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Broan Allure Range Hood Review: The QS130SS 30-Inch Under-Cabinet Vent

Not everyone needs a huge, expensive fan over their stovetop. If this sounds like you, check out our Broan Allure Range Hood review.

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Everyone’s requirements are different when remodeling their kitchen. Many under-cabinet vent hoods are available with many different attributes. If you’re searching for one that can run quietly and cost very little, our Broan Allure range hood review may help you decide.

Keep in mind that this item is very much a budget offering, and it covers the minimum requirements of a range hood. It’s clear Broan has done everything they can to keep the price low while maintaining reliable performance.

Broan Allure Range Hood Review: The Highlights

  • Inexpensive
  • Adjustable duct connector
  • Quiet on low speed
  • Sleek looking
  • Low airflow even on high setting
  • Hot lighting
  • Carbon filters not included

The main purpose of a range hood is to rid your kitchen of smoke and particulates that stovetop cooking releases. They generally also provide you with their own lighting. How does this Broan offering stack up? Let’s see:

Two-Speed Fan

Broan boasts that its two-speed fan is extremely quiet. In truth, that’s mostly just true of the low setting. The higher speed produces sound levels similar to any other cheap hood. Plus, most modern range hoods have three settings, so this one comes up a bit short in comparison.

The sales page lists a Home Ventilation Institute (HVI) certification. We have been unable to confirm this, however, since we can’t find the QS130SS serial number on the HVI website. The fan’s max draw of 220 cubic feet per minute (CFM) seems low for its 30-inch span, so we question whether the HVI would endorse it. Long story short— this hood may struggle with particularly smoky cooking.

Stainless and Galvanized Steel

Like many range hoods today, the exterior of Broan’s Allure is stainless steel. Its brushed surface finish is attractive and easy to clean. Interior parts that are not visible are made of galvanized steel. This is likely to reduce costs and shouldn’t be a big problem since galvanized steel also resists rust.

The Allure is one of the many range hoods that can be installed with or without exterior venting. A non-vented hood must use carbon filters to remove smoke and grease particles from the air, and they’re easy to install and replace. This Broan hood doesn’t come with the filters.

The mesh filter covers aren’t the best on the market, but they do the job. They’re aluminum but dishwasher-safe with low heat cycles. It’s general advice to wash these manually.

Two connection adapters, one for circular (7 inches) and one for rectangular duct, come with the hood. The rectangular outlet adapter acts as a backdraft damper, while the other does not— a circular adapter/damper is sold separately.

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Lighting and Switch Panel

The switch panel on Broan’s Allure is simple and attractive. Rocker switches allow for “low,” “high,” and “off” in both the fan and lamp operations.

The hood is designed for two small halogen lamp bulbs, but they are not included in the purchase price. Some users report that they get a bit too hot, so use them with care.

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