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Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender In-depth Review

A hat tip to Vitamix for offering a more affordable blending solution that doesn't skimp on heavy-duty performance and longevity. We're definitely grateful for the Vitamix E310's existence.

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The Vitamix E310 Explorian blender on a countertop with a green smoothie inside, flanked by apples and carrots, against a backdrop of assorted blenders on shelves.

Overall Verdict

The Vitamix E310 stands as an excellent long-term investment that consistently delivers quick and high-quality results. Within the more wallet-friendly range of Vitamix's lineup, this blender doesn't cut corners on power or versatility when compared to its pricier brand mates.

From what our testing revealed, it truly showcased the blender's unparalleled performance. Green smoothies, frozen treats, protein shakes, and almond butter were all prepared with extraordinary speed and remarkable smoothness. Our blender even turned a full 12 oz load of ice into a fluffy snow-like texture within mere seconds! No matter the challenge it faced, it indeed raised the bar, creating a high benchmark that is tough to beat. And without it, the true potential of blenders might have remained hidden.

Equally impressive are its design and durability, both underscored by a practical, visually pleasing and a generous 5-year warranty, covering all aspects including two-way shipping.

Things We Like

  • High-quality components ensure longevity and reliable performance.
  • The meticulously designed container coupled with sturdy stainless steel blades promises smooth and consistent blending outcomes.
  • The inclusion of a generous 7-year warranty, which surpasses the standard warranty length for blenders.
  • Designed to safely blend hot ingredients directly in the container
  • Rapid and potent acceleration for efficient blending every time.

Things We Don’t Like

  • The container’s lack of a locking mechanism onto the base impairs stability during use.

Launched in 2017, the Vitamix E310 is part of the Explorian series—a range designed to deliver the premium blending experience of high-end Vitamix models, yet at a more affordable entry-point. At the time of writing, the E310 presents an aesthetic versatility with its availability in three distinctive colors: Black, Red, and Slate. Regardless of the color you chose, the blender's performance and features remain consistent. However, the Black and Slate versions will carry a slightly higher price tag, costing approximately $13 more.

For our upcoming test, we’ve interested in the Black variant, which we acquired for a little over $300. Drawing parallels with the Vitamix 5200 we've experienced with, this E310 brings a similar sense of a premium yet classically appealing blender. Take a look at our ratings to see what we think of its performance, range, tech and more.

Key Specs

H17.4 x L7.7 x W8.9 inches
9.1 lbs (4.1 kg)
48 oz
Motor Power
1500 wattages
Various Speed Settings
Pulse Mode

Where to Buy Price at publication $322.58

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Compared to Other Full-Size Blenders

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Analysis and Test Results

9.8 Performance

Through comprehensive testing, the Vitamix E310 consistently distinguished itself among other contenders across a wide range of tasks. Whether it's creating silky smoothies, crushing ice to perfection, or handling tough ingredients like kale, nuts, and dried berries, this blender proved itself to be an exceptional workhorse.

Our evaluation also highlighted the importance of the included tamper in achieving consistent blends, particularly when working with thicker mixtures or chunky ingredients.

10 Smoothie

Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender Green Smoothie Video
The Vitamix E310 motor base and its container stand on a table, accompanied by a glass filled with a green smoothie. Next to it are two distinct smoothie samples spread on white paper while a smartphone showcases the blending time of 1 minute.
A white paper displays two smoothie samples, showcasing the consistency of a Vitamix smoothie blended for 30 seconds and another blended for a full minute.
Blending Time
1 min
Silky Smooth

For this test, we gave the E310 a hearty blend of kale, apple, banana, pineapple, and plant milk. With its cleverly designed container and sturdy aircraft-grade stainless steel blades, the blender conjured up a perfect vortex. Like a culinary cyclone, it pulled down all ingredients and tore through them at the same time without even the slightest hiccup.

In only a minute, the blender produced an impeccable smoothie, turning even the tough kale into a velvety texture. We noticed there was not even a single trace of unblended bits left behind. More impressively, this Vitamix could maintain this efficiency consistently across repeated trials. 

Actually, our expectations were surpassed within the first 30 seconds of blending. While it wasn't the flawless texture we anticipated, the kale had been reduced to minuscule granules, akin to grains of sand. Meanwhile, all the fruits were completely liquified, resulting in a blend with no trace of graininess. Unless you have a discerning palate, this result might be more than enough to captivate your senses. 

Such a speed and quality of blending posed a formidable challenge even to longstanding rivals like NutriBullet and Ninja blenders, let alone their lower-tier counterparts!

9.8 Frozen Fruit Smoothie

Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender Frozen Smoothie Video
The Vitamix E310 motor base stands beside the container, which holds a portion of the smoothie it produced. Next to it, a glass bowl contains the remaining smoothie while a smartphone displays a blending time of 1 minute and 20 seconds.
A sample of frozen fruit smoothie created with a Vitamix E310 blender spread on a white paper.
Blending Time
1 min 20 seconds
Silky Smooth

In this test, the Vitamix E310 amazed us with its ability to pulverize frozen fruits into a buttery smoothness in less than a minute— a feat not easily matched by many in the blender arena. That said, the fusion of milk with the fruit puree somehow fell short of perfection. Even with our diligent use of the tamper, continuously pushing down the milk into the fruity mixture, a delicate white layer still persists, stubbornly floating atop the rest of the blend. 

Nonetheless, our experiments have revealed that this is a common issue among most Vitamix blenders when tasked with frozen fruit smoothies. The solution is completely within reach. A brief pause to manually stir the mixture, followed by a 10 seconds of resumed blending, will grant you the pleasure of a flawlessly blended concoction. A negligible amount of raspberry skin and seeds might be left, but they would only have an inconsequential impact on the overall quality of the drink.

Another conclusion drawn from this test is the crucial role of a tamper. It should be considered as more than just an accessory— it's a central component for any blender. We found that using the tamper to consistently push the ingredients towards the blade significantly shortened the blending time. The outcome of our tamper-assisted blending was not just almost perfect smoothies, but also a rapid fusion of ingredients.

9.9 Protein Shake

Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender Protein shake Video
The Vitamix E310 motor base stands beside the container. Next to it, a metal mesh strainer filtered its protein shake while a smartphone displayed a blending time of 1 minute 20 seconds.
A mesh strainer filters a protein shake made by the Vitamix E310, retaining the unblended solids that fail to pass through.
Blending Time
1 min 20 seconds
Silky Smooth

Designing a test that involves the blending of raw nuts, oatmeal, and firm dried berries—ingredients known for their resistance, we once again noticed the Vitamix E310 stood out from the rest, leaving nothing but smooth, perfectly blended victory in its wake. 

It took the blender a total blending time of 1 minute and 20 seconds to do its magic. The almond's creaminess, the hint of natural tartness from the dried berries, and the comforting thickness of the oatmeal were efficiently harmonized to create a pleasant drinking experience. We found a few minimal remnants of chunks in the final blend after filtering, but they hardly detracted from the overall enjoyment.

The crown of victory was claimed by none other than the iconic Vitamix 5200. Its outstanding capability led to a similar result but in 20 seconds less. However, given the E310’s lower price point, every additional blending second was really worth the wait. Not to mention, when we compared the results of the contenders, most fell significantly behind. Some even took triple the time, yet still produced a grainy texture. Take the Hamilton Beach model, for example.

9.5 Almond Butter

Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender Almond Butter Video
The Vitamix E310 is beside a white plate containing almond butter and a spatula, and a smartphone revealing a blending time of 1 minute and a haft.
A sample of almond butter created with a Vitamix E310 blender spread on a white paper.
Blending Time
1 mins 30 seconds
Silky Smooth

If you’re now yearning for a creamy, smooth almond butter made from nothing but the almonds themselves, without the need for additional oils or sweeteners, the Vitamix E310 is definitely a perfect choice. 

A high-performance blender that effortlessly rises to the challenge, this blender transforms wholesome 2 cups of almonds into perfect almond butter within one and a half minutes. You might be amazed at the spread's rich, natural flavor, packed with nutrients and free of any artificial additives. 

The Vitamix E310’s excellence in this task, however, is not common across all blenders. Indeed, our tests revealed that creating almond butter is a tricky feat for many. Numerous blenders fell short of extracting the crucial natural oils that bestow the butter's desired texture, while others unexpectedly required a considerable amount of time to break down the almonds (for instance, the Ninja BN701)

More interestingly, we found out that the E310's capabilities goes beyond almond butter? Its heavy-duty blending opens up a world of possibilities. Cashew butter, walnut butter, peanut butter—whatever your preference, this blender will handle it with ease and perfection.

10 Crushed Ice

Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender Crushed Ice Video
The Vitamix E310 is beside a black tray containing its crushed ice.
Ice Fineness
Very Fine
Unblended Ice
0% of 12 oz

The Vitamix E310 is literally a beast when it comes to crushing ice. In a mere blink of an eye–just 30 seconds—it transformed 12 ounces of rigid ice cubes into a soft, snow-like spectacle. No hassle, no hiccups, just easy, seamless execution with the aid of a tamper.

With such a top-notch crushing capability, it's like having a standalone ice crusher at your fingertips, ready to blanket your smoothies, cocktails, and desserts in a cascade of icy delight. A mere flick of a switch, and your frosty adventures come to life.

10 Design

The Vitamix E310's design commands attention and admiration in equal measure. It impresses us with reasonable compactness and top-notch quality. The robust motor base and thoughtful-designed container ensure long-lasting durability. The hardened stainless steel blades are exclusively built for efficient blending vortex, while the powerful 2 HP motor adds the unique capability to generate heat through friction, allowing for hot meal preparation in an instant. And that’s not all!

In the Box

A display of the Vitamix E310 blender and its accessories, including the tamper, carton box, recipe booklet, and user manual, on a table.
Unboxing the Vitamix E310
  • Motor base
  • Blending container with lid 
  • User guide
  • Recipe booklet
  • Tamper

The Vitamix E310 package is thoughtfully organized, ensuring you have everything you need to maximize your blending experience. The motor base and blending container form the heart of the machine. But that's not all. The inclusion of a user guide and recipe booklet will equip you with a wealth of knowledge, techniques, and delectable recipes to unlock the full potential of your blender.


Illustrated dimensions of the Vitamix E310 blender showing the height, length, and width in inches
17.4" (44.2 cm)
8.9" (22.6 cm)
9.1 lbs (4.1 kg)
7.7" (19.6 cm)

The Vitamix E310 is a compact countertop blender, suitable for most kitchen setups, including under conventional cabinets. It can be easily stored when not in use, and its manageable weight allows for effortless portability.

Alt: Illustrated dimensions of the Vitamix E310 Blender showing the height, depth, and width in inches.

10 Build Quality

A close up of the Vitamix E310 motor base and container
The Vitamix E310 Motor Base and Container
A close up of the Vitamix E310 motor base and container
A close up of  Vitamix E310 container’s bottom

Upon initial examination, our Vitamix E310 seemingly rises above the standard, showcasing exemplary craftsmanship in its overall construction. Even after undergoing our tests, it stood firm, with no signs of wear or deterioration. Its exterior's gleaming aesthetics retained their fresh-out-of-the-box luster and flawlessness. 

The motor base, a fusion of die-cast aluminum and high-impact plastic, boasts a balance of substantial weight and pleasing gloss. The container, fashioned from BPA-free Eastman Tritan copolyester, promises not only crystal-clear visibility but also exceptional heat resistance. Its shatterproof design is a Its anti-shatter layout is also a thoughtful addition, underscoring its great resilience against accidental falls and drops. 

As we delve deeper into the blender's design, the blade assembly impresses with its hardened stainless steel construction. It has proven to resist corrosion and is assured to keep its razor-sharp edges intact, even under heavy-duty usage.

10 Blades

A close up of the Vitamix E310 blades
The Vitamix E310 Blades
A close up of the Vitamix E310 blades
A close up of the Vitamix E310 blades
Stainless Steel
Blade Count
4 sharp blades
Dishwasher Safe

Vitamix employs unique manufacturing techniques to construct the E310’s blades. Starting with a sheet of high-quality stainless steel, the blades are first shaped through a stamping process. They are then subjected to a heat treatment, which helps to increase their hardness and resistance to wear. The final touch is a computer-guided laser cutting process to create a distinct four-pronged design, which isn't just for aesthetics but is rooted in practical function.

After performing a range of tests, we found that the enhanced sharpness and strategic positioning of these blades create a larger effective surface area for blending. As a result, the blender can process more ingredients in less time compared to its competitors.

Furthermore, the thoughtful design of the blade angles promotes a high-speed, cyclonic circulation of ingredients within the container. This results in a forceful vortex that effectively draws ingredients toward the blades, ensuring an even distribution and blend.

Motor Base

A close up of the Vitamix E310 Motor Base
The Vitamix E310 Motor Base
A close up of the Vitamix E310 Motor Base
A close up of the centering pad of the Vitamix E310 motor base
A close up of the concealed power cord under the Vitamix E310’s motor base
Rated Voltage
120 Volts
Rated Power
1500 Wattages
Working Time
7 pounds
Cord Length
4,1 feet

The Vitamix E310 houses a powerful motor, rated at approximately 1464 watts (or 2.0 peak HP). This powerful motor can perform prolonged blending sessions, creating enough blade friction to potentially heat soups or sauces to serving temperature right in the blender, eliminating the need for additional stove top heating. 

While we have not conducted specific tests for hot soup preparation with the Vitamix E310, our experience in the almond butter and protein shake tests hint at its potential as both the results came out notably warm due to the blade’s heat-generating friction.

Blending Container

Illustrated dimensions of the Vitamix E310 blender container showing the height and diameter in inches.
The Vitamix E310 Blender’s Container
48.0 fl oz (1.4 L)
2.1 pound
Dishwasher Safe
Suitable For
Small to medium batches

The use of BPA-free Eastman Tritan copolyester in the E310’s blending container provides a combination of transparency, heat resistance, and shatterproof properties. This results in a container that allows for easy monitoring, maintains its structural integrity under high temperatures, and reduces the risk of breakage during use.


The Vitamix E310 two-part lid stands on a table
The Vitamix E310 Two-Part Lid
The Vitamix E310 two-part lid stands on a table
The Vitamix E310 two-part lid stands on a table
Closing Type
Lock Mechanism/ Friction

With its two-part design, including a secure main lid and a flexible lid plug, the Vitamix E310’s lid creates a foolproof seal against leaks and spills. The main lid fits snugly through friction, while the lid plug offers mess-free ingredient additions and tamper compatibility.

10 Control Panel

A close up of the Vitamix E310 control panel
The Vitamix E310 Control Panel
A close up of the Vitamix E310 control panel
TheVitamix E310 blender motor base on table, hand pressing digital tachometer attached to tripod, different blenders in background.
TheVitamix E310 blender motor base on table, hand pressing digital tachometer attached to tripod, different blenders in background.
Speed dial and Switch
Min Speed
1,411 RPM
Max Speed
22,514 RPM
Digital Display
Built-in Timer
Pulse Mode

With its control panel exuding simplicity and elegance, the E310 gets our wholehearted appreciation. Its three control options ensure precise and user-friendly operation. Each of these options is clearly labeled and self-explanatory, making navigation between high-speed, variable-speed, and pulse modes entirely effortless.

Most importantly, each setting demonstrates noticeable differences in speed, enabling optimal control over the texture and blending results. Furthermore, the switch produces a satisfying 'click,' and the speed dial rotates smoothly, both of which enhance the overall blending experience by providing pleasing tactile feedback.

Extra Accessory

The Vitamix E310 tamper is on a table
The Vitamix E310 Tamper
The Vitamix E310 tamper is on a table
Displayed on a table is the Vitamix E310 blender, complete with its accompanying tamper.
Dishwasher Safe

As mentioned earlier, the tamper is an ultimate game-changer for any blender, including the Vitamix E310. It offers control and convenience by allowing you to easily push ingredients towards the blades during blending without the need to stop and scrape the sides manually. 

The tamper designed for the E310 is precisely tailored to fit its container. Its length and shape allow for easy maneuvering, reaching every corner of the container while keeping your hand safely away from the blades.

8.7 Usability

The blender’s design focuses on usability and accessibility so you can master its operation without ever cracking open the user manual. Not to mention that the control panel is intuitive and self-explanatory. 

Assembly involves a lid that may require a bit of effort to secure firmly, but once in place, it efficiently prevents spills and leakage. The lid also allows for easy removal.

Note that the lack of a locking mechanism between the container and motor base might cause slight wobbling when blending tough, dense ingredients so you’ll need to maintain a firm grip on the container’s handle throughout the blending process.

Cleaning the E310 is quick and straightforward, with its self-cleaning feature and easy-to-maintain components.

9.0 Ease of Blend

The Vitamix E310 excels in its ability to blend ingredients smoothly, which reduces the need for users to interfere in the process. This thorough operation clearly distinguishes it from many other blenders, which often require frequent stopping and manual intervention to ensure proper ingredient mixing. Apart from leading to inconsistent results, these constant interruptions often create unwelcomed mess, particularly when dealing with liquids or fine powders. 

Another feature that contributes to the blender’s is the extended power cord, reaching a length of 4,1 feet. This offers significant flexibility when it comes to positioning the blender in your kitchen. Post-use, the cord tucks away neatly into a designated space in the base to prevent clutter. The blender's cord management system, inclusive of flexible retainers, for an easy extension of the cord is also worth highlighting. 

Our only concern was the shaky connection between the blender container and the motor base. When dealing with harder materials like ice and frozen fruits, we noted considerable vibrations. These vibrations often gave rise to a sensation that the jar might become unfastened from the base so we had to maintain a firm hold on the container’s handle during the entire blending process to ensure stability. It's important to note, however, that we don't have concrete evidence to substantiate the likelihood of any mishaps.

7.0 Noise Level

The Vitamix E310 blender is on a table, accompanied by a sound level meter displaying its noise level. In the background, other blenders that we tested sit on a nearby shelf.
Max Level
100.2 dB

Managing the trade-off between performance and noise is a common challenge of any blender. As a matter of fact, the more powerful the blender, the louder it tends to be. The Vitamix E310, while outstanding in function, unfortunately produces significant noise, reaching a peak of 100.2 dB in our icy smoothie test. Nonetheless, its rapid operation helps manage the noise, making the high volume short-lived and relatively tolerable.

9.0 Assembly

Setting up the Vitamix E310 is uncomplicated and fairly direct. First off, align the tabs of the container with the notches on the motor base, and then gently fit the container into its position. The lack of a lock-in feature means you won't hear a confirming 'click' or any sound, which we could yearn for as it offers assurance of a secure connection.

Next, take the lid plug and insert it through the primary lid by twisting it in a clockwise direction until it's securely attached. Once the lid is assembled, place it on the container. To do this, make sure its flaps are aligned midway between the spout and the handle, then push it down. It might require a significant force to secure the lid effectively, but it's essential to keep the lid stays put while also preventing leakage during blending. On the flip side, removing the lid post-blending is not as difficult.

9.5 Cleanability

Cleaning this Vitamix is not just easy; it's practically effortless. The blender’s self-cleaning capability will help you take care of the cleaning process. Just add a little warm water and a drop or two of dish soap, then run your blender on high for about 30-60 seconds. Its high-powered motor will generate enough speed and turbulence to dislodge most residue. 

For those occasional stubborn remnants that might require a bit more attention like butter or mayonnaise, fear not. The E310 can handle them too. Just grab a brush and you’ll safely reach every nook and cranny. 

Note that the motor base isn't water-friendly. To clean it, a simple wipe down with a soft cloth should suffice, thanks to its sleek and intuitive design. And since the lid and pouring spout effectively minimize spillage, ingredient splashes onto the motor base are highly unlikely, which further reduces cleaning needs.

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