Viking Range Hood Review: Stainless Steel Model VWH36481SS Wall Hood

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Viking is a famous brand that produces all manner of kitchen appliances and cookware. But they are, of course, most famous for their stove ranges and range hoods. This wall-mounted hood is a true professional-grade machine that looks comfortable in major restaurants. If you’re shooting for a pro-level kitchen in your own home, though, it may make a nice addition.

Viking Range Hood Review: Main Features of the VWH36481SS

Viking Range Hood Review
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  • Handles high flow rates easily

  • Simple to clean

  • Heat sensor

  • Optional heat lamp

  • Dimmable halogen lights

  • Expensive

  • Doesn’t include the fan

  • May be overkill for most home kitchens

Before you dive into a purchase like this, there are some important factors to consider. Professional range hoods are not plug-and-play appliances. They require the proper gage of ductwork, and must be mated with an exhaust fan. Unlike most home hoods, the fan on these ones must be purchased separately.

Fan Compatibility

The VWH36481SS hood can comfortably handle anywhere from 300 to 1200 cubic feet per minute (CFM) of exhaust air. Viking makes interior, exterior, and in-line ventilator fans throughout this range of flow rates. Unfortunately, they insist that you must use their fans— other manufacturers’ fans will void the warranty.

It’s worth noting that the noise level will depend on where you place your fan. Exterior-mounted fans are further away, so naturally they will keep things quieter. The sound will always be noticeable, though.

Sleek and Simple Exterior

Stainless steel has become the modern standard for professional cooking appliances, and for good reason. Not only does it resist rust, but it’s very easy to clean.

Viking takes this a step further by ensuring the visible surfaces are sleek and seamless. Screws and other fasteners are hidden from view (and from errant grease splashes). It will lend an air of professionalism to any kitchen.


Range hoods always have at least some lighting included, but Viking has tried to go a step further. The bright halogen lights are dimmable, allowing you to set them at any level you wish. There’s also an outlet for a heating lamp, though the bulb is not included.

One brilliant added feature is the hood’s built-in heat sensor. This electronic sensor switches the fan to full power if it detects the temperature rising to uncomfortable levels. It gives you a little added peace of mind.


It will come as no surprise that Viking manufactures a wide range of associated accessories. Additions like a matching duct cover, backsplash, or warming rack can complete the look and functionality of your stove.

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Viking’s warranty is a bit complex. The exterior stainless steel portions are covered by a lifetime limited warranty. Ventilator motors get five years of limited coverage. They say the overall system has a three-year full warranty. However, that appears to exclude cosmetic details like glass, painted parts, and decorative items, which only get 90 days.

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