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GE RPWFE Water Filter Review: GE Refrigerator Water Filter

Check out our RPWFE Water Filter Review to see how your GE refrigerator’s dispenser can serve only clear ice and safe drinking water.

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Almost all of the water that is piped into our homes contains chlorine which adversely affects the taste and smell. A fridge water filter will remove the bulk of the chlorine from the water piped through your fridge so that your chilled water and ice will taste as clean and fresh as nature intended. Filtered water tastes better, and is healthier and safer, hence the importance of a fridge water filter system.

GE RPWFE Water Filter Review: Best Features

  • Easy to install
  • Replacement reminder
  • Removes a wide variety of pharmaceuticals and chemicals
  • Certified to meet NSF 42 and 53 standards
  • Relatively pricey
  • Can’t use a generic filter
  • Compatible only with the GE french door refrigerator

Clean, Decontaminated Water That Tastes Great

The RPWFE water filtration system is designed for use with most GE French door refrigerators that have plumbed-in water supplies. This is one of GE’s most advanced filtration systems. It is an in-door refrigerator filter that ensures that all of the water and the ice that the refrigerator dispenses is always clean and tastes great. It does this by filtering out contaminants such as pharmaceuticals, pesticides, herbicides, chlorine, and other chemicals.

The filter operates through a fine mesh and activated carbon chamber. Independent laboratory tests have shown that the RPWFE water filter effectively reduces the amount of lead in water. It also removes up to five pharmaceuticals, including BPA, ibuprofen and progesterone, and fifteen additional pollutants from the water. It’s certified to meet NSF Standard 42 and Standard 53 requirements.

Easy Replacement

For clean, great-tasting water throughout the year, you should change the filter every 300 gallons, or after six months, whichever comes first.

If you don’t replace the filter regularly, the water will slowly become more and more contaminated. The contaminants in the filter will accumulate, and some of them could eventually leak right back into the water that you drink.

The RPWFE water filter will start to count down when it is time to replace your water filter so that you’ll get a fair warning when it’s time to buy another. The filter is easy to replace. It is not necessary to switch off the water before replacement, and no tools are required. It’s a simple remove-and-replace operation.

Many customers have a single complaint about the RPWFE filters, and that is the filters have been fitted with an RFID chip, which is General Electric’s way of preventing you from using a cheaper generic filter. No generic filter will work in the system as they do not contain the required RFID information.

GE water filters are not cheap, but once you have invested in one, you no longer have to invest in bottled water. You’ll always have a healthy source of chilled drinking water close to hand.

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