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Elite Gourmet Electric Skillet EG-6203 In-depth Review

The Elite Gourmet Non-Stick Electric Skillet EG-6203#, both wide and deep, is a whopper and we couldn’t wait to see what it could do. Especially, we were intrigued with the raised honeycomb pan. Read more and you may just be in for a surprise!

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Tested Using Methodology v1.0
Elite Gourmet Electric Skillet EG-6203 is cooking up a chicken hot pot with different vegetables and pieces of chicken.

Overall Verdict

The Elite Gourmet Non-Stick Electric Skillet EG-6203# measures 16 inches across and holds up to 10.5 quarts. It’s the largest and deepest pan in our line-up capable of frying up chicken for 6 to 8 people.

We found the marble-coated raised honeycomb pan aesthetic, functional, and easy to clean. Pancakes cooked perfectly, while steaks were extra tender and juicy with a light crusting. Considering this, and the fastest preheating times of any large skillet, we let pass the somewhat uneven heat distribution.

The trigger release on the thermostat was also much appreciated. For a large skillet, the base is neither detachable nor foldable, but at only $58.70 (at the time of writing), we couldn’t ask for more.

Things We Like

  • Raised honeycomb pan
  • Large capacity
  • Fast heating speed
  • Stable temperatures
  • Marble coating
  • High build quality

Things We Don’t Like

  • Heat distribution

Elite Gourmet, by Maxi-Matic, is a US-based Chinese brand of more than 37 years standing. They manufacture a wide range of small kitchen appliances including toaster ovens, blenders, waffle makers, food dehydrators, deep fryers, steamers, and more.

Being unfamiliar with the marble-coated, raised honeycomb design of the Elite Gourmet Non-Stick Electric Skillet EG-6203#, we were doubly excited to get into the kitchen. During our ‘meet and greet’ we didn’t know what to expect. However, fast-boiling water piqued our interest and fried eggs cleaned off the pan in no time. Join us and see what more this skillet has in store for you!

Key Specs

L20.55 x W13.27 x H8.27 inches
Cooking Capacity
11.1 quarts
Cast aluminum

Where to Buy Price at publication $58.70

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Analysis and Test Results

8.9 Performance

The Elite Gourmet Non-Stick Electric Skillet EG-6203# was one of the best skillets for making pancakes and searing steaks, plus the heating speed was exceptional. Despite this, the somewhat uneven heat distribution analysis dragged down its performance score.

7.3 Analyzing Heat Distribution

5 temperature points on the surface of the Elite Gourmet Non-Stick Electric Skillet EG-6203 are 330°F, 377°F, 385°F, 349°F, and 293°F.
High heat / 400°F
Temperature Differences

To detect the temperature differences across the skillet’s surface, we placed some oil absorbent sheets saturated with sugar water inside. We then heated the pan to 400°F and used an infrared thermometer to check 5 key temperature points.

Since this is the largest and deepest pan we’ve tested, we weren’t surprised by the wide temperature differences. However, the skillet’s thicker than average pan and broad M-shaped element seemed to largely mitigate these differences while cooking.

Between five points from the center of the pan to the edges, we noted a 13.3% difference in average temperatures compared to a typical 10%. This number equated to an acceptable score of 7.3/10.

9.1 Making Pancakes

The top side of a golden brown pancake inside an air fryer basket. In the corner is the Elite Gourmet Non-Stick Electric Skillet EG-6203.
The top side of a golden brown pancake inside an air fryer basket. In the corner is the Elite Gourmet Non-Stick Electric Skillet EG-6203.
The bottom side of a golden brown pancake inside an air fryer basket. In the corner is the Elite Gourmet Non-Stick Electric Skillet EG-6203.
Two hands breaking a pancake apart. In the background is the Elite Gourmet Non-Stick Electric Skillet EG-6203.
Heating Time
 2 min 16 sec
Medium heat / 350°F

The Elite Gourmet took 2 min 16 sec to preheat to 350°F. This was surprisingly fast for a large skillet and comparable to even a medium-sized one (9.7/10). With the skillet ready, we poured 3.17 oz of batter from our original pancake mix into the skillet.

To our surprise, the unevenness in heat distribution did not detract from quality, awesome pancakes. Not only that, they cooked in a flash taking 1 min 10 sec on the first side and 1 min 30 sec on the flip side. 

The results were golden brown pancakes with a lovely honeycomb pattern, fluffy and steamy on the inside—a sure hit with children.

We attributed the faster heating times to the larger surface area covered by the M-shaped elements compared to skillets with simple rectangular ones. The high power draw, commonly seen in large skillets, definitely helped as well.

This 16-inch pan can do 3 to 4 pancakes at a time, and you may need to adjust the cooking time as per your recipe. We didn’t need to grease the pan, but a little butter or oil can prolong the life of the coating.

9.4 Cooking Steaks

A piece of golden brown steak inside the Elite Gourmet Non-Stick Electric Skillet EG-6203. In front of the skillet is a digital timer and a meat thermometer with its probe inserted into the steak.
A piece of golden brown steak inside the Elite Gourmet Non-Stick Electric Skillet EG-6203. In front of the skillet is a digital timer and a meat thermometer with its probe inserted into the steak.
On the cutting board, a tong is holding the steak while a knife is slicing the steak.
A hand in black glove using a fork to pick up a slice of steak
Heating Time
3 min 5 sec
High heat / 400°F

We preheated the Elite Gourmet to 400°F to ensure a perfect crusting for our 8 oz, 1.38-inch top blade steak. This took only 3 min 5 sec—a whole two minutes faster on average for a large skillet thus achieving an astounding 8.9/10, similar to a medium-sized skillet.

We seared both sides for 4 min each. Unlike other skillets, the flipside cooked in equal time because of how fast the temperature stabilized.

Interestingly, the power cycled off at around 8 min just as we were just about to move onto the edges. The fat cap took 1 min 30 sec to sear and the other edges 1 min each. Finally, we added rosemary and butter and seared each side for an additional 1 min.

Our meat probes read an internal temperature of 140°F and this rose to 145°F after a standard 3 minutes of resting. It took just under 16 minutes to achieve a spot-on medium-rare steak, earning the skillet a near perfect rating of 9.5/10 from our chef.

Though not sizzling hot, the skillet maintained an exceptionally steady heat. Therefore, although the crust wasn’t as thick and crispy as the Hamilton Beach, the meat was juicier and more tender.

8.8 Design

The entire build of the Elite Gourmet Non-Stick Electric Skillet EG-6203# is extremely sturdy. All the design features are of a high quality, especially the raised honeycomb pan with its marble coating and impressive capacity.

In the Box

On the upper right is the  Elite Gourmet Electric Skillet EG-6203. On the left is its cardboard box. Below the skillet, on the right is a thermostat and on the left is an instruction manual.
  • One electric skillet
  • One pan lid
  • One thermostat
  • One instruction manual
  • Warranty: US 1-year

Inside the Elite Gourmet box is one electric skillet, one pan lid, one thermostat, all secured in a large styrofoam pad. The instruction manual includes safeguards, a list of parts and features, instructions for first use and general operation, cleaning and maintenance, as well as care and storing. It also has instructions on cooking time and temperature as well as some recipes to go along with the skillet.


Elite Gourmet Electric Skillet EG 6203 Dimensions
20.6" (52.2 cm)
13.3" (33.7 cm)
8.3" (21.0 cm)
8.4 lbs (3.8 kg)

The manufacturer didn’t provide dimensions for the entire skillet including the handles, so you can refer to our hand-measured ones. However, the pan’s dimensions matched well with our own.

10 Pan

The pan of the Elite Gourmet Non-Stick Electric Skillet EG-6203 is 15.94 inches in length, 12.79 inches in width, and 3.15 inches in depth.
Cooking Capacity
11.1 quarts
L15.94 x W12.79 x H3.15 inches
Cast aluminum

The Elite Gourmet skillet has a thick 0.16-inch (4 mm) cast aluminum pan which is more durable than just a non-cast pan (+4). This extra thickness means the pan is unlikely to deform under high heat and should maintain steadier temperatures.

The skillet has a noticeably raised pan with a striking honeycomb pattern. We measured the cooking capacity to be around 11.1 quarts but the usable volume should be 10.5 quart as the label states.

The pan has a spout for pouring liquid as well as fixed handles and base (+1). Nonetheless, the entire unit is dishwasher-safe (+3).

The marble coating (aka granite) is made up of resin which is much more durable than Teflon. It also poses less of a health concern, and marble is less likely to chip than a ceramic coating (+2). This non-stick skillet meets the strict non-toxic criteria of California’s Proposition 65.

10 Lid

The tempered glass lid of the Elite Gourmet Non-Stick Electric Skillet EG-6203 has a steam vent.
Tempered glass
Thermosetting plastic
Steam Vent

The tempered glass lid is dishwasher-safe and features a thermosetting plastic knob handle (+3). In addition, its steam vent effectively alleviates pressure during cooking (+3). Finally, the precisely crafted metal edging seamlessly fits the pan, ensuring a snug and secure fit (+3).

7.0 Base

Elite Gourmet Electric Skillet EG 6203 Base
Anti-Slip Pads

You will notice that the metal base has four large stands with anti-slip pads at the bottom. These make sure that such a large and heavy pan remains sturdy (+4). The pan is not detachable so make sure your dishwasher is big enough to fit the entire skillet (+3).

8.0 Thermostat

The thermostat of the Elite Gourmet Non-Stick Electric Skillet EG-6203 has 6 settings including Warm-200–250-300-350-400°F.
Temperature Range
Indicator Light

The detachable thermostat has a working indicator light (+4). Its temperature range is standard, meaning from 200 to 400°F (+1). There isn’t a Keep Warm setting as such, but it maintained around 150°F by dialing shy of 200°F .

In addition to a seamless fit, the thermostat has a rare release trigger making it all the more easier to remove (+3). Nonetheless, like most other thermostats, you shouldn’t put it in the dishwasher.

Power Cord

The flat two-prong power cord of the Elite Gourmet Non-Stick Electric Skillet EG-6203 is 31.1 inches long.
36.8" (93.5 cm)
1500 W
Rated Output
120 V ~ 60 Hz

The power cord features a flat design and measures 36.81 inches in length, which is more than enough for any location even off the kitchen counter. It uses a two-prong plug, which is generally perceived as less safe than a grounded three-prong plug.

9.0 Usability

The Elite Gourmet Non-Stick Electric Skillet EG-6203# is super easy to use thanks to its thermostat having a trigger release. The non-stick pan was the easiest to clean out of all of our tested skillets. However, it could use a detachable and foldable base like the Presto 06857 for easier storage.

9.0 Ease of Use

The pan and lid of the Elite Gourmet Non-Stick Electric Skillet EG-6203.

We found the thermostat fitted nicely and perfectly easy to remove (+2). The temperatures were precise and the indicator light clearly visible (+2).

Additionally, the skillet's exterior remained at a safe temperature throughout the cooking process, minimizing the risk of accidental burning (+2). Moreover, the anti-slip pads on the base provided excellent stability, even when we tried bashing the pan around (+3).

9.0 Cleaning and Storing

Burnt caramel on the surface of the Elite Gourmet Non-Stick Electric Skillet EG-6203.

During testing, this Elite Gourmet turned out the easiest skillet to clean and even burnt caramel just slid right off (+2).

All it needed was a quick hand-wash with warm water and some dishwashing liquid (+2). The skillet can just go in the dishwasher, but it would be better to check the dimensions first (+2).

Although the skillet fits back in its box just fine, with its large size, it may be better to leave it out on the kitchen counter.(+3).

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