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Kohler Kitchen Faucet Review: Simplice High-Arc Pull-Down Faucet

Our Kohler kitchen faucet review singles out an affordable, stylish faucet with useful features that should make your kitchen routine easier.

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Kohler has been one of the top bath and fixture companies for many years, and along the way, it has developed and patented many plumbing innovations. The Kohler Simplice K-596 pull-down kitchen faucet possesses many of the brand’s exclusive features.

The kitchen faucet sports an elegant high-arc spout, a tarnishing-resistant finish, and a boost water mode that should help make your kitchen routine much less trying.

Kohler Kitchen Faucet Review: Main Features

  • KOHLER anti-corrosion finish
  • Durable ceramic valve
  • Magnetic docking
  • Three spray modes
  • High-arc gooseneck spout
  • Tall neck takes up room

Gooseneck Spout with 360° Rotation

The high-arc gooseneck spout is 16.6 inches tall, leaving plenty of room for tall reservoirs. The detachable head and its extended hose make cleaning and pot filling more efficient. The spout can swivel a full 360-degree, which comes in handy when you have to multitask.

The Simplice faucets come in three modern finishes: stainless steel, chrome, and matte black. All are coated with KOHLER finish, having high corrosion and tarnishing resistance.

Pull-Down Spray Head

The spray head, as mentioned earlier, is detachable, and it can retract itself upon release thanks to a counterweight installed under the sink.

When not used, the head rested at a dock with magnetic lining. And when the head is released during use, the magnetic lining guides and secures the docking when the spray head auto-retracts.

The impressively long hose is 68 inches in length, reaching way beyond the perimeter of the sink. You should able to reach the sink corners and even places far away from the sink with the spray head. The head is also connected to the hose by a ball joint that allows it to move freely.

The sprayer has rubber nozzles that trap sediment. Any lime buildup can be quickly cleaned out by rubbing the nozzles.

Multiple Spray Function

It boasts three spray functions, and you can switch between them using the mode button on the spray head. It’s designed so to let you control all operation of the spray head with one hand, leaving the other free for other actions.

The spray functions include stream, boost, and sweep spray. The sweep spray is engineered to rinse off food remain easily. The boost mode has an increased flow rate, about 30% more compared to the normal stream mode, that shortens the time taken for pot filling. During the water modes, you can use the pause button to temporarily stop the flow.

Durable Ceramic Disc Cartridge

The one handle of the faucet stems from a KOHLER ceramic disc— the brand’s own valve technology that is made to industrial standards and promises a lifetime of leak-free operation.

Easy Installation

Installation is pretty standard. The faucet itself needs only one hole for installation. There’s a deck plate, as well, in case you have two extra holes from the previous faucet to cover up.

Just remember to use plumber’s putty.

The Simplice is under a lifetime limited warranty.


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