Best Best Belgian Waffle Makers in 2022 Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

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One of the best ways to start the day is with a serving of gloriously golden Belgian waffles. The crispness of the crust, combined with melted butter, sweet honey, and the tartness of fresh berries, represent a breakfast of champions.

But before you can get there, you’ll need to have on hand a good waffle maker, first.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to some of the best Belgian waffle makers that our team has ever tested and reviewed.

  • Updated Sep 19, 2022:

    Product ratings are updated following the implementation of Test Methodology v1.1 for waffle makers.

What Is a Belgian-style Waffle?

Waffles have been around for hundreds of years. It stands to reason that there are various styles of this spongy batter cake. But out of dozens of different styles, Belgian-style is definitely the most popular.

Originating from (you guessed it) Belgium, this waffle type is characterized by larger squares and deeper pockets than American-style, also known as “Classic-style” waffles. These deeper pockets are the reason why they are so popular in the first place. You can fill them up with butter, jam, or syrup easier than the thinner American waffles.

How We Test Belgian Waffle Makers

All models appearing on this list will have been thoroughly tested by our Research, Testing, and Review (RTR) team beforehand using our tailored testing methodology. Waffle makers featured here are the best in-class and have great scores in our assessment.

We tested and selected waffle makers based on three factors: performance, design, and ease of use.


This section can demonstrate how well the waffle maker in question can cook. It is the most important test we do with each model, so performance weighs up to 50% of the overall score for that particular product.

Currently, we pour two recipes into the waffle maker, then assess the quality of the final products.

The first recipe is the self-made mix, representing homemade waffle batter made from scratch. Our in-house chef compiled this test recipe by sampling cookbooks and popular culinary sites.

After the self-made mix, we test each waffle maker with a premade waffle mix. We made this mix using off-the-shelf Birch Benders waffle mix. Due to the extra convenience, many prefer to use boxed mix rather than making their own batter. This test is done to see how well the waffle maker would fare in this situation.

Note that the process or the recipe may change in the future. We will update and notify you accordingly.


How well the waffle maker is constructed can tell you a lot about its inherent quality. It may also give you an idea of how durable it will be.

A unit made from stainless steel with impeccable build quality will last far longer than one made from plastic and suffers from poor craftsmanship. That is what we aim to assess in this section and give you better peace of mind about the waffle maker you’re about to purchase.

Our reviewers look through the overall build quality of the product. Then, we closely examine essential components of the waffle makers like the waffle plates and the control panel to check for flaws or design fails.

Design accounts for 20% of a waffle maker’s overall score.

Ease of Use

For us, a waffle maker must be a straightforward appliance that anyone can operate without first reading the user’s manual. The user experience should also be frustration-free. This assessment reflects that belief.

We look at and rate the overall user experience in the ease of use portion. We ask ourselves questions such as: “Is it easy to use?”, “How safe is it to operate?”, “Is it easy to clean?” — everything that you would ask yourself after getting a new waffle maker home and plugging it in.

Ease of use takes up 30% of the overall score.

How Our Recommendations Are Made

Recommendations are based upon the resulting scores of our testing procedures. We take into account the specialized strengths of a product, the situation it’s best suited for, or the personal circumstances it is likely to best match.

Why Trust Us

We purchase all the products of our own accord and for testing purposes only. We do not procure sponsorship or donations and have no stake in the reputation of the brands. 

Our testing procedures are data-driven, transparent, and collaboratively developed. We establish most testing procedures in house, but we consult with outside experts when necessary. Each test is rigorous and transparent; we detail the process, provide the data, and present evidence.

Since we are testing kitchen equipment, we have a team of professional cooks that help us evaluate the results of tests, including taste-testing where necessary

Best Belgian Waffle Makers in 2022

Now that you have all the necessary information about Belgian waffles and our methodology, let’s dive into the top list!

1. Cuisinart WAF-F20P1 Double Waffle Maker — Best to Buy in 2022

Cuisinart Double Waffle Maker (WAF-F20P1) Hands-on Review
Cuisinart WAF-F20P1 Self-Mixed Recipe Top
Cuisinart WAF-F20P1 Self-Mixed Recipe Bottom
Cuisinart WAF-F20P1 Self-Mixed Recipe Texture
Cuisinart WAF-F20P1 Birch Benders Mix Top
Cuisinart WAF-F20P1 Birch Benders Mix Bottom
Cuisinart WAF-F20P1 Birch Benders Mix Texture
Overall Score
  • Performance (50%)
  • Usability (30%)
  • Design (20%)

Things We Like

  • Beautiful, durable stainless steel design
  • Both sets of waffle plates heat evenly
  • Has audible alarm
  • Long power cord
  • Intuitive lid locking mechanism
  • Comes with a measuring cup

Things We Don’t Like

  • Mediocre performance with self-mixed recipe
  • Heavy and bulky
  • Certain parts are made of plastic
  • Lacks a POWER indicator light
  • Difficult to clean due to the lack of a drip tray

The WAF-F20P1 Double waffle maker is Cuisinart’s premium offering. So naturally, we expected a lot out of this model from the moment we brought it into the lab.

While the WAF-F20P1 fell short of a few things during testing, this waffle maker met most of our expectations. And more importantly, as of now, the Cuisinart WAF-F20P1 is the model with the highest cooking performance we’ve put to the test.

Its most notable feature is definitely the double-sided design, which allows the WAF-F20P1 to prepare two waffles simultaneously. This waffle maker is also flippable.

The cooking performance of the WAF-F20P1 is splendid. It is the first waffle maker to receive not just one, but two consecutive “Perfect” scores from our chef. The batch of waffles that the WAF-F20P1 made using the premixed Birch Benders batter was very close to perfection.

Unfortunately, the waffle maker didn’t do so well in the self-mixed recipe, only receiving a middling score. Even with a new and improved recipe in our test methodology v1.1.

Design is one of the strong points of the WAF-F20P1. The baking chamber is made from stainless steel, giving it a luxurious appearance. It has a silver-painted base that, at a glance, looks very much like brushed aluminum. But upon closer inspection, we found that the base is made from plastic. It was merely painted over and finished to resemble metal. While this results in a lighter design and reduces cost, plastic is far less hard-wearing than metal and somewhat affects the waffle maker’s durability.

The control panel is easy to use, consisting of a browning setting dial and a power switch. When the non-stick plates are nicely heated and ready for use, the indicator light will turn green, accompanied by a series of audible chimes. The audible indicator will keep you alert on busy mornings.

2. Hamilton Beach 26031 — Best Runner-up

Hamilton Beach Flip Belgian Waffle Maker 26031 Hands-on Review
Hamilton Beach 26031 Self-Made Recipe Top
Hamilton Beach 26031 Self-Made Recipe Bottom
Hamilton Beach 26031 Self-Made Recipe Texture
Hamilton Beach 26031 Birch Benders Mix Top
Hamilton Beach 26031 Birch Benders Mix Bottom
Hamilton Beach 26031 Birch Benders Mix Texture
Overall Score
  • Performance (50%)
  • Usability (30%)
  • Design (20%)

Things We Like

  • Flippable design
  • Decent performance
  • High-quality construction with a luxurious aesthetic
  • Removable and washable waffle plates
  • Very easy to clean

Things We Don’t Like

  • Barebones control panel
  • The spin-lock mechanism at the handle is finicky

Coming up in second place is the Hamilton Beach 26031. It’s second only to the WAF-F20P1 regarding overall cooking performance in our tests. However, being half the price of the WAF-F20P1 while offering virtually the same cooking performance, this waffle maker is an appealing alternative if you’re on a budget.

Unlike the Cuisinart WAF-F20P1, the Hamilton Beach 26031 has a single-sided layout. However, it retains the flippable design, which, according to Hamilton Beach, allows it to cook waffles more evenly than traditional non-flip models.

And, sure enough, the test results corroborate the company’s claim. We set up the browning control, pour the batter in, and then wait 5 minutes. The coloration of the resulting waffle wasn’t as great as we had hoped, as it looked dark and slightly burnt. Still, the waffle was mellow and fluffy on the inside.

Our chef also loved the taste, describing it as sweet and flavorful. Unfortunately, because the outer crust of the waffle was slightly charred, there was a slight bitterness to the waffle that affected its taste score.

This waffle maker scored high on design and ease of use. It has a stainless steel baking chamber, giving it a high-end look. The waffle plates are made from ceramic and, in the 26031 model, have a distinctive brick-like color. The waffle plates are fully removable and are dishwasher-safe. You can find the control panel at the top of the lid. It includes a browning control dial and a pair of indicator lights. It’s as straightforward to use as can be.

The lid opens and closes smoothly. Our reviewers found no trouble flipping the waffle maker back and forth. We found a minor issue with the lid lock mechanism. It prevented us from opening the lid even after the baking chamber flipped upright. Fortunately, it’s not a serious issue and can be easily fixed by jiggling the handle.

3. Bella Classic Rotating Belgian Waffle Maker (13991) — Best Value Belgian Waffle Maker

BELLA Classic Rotating Non-Stick Belgian Waffle Maker Hands-On Review
BELLA 13991 Classic Self-Mixed Recipe
BELLA 13991 Classic Self-Mixed Recipe 1
BELLA 13991 Classic Self-Mixed Recipe 2
BELLA 13991 Classic Birch Benders Mix
BELLA 13991 Classic Birch Benders Mix 1
BELLA 13991 Classic Birch Benders Mix 2
Overall Score
  • Performance (50%)
  • Usability (30%)
  • Design (20%)

Things We Like

  • Affordable
  • Did a good job in both of our performance tests
  • Overall design looks very premium
  • The non-stick coating functions well

Things We Don’t Like

  • Poor build quality
  • The lid is dangerously loose

The Bella Classic Rotating Belgian Waffle Maker (13991) is an excellent value pick on our list. Though it is significantly more affordable than either of the top two models, it offers nearly identical levels of cooking performance. You also get a few extra premium features like a flippable design and attractive stainless steel construction.

It passed two performance tests with flying colors. Across two recipes, it produced some decently good-looking (and good-tasting) waffles. While their quality isn’t on the same level as the Cuisinart WAF-F20P1’s, they will sate your appetite if you’re looking for a simple breakfast-making machine.

The cast-aluminum waffle plates are coated with a layer of PFOA-free non-stick. Even after dozens of tests, we've never had to peel a sticky waffle off the plates. There is a small moat running around the perimeter of the plates to catch spills, but it's too small to be of any use.

For a budget-friendly waffle maker, it looks surprisingly pleasant. The baking chamber is made from stainless steel and has a beautiful mirror-like finish.

But underneath the glittery exterior, our reviewers found the design of the Bella to be hugely lacking. The lid was attached to very loose hinges, making it unable to stand on its own. The moment the top lid was let go, it slammed shut. Because of this, while pouring in the batter, our testers always had to keep a hand on the lid. This isn't just an inconvenience but also a glaring safety issue.

The mirror-like outer shell is very prone to smudging and fingerprinting. Scratches also showed up quickly on the metal's surface. So, unless you're extremely careful with it, the waffle maker won't look as great as it was out of the box after a few months of use.

4. Crownful Mini Waffle Maker — Best Mini Belgian Waffle Maker

CROWNFUL 4-inch Mini Waffle Maker Review
CROWNFUL 4-inch Mini Self-Mixed Recip
CROWNFUL 4-inch Mini Self-Mixed Recip 1
CROWNFUL 4-inch Mini Self-Mixed Recip 2
CROWNFUL 4-inch Mini Birch Benders Mix
CROWNFUL 4-inch Mini Birch Benders Mix 1
CROWNFUL 4-inch Mini Birch Benders Mix 2
Overall Score
  • Performance (50%)
  • Usability (30%)
  • Design (20%)

Things We Like

  • Compact and lightweight form factor
  • Decent cleaning performance
  • Great build quality
  • Beautiful patterning on the lid

Things We Don’t Like

  • Lacks a control system
  • Safety rating is low

Bigger isn’t always better, which applies to mini waffle makers like the Cronwful. Its compact size and lightweight make it a good fit for travelers who want to have waffles on the go. And even at home, a small waffle maker that you can use and pack up in a cupboard can sound appealing to many people.

The Crownful is the best-performing Belgian-style mini waffle maker in our data set. Besides having a small form factor, in our performance tests, the waffle maker also did decently well.

Performance tests across two waffle recipes have shown that the Cronwful is a decent mini waffle maker for the price. The waffles it produced weren’t restaurant-quality by any means, but they were acceptable. If you only need a waffle maker for cooking small, 4-inch waffles on the go, it’s a perfect fit. And at home, when you need a good snack to chew on, the Cronwful will also be up to the task.

Size-wise, the Crownful lives up to its name of being a “mini waffle maker.” The entire waffle maker can fit in the palm of your hand. For travelers, it can be easily stored in a backpack without taking up too much space. And if you intend to use the Crownful just at home, rest assured that it won’t take up a lot of countertop space.

Overall build quality is great. The top of the lid is made from what seems to be high-quality plastic. Notably, it has a striking pattern of raised concentric circles imprinted on the top of the lid, giving it a luxurious appearance. Other parts of the waffle maker were solidly built, including the lid hinges that don’t wobble when the lid is lifted or closed.

Like many other mini waffle makers, the Crownful lacks a temperature control system, which greatly limits its versatility. Its safety score is also low due to its small size. The whole waffle maker becomes piping hot when the plates are heated up.

5. BLACK+DECKER WMD200B Waffle Maker — Best Budget Double Belgian Waffle Maker

Black and Decker WMD200B Double Waffle Maker Review
BLACK+DECKER Self-Made Recipe Color Top
BLACK+DECKER Self-Made Recipe Color Bottom
BLACK+DECKER Self-Made Recipe Texture
BLACK+DECKER Birch Benders Mix Top
BLACK+DECKER Birch Benders Mix Bottom
BLACK+DECKER Birch Benders Mix Texture
Overall Score
  • Performance (50%)
  • Usability (30%)
  • Design (20%)

Things We Like

  • Double-sided design is useful for making multiple servings
  • Performs decently on all performance tests
  • Solid build quality for the price
  • Great cleanability thanks to the included drip tray

Things We Don’t Like

  • Bulky and heavy
  • Tends to undercook the bottom of the waffle

Suppose you need to cook large batches of waffles regularly and are shopping on a limited budget. In that case, the BLACK+DECKER WMD200B Double waffle maker will be our top recommendation. It is fairly inexpensive compared to most double waffle makers, and its double-sided design can satisfy the super-users by cooking two waffles simultaneously.

Its cooking performance isn't quite as good as others on this list. Still, it can make several tasty servings of waffles when needed.

Our chef consistently rated this waffle maker's products favorably through two recipes. However, the WMD200B didn't do so well in other assessments. Texturally, the waffle's core was almost always slightly undercooked. Additionally, the waffle maker has a notable tendency to undercook the bottom of its waffle. The effect showed in the waffle's coloration and texture; the bottom was almost always a shade lighter and mushier than the top.

The waffle maker is built almost entirely from plastic, so it may not look as luxurious as models made from stainless steel. Nonetheless, we like the solid appearance of the WMD200B. Every component has impeccable build quality and functions well, from the lid-lock and the flipping mechanism to the non-stick waffle plates.

Regrettably, the WMD200B doesn't come with any control feature. There is no browning control dial. Since the cooking temperature is fixed, you must precisely time the cooking process to get the waffle you want.

Nearest Competitors

Besides the models above, there are a few others that you can check out. Though their scores weren’t as high as the earlier models, maybe you’ll turn out to like them!

  • Presto waffle maker: The Presto waffle maker is flippable. However, unlike others on this list, it doesn’t rotate on an axis. Rather, the user will flip the waffle maker 180° from one side to another. Besides the special design, the Presto also has a decent cooking performance. It’s not a bad alternative to the five models above!
  • Chefman waffle maker: The Chefman waffle maker is a noteworthy model in the entry-level segment. Other than having a pretty luxurious design and acceptable cleaning performance, the Chefman also comes with a nifty “anti-spill” system. It’ll make for a great purchase if you hate the clean-up after a cooking session.

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Belgian Waffle Maker

There are a number of things that you have to take into consideration before you pull the trigger on a brand new Belgian-style waffle maker.

Single-sided or Double-sided

You will find two kinds of waffle makers on the market: single-sided or double-sided.

The former is familiar for most people, with a single set of waffle plates. It cooks waffles one at a time as you feed the batter through the machine. This type of waffle maker is suitable for bachelors, small families, or anyone who doesn’t need to cook many waffles regularly.

On the other hand, double-sided waffle makers have two sets of waffle plates. And so they can cook two waffles simultaneously. This type is excellent for large families and people who need to cook many servings of waffles daily.

Flippable vs. Non-Flippable

Some waffle makers have baking chambers that can be flipped. The flipping motion can help the batter cook more evenly and expedites the cooking process. It does this by ensuring that the batter has even contact with both sides of the waffle plates. They are a bit pricier than regular, non-flippable waffle makers. But this feature is well worth the extra investment.

Speed and Size

Besides cooking waffles evenly, a good waffle maker must also do it fast. In our tests, most waffle makers have an average cooking time between 5 to 6 minutes. This sweet spot is where the waffle is less likely to burn or undercook.

The size of the waffle maker can be a factor that influences cooking speed. These appliances come in all sizes, from palm-size mini waffle makers to large waffle makers the size of a Roomba. Generally, larger waffle makers take more time to cook than smaller ones.


A good waffle maker should be easy to use. Ideally, you should be able to pop the waffle maker out of the box and know how to operate it right away without looking at the manual.

It should also be easy to maintain. Nobody wants to spend 15 minutes cleaning the waffle plates after cooking. Non-stick waffle plates can help with this problem. The non-stick layer ensures that sticky residues won't remain on the plates, sparing you the painstaking scrubbing.


Waffle makers typically cost anywhere between $20 to as much as $200. Besides the build quality and construction materials, manufacturers also base the price on the features offered and the cooking performance of each model. Pricier models will come with more features and have better performance.

But you don’t necessarily have to go all-out on a $200 waffle maker to get a good batch of waffles. The sweet spot is around $30. Most waffle makers in that range have good enough performance to serve a perfectly-cooked waffle.

Belgian Waffle Makers FAQs

Not exactly. The biggest difference is that Belgian-style waffles are thicker and have deeper wells. So, you will have to pour more batter into a Belgian waffle maker compared to an American-style model.

The extra thickness of Belgian waffles can prolong their cooking time and change the temperature and timing calculus. But overall, it shouldn’t be any harder to cook.

No. Despite having larger waffle plates, Belgian and American-style waffle makers cost about the same on the market.

Cooking time ranges from model to model. However, according to all of our performance tests, while Belgian waffle makers take longer, the difference is only a minute or so.


These five models are the best Belgian waffle makers our team has tested thus far. We will update this list as our database grows and new models come into our lab.

Currently, the Cuisinart WAF-F20P1 is the best to buy model with its high performance and premium design. It costs some pretty pennies, but our reviewers deem the value it offers to be worth the investment if you’re looking for the best the market has to offer.

Of course, you don’t necessarily need to get the WAF-F20P1 to get a tasty breakfast waffle. The other four models on the list can do a great job, too.

In the end, it comes down to your preferences and your budget. Consider all the options and take your pick!

All Waffle Makers We Tested