste
Color: 5.25
35% * 5.25 = 1.8
Texture: 6.5
25% * 6.5 = 1.6
Taste: 6.5
40% * 6.5 = 2.6
  • Heat Level: N/A
  • Cooking Time: 5 minutes

The WMD200B’s performance was disappointing in this test. With the updated recipe, we had expected it to show better results. Unfortunately, the coloration, texture, and taste were still acceptable at best and mediocre at worst.

Color (35%) — 5.25/10

  • Color result: Very dark brown (Top)—Very light gold (Bottom)
  • Color distribution: Uneven

The BLACK+DECKER WMD200B still suffered from uneven heating, a problem we already noticed in the first rounds of testing. The top side of the waffle was so well-cooked that some spots looked charred. Meanwhile, the bottom was several shades lighter. The odd difference in coloring made the waffle look very unappealing.

Texture (25%) — 6.5/10

  • Texture: Mediocre
  • Aeration level: Medium level, bubbles were beginning to form, but hadn’t finished developing

The aeration rate was low. Nonetheless, we still saw plenty of air bubbles spread throughout the interior of the waffle. And while there was a degree of mushiness to the waffle, it wasn’t so bad to the point of being limp and soggy.

Taste (40%) — 6.5/10

  • Taste: Sweet and flavorful. A hint of bitterness from the burnt spots.
  • Mouthfeel: Soft. Burnt spots give the waffle a dry texture.

Flavor-wise, our chef gave the waffle a passable score. Although the flavors were there, the bitterness from the burnt top crust ruined the overall taste profile of the waffle. Plus, the unremarkable texture of the waffle didn’t do the WMD200B any good in this section.


Birch Benders Mix

BLACK+DECKER Birch Benders Mix Top
BLACK+DECKER Birch Benders Mix Bottom
BLACK+DECKER Birch Benders Mix Texture
BLACK+DECKER Double Birch Benders Mix
Color: 6.3
35% * 6.3 = 2.2
Texture: 5
25% * 5 = 1.3
Taste: 7
40% * 7 = 2.8
  • Heat Level: N/A
  • Cooking Time: 7 minutes 30 seconds

Coloration is better with a more eye-catching golden brown tone. The color is distributed uniformly across the whole waffle. Despite not having a high aeration level, the waffle still attains a soft and spongy texture, albeit slightly mushy. Our chef rated the waffle’s taste as good, citing its sweet flavor. But she clocked a few points due to the taste of raw batter still being present.

Color (35%) — 6.3/10

  • Color result: Golden brown (Top) - Pale gold (Bottom)
  • Color distribution: Even

In the pre-made mix test the coloration was better compared to our self-made recipe. The top side achieved a beautiful golden brown color that was spread evenly throughout the waffle. The indents had slightly darker coloring, but they weren’t burnt or charred.

The bottom of the waffle was a lot less impressive. It had a pale yellow, almost white color, which seemed to point to the waffle being undercooked.

Interestingly, the same disparity in coloration between the two sides of the waffle can be observed in other performance tests that we’ve done with the WMD200B.

Texture (25%) — 5/10

  • Texture: Mediocre
  • Aeration level: Low level, bubbles were tiny in size.

There was only a medium level of aeration. The waffle was filled with small bubbles, which created a soft and spongy texture. However, because the batter hadn’t been fully developed, the core of the waffle still felt a little mushy and moist when touched.

Taste (40%) — 7/10

  • Taste: Sweet and flavorful, but with a hint of raw batter due to the undercooked bottom
  • Texture: Soft at the top, pulpy at the bottom.

Our chef rated the waffle “good”. The WMD200B managed to bring out the sweet and slightly savory flavor profile of a good waffle. Unfortunately, texture was impacted by the undercooked bottom, which was pulpy compared to the soft and consistent top side.

Despite being an entry-level product, the BLACK+DECKER WMD200B is a well-built machine. It is made mainly from plastic, yet it doesn’t feel cheap. The plastic parts have a beautiful finishing, giving the WMD200B a faux-premium appearance. Its waffle plates are coated with a non-stick layer, which worked great.

The only issue with the WMD200B is that it doesn’t come with any control feature whatsoever.

In The Box

  • Waffle maker
  • Drip tray
  • User manual

In the shipping box, you will find the waffle maker, a drip tray, and a user manual. Everything is nicely packaged in plastic wraps and foam blocks.


BLACK+DECKER Double Waffle Maker Dimension
  • Length
    13.0" (33.0 cm)
  • Width
    7.5" (19.1 cm)
  • Height
    7.0" (17.8 cm)
  • Weight
    7.3 lbs (3.3 kg)

The body is bulkier and larger than standard models, which might make storage a challenge. The WMD200B is heavier, too. At 7.25 pounds, it is easily twice the weight of your average waffle maker. Most of the additional weight comes from the extra pair of waffle plates.


Build Quality

BLACK+DECKER Build Quality

The exterior of the waffle maker is made from black plastic. While durability is a definite concern, plastic is lighter and less thermally conductive, thus safer than metal.

Other parts of the waffle maker like the base, the handle, and hinges are all solidly constructed. We especially like the metal-clad cabling that connects the heating elements and electronics together. The metal cladding ensures durability and provides protection from electrical leakage.


Waffle Plates

BLACK+DECKER Double Waffle Plates
BLACK+DECKER Double Waffle Plates
  • Numberof Plates
  • Grid Pattern
  • Plate Area
    36.32 inches
  • Plate Length
    6.8 inches
  • Plate Width
    6.8 inches
  • Material
    Cast iron
  • Non Stick Coating
  • Removable
  • Dishwasher Safe

The waffle plates are made from cast iron and boast a layer of proprietary non-stick coating. BLACK+DECKER haven’t elaborated much on their non-stick formula. However, they did tell us that the coating is: “stable, inert, non-reactive, and PFOA-free”.

The waffle plates are not removable.


Control Panel

not image
  • Indicator Lights
  • Audible Alarm
  • Timer
  • Browning Control

The BLACK+DECKER WMD200B does not come with a control panel.

Instead, it has a series of indicator lights. One is a red POWER light, which comes on when you plug in the waffle maker. The other is a green READY Light, which lights up when the waffle maker reaches the correct cooking temperature.

You will find the lights at both the top and the bottom of the waffle maker.

As it lacks any real control features, we cannot give it any points for this section.

Power Cord

  • Plug Style
    Type A (Flat Blade Attachment Plug)
  • Length
    24 inches
  • Cable Management

The power cord is very short, measuring only around 24 inches. Be sure to keep the waffle maker close to a power outlet. If not, use an extension cord.

There’s no cable management feature on the waffle maker.

Accessories: Drip Tray

  • Material
  • Removable
  • Dishwasher Safe

The BLACK+DECKER WMD200B comes with a plastic drip tray.

Ease of Use

How We Rated

As a whole, the BLACK+DECKER WMD200B is a very easy-to-use system. Interacting with the waffle maker is easy. Motions like opening and closing the lid or flipping the waffle maker can be smoothly done. Cleaning is made more straightforward, thanks to the included drip tray. However, the waffle maker's many tiny nooks and crannies are tough to clean once the batter has dripped inside them.



The large handle allows for an easier and more comfortable grip. Located right within the handle is the lid lock. It can be engaged or disengaged with a push or pull motion, respectively.

WMD200B is rotatable. The rotating mechanism of our review unit worked smoothly.



BLACK+DECKER Safety Top-side temperature
BLACK+DECKER Bottom-side temperature
BLACK+DECKER Safety Handle temperature
  • Top Side Temperature
  • Bottom Side Temperature
  • Handle Temperature

The top side of the waffle maker can get quite hot after a few cooking sessions. There, we measured a peak temperature of 144°F, which is hot enough to cause a minor burn injury.

All other parts remained cool to the touch. The handle was 87°F and the base of the waffle maker was at 86°F.



BLACK+DECKER Cleanability
BLACK+DECKER Cleanability 2

Most parts of the BLACK+DECKER WMD200B are easy to clean. But some awkward spots may give you trouble, such as the tiny nooks next to the handle. Liquid waffle batter can drip inside and dry out within. The size of the corner makes it very difficult to guide a towel inside and scrub out the dried mess.

The included drip tray makes dealing with batter spillages a lot easier.


Indicator Light Visibility

BLACK+DECKER Indicator Light Visibility

The indicator lights were bright enough to see from across the room under normal lighting conditions. Under studio lighting, they became very difficult to see from afar. We had to walk right up to the waffle maker to view the lights clearly.

Compared to Other Waffle Makers

The BLACK+DECKER Double waffle maker offers excellent value for the price. Its  performance is decent (albeit flawed), and the double-sided design is a huge plus. With that in mind, the WMD200B is an easy pick for our best to buy waffle makers listing. It was chosen as the best double waffle maker.

There are plenty of alternatives that you can pick if the BLACK+DECKER isn’t your cup of tea. The Cuisinart WAF-F20P1, for example, is a great option if you have a large budget. Or, if you don’t necessarily need a double-sided model, a good mid-range model is the BELLA 13991 waffle maker.