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SunrisePro Supreme Manual Knife Sharpener In-depth Review

We tested the SunrisePro knife sharpener for sharpening time, steel retention, and stability, among other criteria. Here’s our detailed review.

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A hand holding a knife blade to sharpen on the Sunrise Pro manual sharpener, which stays on a cutting board.

Overall Verdict

The SunrisePro pull-through sharpener is fast and effective — if you want a workable blade in under a minute, you can rely on this device. Its downsides include a limited number of surfaces it can stick to and the high rate of blade metal removal.

Its effectiveness and portability make it a good option for your mobile home or camping trips, but we wouldn’t use this sharpener on expensive knives.

Things We Like

  • Strong, sturdy build
  • Extremely quick sharpening
  • Great sharpness 
  • Affordable price
  • Strong suction base (while it works)

Things We Don’t Like

  • Suction base is surface-discriminatory
  • It can peel off a lot of metal

The SunrisePro pull-through sharpener was one of those we bought for testing without much hope for its performance. We weren’t so sure of how much it could do at such a small size. Plus, we’d had enough bad experiences with suction cups and were almost amused to see one on the base of a sharpener. 

We found out through repeated testing that the base design is indeed not a great idea. On the speed and sharpness fronts, however, the SunrisePro actually has the upper hand compared to many fancier-looking devices. While this sharpener didn’t end up in our final list, we agreed that it delivered more than its cheap price suggests.

Read on for the details of our experience with the sharpener.

Key Specs

Scissor sharpener
Tungsten carbide
Grit size
L2.3 x W2.3 x H2.6 inches

Where to Buy Price at publication $25,98

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Compared to Other Manual Knife Sharpeners

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Showing: 8/14 Items

Analysis and Test Results

7.5 Performance

The SunrisePro offers faster sharpening than most multi-stage devices. Unfortunately, it does so at the expense of the knife edge.

9.6 Sharpening Time to Cut a Lemon

Sharpening Time
1 minute 5 seconds
Cutting Feel
Swift and smooth

The SunrisePro was one of the quickest handheld sharpeners to bring a knife from dullness to a lemon-slicing level of sharpness. It took it only 65 seconds in our tests. 

In fact, merely a few swipes on the device were enough for the test knife to become serviceable. That’s 10 - 20 seconds max. Include the time to get this device out of the drawer and set it up, and your whole sharpening session would still take less than 3 minutes. If you’re in a hurry or simply detest spending time doing tedious work, the SunrisePro is no doubt one of your best bets.

8.0 Maximum Sharpness Achieved

Sharpening Time
6 minutes
Sharpness Level
8 (Chicken breast with skin, 1 swipe)

This device sharpens more quickly than most others, but its sharpness plateaued at the same point: the chicken breasts. The cut was not completely effortless; however, in an older version of the test, the knife repeatedly achieved this level with ease. Taking both into account, we gave the device full marks for Level 8.

6.0 Material Retention

SunrisePro Supreme Material Retention
SunrisePro Supreme Material Retention
SunrisePro Material Retention
Sharpening Time
1 minute

The SunrisePro will shave off steel from your blade and you will see lots of swarf on the device after a heavy sharpening session. That can be disheartening, especially if yours is an expensive knife. The blade aficionados in our team almost fainted at how it completely replaced the knife’s original edge after a few months of use.

However, be gentle, don’t apply too much force, and perhaps you’ll be able to reduce unnecessary loss or at least slow down the process.

5.0 Edge Smoothness

SunrisePro Supreme Edge Smoothness

With only tungsten blades, it’s no surprise that the SunrisePro doesn’t create the finest edge. The edge is narrow, rough, and toothy, with deep grooves and visible chips. All this suggests sub-par retention, meaning you’ll have to sharpen your knife more often with this device. But given that it takes a little more than a minute to get it sharp, that may not be such a problem. 

Also, some users suggest using a honing strop, which we think is a great idea. Of course, that’d increase the costs.

8.0 Design

As small as it is, the SunrisePro is strong, solid, and sturdy. We could tell it’s made with attention to detail and quality.

In the Box

SunrisePro Supreme In the Box
  • The SunrisePro sharpener

The SunrisePro comes by itself in a simple clamshell package. The instructions are printed on the package.


SunrisePro Dimensions
2.3" (5.8 cm)
2.3" (5.8 cm)
2.6" (6.6 cm)
2.3 oz (65 g)

At the size of a beef tomato, the SunrisePro would make a perfect on-the-go sharpener. That is if you can find a flat surface for it to stay on.

8.0 Build Quality

SunrisePro Supreme Build Quality

The SunrisePro is a well-built device, even though its affordable price may suggest otherwise. It has a dense, weighty body: the only thing left to be desired is probably the size. Its suction base is also thick and solid — definitely not the flimsy type we see on cheap household appliances. 

Not a decorative piece, but it has a nice fit and finish, and is easy on the eye.

8.0 Grip

SunrisePro Supreme Grip
ABS plastic

The Sunrise Pro doesn’t have a traditional grip. The locking arm, when pushed down, triggers the suction force at the base, which keeps the device in place while you sharpen your knives. The arm is well-built, though we imagine a bigger one would be more natural to use.

Working Section

SunrisePro Supreme Working Section
Levels of Sharpening
Metal blades
Pull through
Sharpening Angle
20 degrees

The Sunrise Pro has the most simple working section among all the devices we tested. It has only one sharpening slot consisting of two metal blades forming a V, attached to a V-shaped plastic supporter.


SunrisePro Supreme Base
Feet Type
Suction cup

We have mixed feelings about the base. It’s shockingly good when it works — the silicone absorbs some of the downward pressure from your sharpening, keeping the force steady while also suctioning hard onto the countertop, preventing shaking or slipping. However, it’s rather picky when it comes to the type of surfaces it sticks to.

Tip: If it’s a spotless surface and the suction cup is not working, spreading some water underneath it may sometimes help. We found through testing, however, that this tip can be a little hit or miss.

7.0 Ease of Use

The SunrisePro’s suction mechanism may take some time to get used to, and even then, it can from time to time be challenging to get it to work properly. You may also want to be mindful of the sharpening pressure or risk having your blade eaten away by the device.

10 Slot Arrangement

SunrisePro Supreme Slot Arrangement

The SunrisePro has only one sharpening section with two tungsten carbide blades. It’s placed on top of the device, with two plastic supporters right behind to stabilize it. There’s an arrow and the words ‘Draw this way’ engraved on the working section, so it’s almost impossible to get it wrong.

7.5 Insertion

SunrisePro Supreme Insertion

On other devices where the working section consists of slots, there are wider openings that guide your blade to the V shape blades down below. The SunrisePro’s protruding sharpening blades that look like a bird’s beak are not supported by those ‘guides’, so knife insertion is slightly more difficult. Our advice is to take your time to place your knife into the middle of the slot. Do not rush or you’ll cut into the plastic frame or risk damaging the delicate edge by knocking it against the tungsten blades.

6.0 Pulling Through

The amount of resistance depends on how much force you assert, but generally, you’ll have to apply quite a bit while sharpening with the SunrisePro. We tried sharpening using only the weight of the test chef’s knife and the movement was so effortless we didn’t feel the device was working.

On the other hand, use too much force and it’ll return almost a serrated edge. Also, the amount of metal you’d see left behind in the working section would be devastating.

6.5 Stability on a Clean Surface

The SunrisePro comes with a silicone suction cup serving as a base and a locking arm to secure it. It’s awesome while it works; on the right surface, the suction cup sticksto the extent that it feels like it’s an extension of the surface. 

The tricky part is that it requires a completely flat and smooth surface, such as a spotless glass or marble countertop. Also, the suction wears out after a few minutes. That can be frustrating if you’re binge sharpening your knives, but if you’re only randomly working on one, it’s not going to be a huge problem.

3.0 Stability on a Wet and Dirty Surface

The SunrisePro’s suction cup is useless on a countertop sprayed with oil and salt. We did give it a 5 because it can be held without wobbling — the cylinder shape and its short figure help. It being very small, however, means that you have to be extra careful not to misplace your knife and cut yourself while sharpening with it.

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