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Jack Lalanne Fusion Juicer Review: The 100th Anniversary Juicer

This Jack Lalanne fusion juicer review offers an analysis of the features of the famous 800-watt 100th Anniversary Fast Juicer.

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While Jack Lalanne was the father of fitness, it can also be said that Jack Lalanne juicers set the standards for many of the centrifugal juicers we see today.

This review looks at the famous Jack Lalanne 100th Anniversary Juicer and its prominent features as a centrifuge. We will see whom it was designed for, and if it’s an item worth taking home.

Jack Lalanne Fusion Juicer Review: The Defining Features of the Fusion 100th

  • Affordable
  • Surgical quality blade
  • Two power modes
  • Anti-drip spout
  • Smart juice collector
  • Dishwasher-safe removable parts
  • Loud when in operation


The Jack Lalanne is powered by an 800-watt motor. This wattage is sufficient to handle tough, fibrous materials such as celery and roots. It definitely doesn’t belong to the stronger spectrum of motors, on par with the 1100W Mueller or the 1200W Breville BJE830BSS1BUS1. That being said, there have been juicers with lessor motors that performed with excellence, such as the 700-Watt Breville BJE200XL.

The machine comes with two power modes to maximize the juice yield of produce with different textures. The stronger mode is for tough produce, and the other is for softer, more juicy materials.


Of course, the motor isn’t everything, because the blade plays an equally important role in the efficiency of a centrifugal juicer. This Jack Lalanne comes with a surgical-quality stainless steel blade that allows it to cut through the toughest of materials. With lots of small “teeth”, the blade stays sharp for a long time, provided that you clean it up in warm soapy water right after every use.

The metal mesh attached to it is fair and fine. This means you can have pulp-free juice, but it also gets clogged very easily if you’re juicing some particularly pulpy or fibrous fruits or vegetables. It’s also extremely difficult to clean once the pulp has dried and stuck hard to it, so again, it’s important to wash it immediately after use.


With a long history of producing health and fitness equipment, Jack Lalanne certainly knows what their customers need on a juicer.

For safety, the Fusion 100th has a stainless steel bar that secures all the parts together. The juicer won’t start until everything is locked in the right place.

The spout, meanwhile, is adjustable. It can point downward and run into the pitcher to prevent splashing of the juice while the machine is on operation. Once you’re done juicing, you can turn it up to prevent dripping. It’s a simple feature, but is lacking on many other juicers.

A juice pitcher and a large pulp collector are included in the package. The pitcher is rather small, but it has its own smart lid that can cover the spout, which means less cleanup work for you.

The juicer is very easy to assemble and disassemble. All the removable parts are dishwasher-safe, though we highly recommend hand-washing them to maximize their lifespan.

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