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La Reveuse vs Ninja Nutri Pro Compact (BN401) Personal Blender Side-by-Side Comparison

La Reveuse vs the Ninja Nutri Pro Compact (BN401) personal blender. The latter offers greater versatility in exchange for a higher price tag.

La Reveuse vs Ninja Nutri Pro Compact (BN401) Personal Blender


Price at publication
H13.7 x W4.9 inchesH14.2 x W6.4 inches
2.0 pounds5.4 pounds
Number of speeds
Pulse/Turbo option
Dishwasher-safe wand
An extra blending cup, two to-go lidsAn extra blending cup, two spout lids
Max noise
97 dB101 dB


Build Quality
Blending Cup
Overall Design Scoring

The La Reveuse is built for the price with a basic set of features. Its simplicity is a big draw, but the lack of upscale feel ultimately holds it back. To be blunt, the plastic housing feels cheap and does not give a sense of durability. We had hoped for a blender that was not only efficient but also visually appealing, but this one falls short in drawing attention to itself. There is a lot of room for improvement should this blender want to become competitive with its peers. Sharing the same kind of styling, the Oster or the Black+Decker looks more eye-catching and beautifully sportier.

The Ninja BN401 Ninja Pro looks sporty on our kitchen counter. Its appeal is a combination of elegant style and sturdiness. The quality of build materials is impressively high and there is a wealth of hi-tech features so the price seems justified. Some people may find the two Auto-iQ presets convenient, but we don’t think they make much of a difference.


Hands-Free Operation
Overall Usability Scoring

The design is very intuitive so finding how this blender works didn’t take us much time at all. There is only one speed option, but we found it was rather easy to get pulse mode by pressing and releasing the cup in short intervals. Hand washing the cup and the blade’s backsides was challenging particularly due to their styling, but if you have a cleaning brush available, you’ll get all things spackling again in no time.

Visually, much of this Ninja’s appeal comes from its Auto-iQ technology. To create a level playing field, however, we didn’t use this advanced feature in our scored tests. Instead, we employed the manual setting that is common to most personal blenders. But regardless of the setting, this blender is perfectly pleasant to use. It allows for entirely hands-free operation and its control buttons are very responsive.


Protein Shake
Frozen Fruit Smoothie
Fibrous Greens
Crushed Ice
Overall Performance Scoring

In our test, the 300-watt motor of this blender was just sufficient for smooth blends of frozen fruit smoothies and fibrous mixtures. It didn’t mix protein shake as evenly as the counterparts. It also fell short in crushing ice cubes, though this appears to be the case with most mid-powered personal blenders. If you want more capabilities than what the La Reveuse offers, there are the Ninja Fit, NutriBullet, and the Ninja BN401 Nutri.

The Ninja BN401 Nutri Pro doesn’t just look good. In our tests, it did a lot of things well, rarely compromising the way many single-serving blenders do. We made a quick protein shake from whole-food ingredients, a fibrous mixture with full nutrients, and a smoothie that couldn’t be silkier. But where our Ninja BN401 Nutri Pro really stood out was its ability to crush ice—you can fully pulverize 6 oz of whole ice cubes in only 14 seconds.

Overall Scores

Overall Scoring

Pros & Cons

  • Extra blending cup and twist-on travel lid make this blender perfect for those who are always on the go.
  • It boasts a consistent and dependable performance. 
  • The motor doesn’t struggle much to handle frozen fruits. 
  •  User-friendly design allows for easy control and operation.
  • This blender is an all-arounder that works without a fuss. 
  • Nearly all of its capability is outstanding—it’s very well equipped to crush ice and make smoothies. 
  • The 1000-watt motor provides heavy-duty blending performance. 
  • Smart preset programs are designed to deliver excellent consistency. 
  • There are solid design details throughout the blender.
  • The narrow design makes the blending cup tricky to clean. 
  • The blending cup's small opening makes it quite messy to add food, especially powders.
  • The motor base is roughly the same size as a standard full-sized blender. 
  • It’s relatively noisy.


The Ninja BN401 Nutri Pro isn't just any personal blender—it's among the top-tier, delivering heavy-duty blending performance with aplomb. While both blenders handle everyday ingredients, the stronger motor of the BN401 gives it an edge, especially with challenging ingredients like frozen fruits, raw nuts, dried fruits, and leafy greens. The blender prowess even extends to ice-crushing, a feat that the La Reveuse is simply incapable of.  

Furthemore, the Nutri Ninja BN401 comes with an array of features that places it ahead of standard blenders like the La Reveuse. It exudes a premium feel with top-grade materials, advanced technology, and robust blade design. 

To summarize, the Ninja BN401 Nutri Pro offers remarkable value for its price, making it entirely worth the extra investment over the La Reveuse. However, for those only in need of a straightforward blender for simpler tasks, the La Reveuse still fits the bill.

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