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Lasergrip GM400 Infrared Thermometer In-depth Review

It’s hard for us to recommend the Lasergrip GM400 to anyone for any use, considering its low measurement accuracy and unimpressive design.

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Tested Using Methodology v1.0
The Lasergrip GM400 Infrared Thermometer standing upright on its handle on a turn table against a blurry blue backdrop.

Overall Verdict

It is difficult for us to recommend the Lasergrip GM400 to anyone, for any use, with it having one of the poorest measurement accuracies in our database. In addition to its lackluster and cheap design and the absence of extra measurement modes and features, the price tag of the GM400 far exceeds its value.

We recommend looking at our list of top infrared thermometers, such as the Eventek or the Helect IR thermometer.

Things We Like

  • Passable measurement performance in the hot test with cooking oil
  • One of the lightest IR thermometers in our database

Things We Don’t Like

  • Poor measurement accuracy in the cold test with ice
  • Lackluster build quality
  • Dim laser emitter
  • Lack of extra measurement modes

While the Lasergrip GM400 is very well-reviewed, the manufacturer PAPOGO isn’t a known name like Klein Tools or Etekcity. As such, we didn’t have a lot of expectations for this model going in.

Unfortunately, it proved us right. In all three tests, the GM400 either failed or barely eeked out a passing score.

For more detailed testing results, see our detailed report below.

Key Specs

L4 x W1.57 x H6.3 inches
4.36 ounces
Display type
Backlit LCD panel
Measurement modes
Audio cues
Temperature range
-58°F - 752°F (-50°C - 400°C)

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Compared to Other Infrared Thermometers

Analysis and Test Results

5.3 Performance

In the cold test with ice, the Lasergrip GM400 has the worst score out of all the infrared thermometers in our test. Its total score is saved somewhat by having a passing score in the hot test with cooking oil. But overall, the Lasergrip GM400 is still considered to have failed the performance test.

6.1 Design

The Lasergrip GM400 infrared thermometer is one of the lightest IR thermometers in our database, weighing 4.3 ounces. The build quality is rated as "passable," but the plastic material feels flimsy, and the trigger lacks a satisfying click. The Lasergrip GM400 also got “Passable” ratings in all other aspects. It has a very dim laser emitter that’s hard to track under harsh lighting or white background. The display panel can accurately show data, but its brightness is still not the best we’ve seen.

4.3 Usability

The handling score of the Lasergrip GM400 is affected by the squishy trigger and the lack of texturing on the handle, which can make using the thermometer with wet hands a problem. The GM400 notably lacks additional measurement modes, and while the unit does come with a speaker, the sound volume is very small.

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