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SunrisePro Supreme 1-Stage vs. PriorityChef 2-Stage Sharpener Side-by-Side Comparison

The SunrisePro Supreme 1-stage and the PriorityChef 2-stage are both fast and effective, but one preserves the knife’s edge better.

SunrisePro Supreme 1-Stage vs. PriorityChef 2-Stage Sharpener


Price at publication
Scissor sharpener
Tungsten carbideDiamond
Grit size
CoarseCoarse, Fin
L2.3 x W2.3 x H2.6 inchesL7.9 x W2.4 x H2.6 inches


Build Quality
Overall Design Scoring

As small as it is, the SunrisePro is strong, solid, and sturdy. We could tell it’s made with attention to detail and quality.

There’s not much to write home about the Priority Chef’s construction and design. It’s simple and functional, and we love that it has a sturdy working section, a full, flat base, and low center of gravity. 

The biggest shortcoming seems to be the low-quality pad under the base. We’d also prefer something with more grip, though the existing one doesn’t ruin the experience.


Slot Arrangement
Pulling Through
Stability on a Clean Surface
Stability on a Wet and Dirty Surface
Overall Usability Scoring

The SunrisePro’s suction mechanism may take some time to get used to, and even then, it can from time to time be challenging to get it to work properly. You may also want to be mindful of the sharpening pressure or risk having your blade eaten away by the device.

With a straightforward design and slot arrangement, the learning curve is very mild with the Priority Chef. Its low center of gravity and wide, flat base offers good balance and stability. 

However, its narrow slot openings might be a bit challenging to work with. And the stainless steel grip may not be so ideal if your hands are sweaty or oily.


Sharpening Time to Cut a Lemon
Maximum Sharpness Achieved
Edge Smoothness
Material Retention
Overall Performance Scoring

The SunrisePro offers faster sharpening than most multi-stage devices. Unfortunately, it does so at the expense of the knife edge.

The Priority Chef sharpened blades quickly while creating a decent edge and shaving off very little material from our test knife. Our test knife came out as keen as when brand-new. The device is undoubtedly one of the top performers among the ones we’ve tested, and a very well-rounded one.

Overall Scores

Ease of Use
Overall Scoring

Pros & Cons

  • Strong, sturdy build
  • Extremely quick sharpening
  • Great sharpness 
  • Affordable price
  • Strong suction base (while it works)
  • Modest height, low center of gravity
  • Full, flat base
  • Gimmick-free design
  • Great edge retention
  • Suction base is surface-discriminatory
  • It can peel off a lot of metal
  • Cheap base pad
  • Small slot openings


Being the faster sharpener isn’t enough to help the SunrisePro Supreme compete with the PriorityChef. The latter is an all-rounder that offers a more efficient sharpening experience.

The SunrisePro has a strong, solid build, but its suction base keeps threatening to loosen its grip. The base of the PriorityChef isn’t exactly its selling point, but it’s much more tolerant of various kinds of surfaces; plus, with its substantial size, this sharpener is easier and safer to work with.

Both sharpeners are among the top in our sharpness and speed tests. With tungsten carbide blades for the abrasives, the SunrisePro was slightly faster. However, it peeled off a lot of steel, leaving the knife's edge thin but rough. The gentle grinding by the PriorityChef’s diamond-coated discs proved to be more sustainable for your delicate kitchen knives.

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