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Wamery 4-Stage Manual Knife Sharpener In-depth Review

Here’s our in- depth review of the Wamery 4-stage Sharpener after putting it through a series of tests in our lab.

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The Wamery 4-stage manual knife sharpener on cutting board with knife, carrots, carrot slices, tomatoes, chili peppers, guavas

Overall Verdict

The Wamery sharpener may not have the smartest design, nor will it restore your knife to factory sharpness. However, it’s fast to sharpen, easy to use, and is more gentle to the edge than most sharpeners.

If you’re looking for a quick fix for your kitchen knives, this sharpener may be worth considering.

Things We Like

  • Extra sharpening slot for scissors
  • Intuitive slot order
  • Wide base

Things We Don’t Like

  • Shabby build
  • Excessive height, high center of gravity

We didn’t have great expectations for the Wamery when we first laid eyes on it: A tall body and jammed sharpening slots are not good signs when it comes to handheld sharpeners.

Sure enough, it didn’t score well in the design department but it did impress us in the performance parameters.

Key Specs

Scissor sharpener
Diamond, tungsten carbide, ceramic
Grit size
Coarse, Medium, Fine
L9.1 x W2.3 x H3.3 inches

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Analysis and Test Results

8.1 Performance

The Wamery offered a decent performance. While it didn’t take the knife far beyond the serviceable level, we were impressed with how fast the sharpener brought it back to life from dead dullness. Its ability to preserve the blade material has also been matched by no other.

9.2 Sharpening Time to Cut a Lemon

Sharpening Time
1 minute 10 seconds
Cutting Feel
Light and smooth

For this test, we blunted a knife with sandpaper and ran it through the Wamery. It took 70 seconds for the knife to get to the sharpness level where it can halve a lemon in one go. This effectively places the Wamery among the top group of sharpeners in terms of speed.

However, the results had not always been so satisfactory. The Wamery took significantly longer (almost 10 minutes) in our previous attempts to restore the knife’s sharpness. We found that sharpening with the knife tip pointing slightly downward helped.

6.0 Maximum Sharpness Achieved

Sharpening Time
6 minutes
Sharpness Level
7 (ripe tomatoes, 1 swipe)

As fast as it was to bring the knife to the lemon-cutting level, it didn’t go very far after that. The knife only reached Sharpness Level 7 after 6 minutes of sharpening.

You may struggle a bit with precision cutting and thin slicing, but at this level, your knife’s good for most other food prep tasks.

7.3 Edge Smoothness

Close up view of the knife blade and edge after sharpening with the Wamery
There were few to no burrs on the edge.

When put under the examination of our magnifying lens, the knife’s edge looked straight. There are tiny shavings alongside and the grooves are noticeable but evenly distributed along the edge. This suggests that the honing stages did do their job, though not meticulously, to smoothen the edge.

9.0 Material Retention

Metal residue on the abrasive slots on the Wamery knife sharpener
Tiny bits of metal got captured by the sharpening slot.
Metal residue on the abrasive slots on the Wamery knife sharpener
A bowl containing metal sharpening residue next to the base of the Wamery sharpener
Sharpening Time
1 minute

The coarse stage does take its toll on the knife’s edge, but the metal swarf that we collected after sharpening was rather minimal.

Among the handheld sharpeners we put to the test, this is among the ones that yielded the smallest amount of metal residue.

6.8 Design: Finicky

The overall build is mediocre at best. It has a spacious grip and a wide base but its materials, fit, and finish are nothing to write home about.

In the Box

The Wamery knife and scissor sharpener lying on its side next to its package box
  • Wamery 4-slot pull through sharpener

The sharpener comes in a cardboard package with the instruction manual printed on the back. All additional information (return address & warranty policy) can be found on the official website.


The Wamery handheld sharpener with arrows and figures showing its dimensions
9.1" (23.1 cm)
2.3" (5.8 cm)
3.3" (8.4 cm)
8.9 oz (252 g)

6.6 Build Quality

The main working part of the Wamery manual sharpener
Frontal overview of the sharpener.

The build of the Wamery suggests everything but top-notch craftsmanship. The sharpener is bulky but hollow and rackety. Its abrasives are a hit or miss and seem to wear out more quickly than the other devices we’ve tested. While it does look cute, the sharpener isn’t meant or built to last.

Working Section

Up-close shot of the Wamery’s working section with 4 abrasive slots
Up-close shot of the working section.
Levels of Sharpening
Coarse, medium, fine
Tungsten carbide blades, diamond rods, ceramic rods
Sharpening Angle
Not mentioned

The Wamery’s working section features a slot for shears and scissors and three for kitchen knives. For knives, you start on the tungsten carbide blades, then proceed to the diamond coated rods and ceramic rods. Without a ‘prep’ slot, we’d expected the sharpener to be harsh on the knife edge; however, that wasn’t the case.

While Wamery claims that the sharpener was designed for a wide variety of knives, it failed to mention the slots’ exact angle. We tried to reach out to the brand but so far have received no response. Certain knives have unconventional sharpening angles, so putting all of them through the same slots doesn’t seem like a good idea.

7.5 Grip

A hand holding the Wamery 4-stage manual knife sharpener

The handle is spacious, which is a good thing with these sharpeners as you don’t want your gripping hand too close to where the blade goes. That being said, we think Wamery can cut back on the height while widening the base of the handle to improve balance.

The top part of the grip is covered in a soft, comfortable rubber padding, while the sides and underneath weren’t graced with the same material.


The Wamery knife and scissor sharpener lying on its side, its base and base pads in full view
Synthetic silicone
Feet Type
Slip-proof padding x 2

The Wamery has a wide base, which partly makes up for its excessive height to maintain its balance. The pads underneath are soft and thin, and look cheaply made, but they do well enough to prevent the sharpener from slipping across the countertop during sharpening.

7.7 Ease of Use

The Wamery sharpener scored fairly well in this section, in part due to its simple yet convenient design. The height makes it a little awkward to use at times but other than that, there’s no steep learning curve to master.

9.0 Slot Arrangement

The working section on the Wamery, with slot 1 for sharpening scissors and slots 2, 3, 4 for kitchen knives.
Frontal view of the sharpener with its slots.

The Wamery has four slots, marked with numbers from 1 to 4 embossed on its stainless steel casing. Slot 1 is reserved for shears and scissors, while the rest sharpens kitchen knives.  

The knife slots progress rightward with increasing grit fineness, so it’s natural to follow through with the intended order. Our only complaint is with the lack of adequate space between the slots.

8.0 Insertion

During the course of our experiment, there were times when the blade wouldn’t position itself properly in the slots. When you look at the size of the entire sharpener, Wamery has been rather economical with its abrasives slots. They were a little too shallow and narrow to accommodate the entire blade’s length comfortably.

To avoid mishaps, we had to take things slowly and re-calibrate our aim before drawing the knife through the slot. But other than that, we proceeded as normal without much to complain about.

6.0 Pulling Through

The working section of the Wamery with 3 slots for knives and 1 for sharpening kitchen shears

The sharpening rods were solid and secure. However, the knife glided through the slots, especially the tungsten bars, at times without the slightest hint of resistance. That, of course, means the abrasives haven’t got in adequate contact with the edge to sharpen it. 

A trick we learned after multiple failures is to sharpen with the tip of the knife pointing about 20 degrees downward. Then, a frictious brace can be felt as you pull the knife through. This doesn’t work 100% of the time, but it helped enough to sharpen the knife within a reasonable time frame.

Note that the knife will cut into the plastic frame on both sides when applying this trick, but that’s better than the abrasives not working.

7.5 Stability on Clean Surface

2 hands holding and sharpening a kitchen knife with the Wamery sharpener on a countertop

Sharpeners with an elevated design are prone to rocking back and forth, even with reinforced pressure on the handle. However, the Wamery’s underside spreads over a wide surface area, which allows it to stand this test despite its rather flimsy anti-slip pads.

7.0 Stability on a Wet and Dirty Surface

2 hands holding and sharpening a kitchen knife with the Wamery on a salt-sprinkled countertop
Testing the sharpener on a messy kitchen surface.

When placed on the slippery countertop, the sharpener managed to hold itself quite well. However, be advised that there was only so much that the slip-proof pads could do. Every once in a while, the sharpener inched back and forth, albeit that was something to be expected.

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