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The Best Vitamix Blenders of 2023 Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

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Best Vitamix Blenders 2022

If you are planning on improving your daily meal with more greens or you would like to be adventurous in the kitchen, then the best Vitamix blenders are a worthwhile investment.

This is mainly because they work faster and are improved with more advancements compared to conventional blenders. Apart from pureeing, grinding, and crushing, they can blend large and tough ingredients in no time (e.g., whole fruits, vegetables, and hard seeds).

Not only that, built with sturdy and high-quality materials, Vitamix blenders ensure machinery durability and long-term functionality without compromising on safety. They can even stay effectively operational for many years with only moderate maintenance.

But in case you’re interested in other brands, have a look and get yourself some useful information at our review on the top blenders in this year.

How to Buy the Best Vitamix Blender

Most Vitamix blenders appear well-made, feel strong, and are impressively convenient. From countertop blenders to personal ones, the powerful motor (up to 3.5 HP) makes them perfect for creating anything.

To ensure that your blended food is totally free of harmful toxins, Vitamix blenders come with durable pitchers made of BPA-free materials (plastic). And thanks to the simple design, cleaning these devices is not complicated, even when their containers are not dishwasher-safe. (All Vitamix containers, except the S-Series 20-ounce and 40-ounce, cannot be washed in the dishwasher.)

Simply pour warm water into the container, add a bit of soap, turn the blender on to the highest setting and let it run for 30 to 60 seconds . After dumping out the solution and rinsing the pitcher thoroughly, your blender will be ready for a new batch of smoothies.

Some models are even built on a self-cleaning standard (e.g, the Vitamix E310), so just press the self-cleaning setting button (after adding soap and warm water into the container) and let the machine clean itself. It really is as simple as that!

Not all Vitamix blenders are created equally though. They do not perform the jobs in the same way either. That’s why we look at some of the most important characteristics you should focus on, so as to find the right tool for you.

1. Product Series

There are five different series of Vitamix countertop blenders. They include:

S-Series ($300-$500)

These blenders come with the 20- and 40-ounce BPA-free containers. They are great for small families or those with space constraints. Although they are less versatile than the larger versions, they still do a great job of mixing soup, blending smoothies and frozen dessert.

Classic Series ($400-$800)

With intuitive controls and simple design, this first generation of Vitamix collection offers ideal containers for your everyday tasks (from 32-ounce to 48-ounce, and 64-ounce).

Ascent Series ($450-$600)

Equipped with the latest technology, like the SELF-DETECT technology, these models are smart blenders with extra-large containers (64-ounce). They are ideal for large batches that serve more than four people and powerful enough for commercial use.

Commercial Series ($450-$15000)

This series has five models. They include: the Quiet One (48-ounce), the Drink Machine Advance (48-ounce), the Drink Machine Two-Speed (64-ounce), the T&G 2 Blending Station (32-ounce), and the Blending Station Advance (48-ounce). All their containers are made of high-impact plastic to endure high-volume use commercially in restaurants, bars, canteen, or coffee shops.

Explorian Series ($250-$350)

The Vitamix Explorian Series featuring the E310 and E320 are the cheapest Vitamix blenders. They also come with the shortest warranty (five years for new blenders and three years for refurbished ones).

The E310 models feature a 48-ounce container and can be compatible with a 32-ounce wet and dry jar, which is great for small to medium batch size. The E320 models have a 64-ounce low-profile container. They are also compatible with a 32-ounce and 48-ounce container, allowing them to fit under most 18-inch-high upper cabinets.

2. Containers

In general, the next generation Vitamix containers are made of a special plastic material called the Eastman Tritan copolyester, and they are BPA-free. These containers can do all things, from blending smoothies and soups to grinding grains and making nut butter. Of course, there are a few exceptions.

Low-profile containers:

These can fit under most cabinets. Compared to narrow bottom containers, they are wide at the bottom. They also have more room for the food to circulate so that foods do not get clogged up in the corner, especially when you blend chopped vegetables. Due to a large size, these containers are not good for one cup recipes, such as salad dressing or mayonnaise.

Dry blades containers:

These are built for grinding dry ingredients, like rice, oats or whole grains. They have a narrower body than the 64-ounce containers with a different blade assembly. The blades are also shaped differently so as to push the ingredients away from them when they are grinding. That way, things won’t get stuck at the bottom of the container and will be easily ground.

Wet blades containers:

These are the same as the low-profile containers but with a smaller batch size. Unlike dry blade containers that are unsuitable for making wet things, wet containers are good at creating drinks and water-base mixtures.

Because dry blades containers are only good at grinding grains. So, to be more cost-effective for those having to choose between wet and dry blades containers, we would highly recommend buying wet containers.

3. Ease of Use

If you prefer the convenience of modern trends, go for blenders that have pre-programmed settings and programmable timer (for example, the Vitamix A3500).

We’d also recommend you pick out a model with variable speed. One of the main advantages is that it offers a wider variety of what can be made and provide you with greater precision (all conventional models offer this feature, for your information).

4. Motor power

The Vitamix blenders featuring a motor that peaks at 2 or 2.2 horsepower will be suitable for residential uses. For commercial purposes, you should look for high-performance units that run on at least a 3 peak horsepower output.

5. Warranty

All new Vitamix blenders (except the Explorian series) come with at least 7 years of warranty.

The Certified Reconditioned versions, which are as good as new, let their owners enjoy the benefits of a five-year warranty.

Reviews of the Best Vitamix Blenders in 2023

Now, it’s time for the best Vitamix blenders review. Below is a preview of blenders which are supposed to be the most worth-buying products on the whole market base.

1. Best Overall: Vitamix 5200 Kitchen Blender

Can the Vitamix 5200 make steaming-hot soup? No problem. Can it blend frozen fruit? Sure thing. Can we use it to crush ice cubes? In a matter of seconds.a

In general, when talking about blenders, most users might think of just smoothies. However, with this application, you can complete a variety of cooking tasks without needing to have specific blending experience.

And if making hot soups is a no-no with conventional models such as the Ninja blenders,the friction of the Vitamix 5200’s blades shines out from the rest, anticipating all your soup making needs in just under ten minutes. From smoothies and soup to baby food and spreadable butter, this blender will be a wonderful tool for you to experiment with more healthy diet options.

  • Powerful and Durable
  • Automatic shut-off function
  • Simple and efficient
  • Ten speeds control
  • User-friendly
  • Rather tall
  • Requires hand washing


Powering the whole machine is a 2.0 horsepower(1400 watts) motor base. This power is enough todo a great job of pureeing tough, hard foods, such as carrots, spinach, peanuts, and others, even when they’re frozen.

Just be aware that when making nut butters or oil-based foods, do not run the blender continuously for more than one minutes at a time. Failure to do so will possibly cause dangerous overheating to the motor, requiring the blender to activate its overload safety function for automatic shut down.

Measuring about 7.3 inches wide, 8.8 inches deep, and 20.5 inches tall with the pitcher on, the blender is quite tall for the average cupboard. However, with the slim profile, it isn't bulky or at least will not overwhelm your kitchen space.

The Vitamix 5200’s responsive controls combine 10 speeds and a mode switch between High and Variable option.The blender doesn’t have a pulse function. But if you want to make chunky salad or thick vegetable soup, Variable is the low-power mode you will certainly count for.

We appreciate that the 64-ounce pitcher (7.5 cups) is tightly sealed with a spill-proof rubber lid so as to prevent leakage issues. And since the pitcher sits stably on top of the motor base without turning, it’s very easy to place or remove for convenient pouring.

As a nice bonus, there is a drop-in hold in the middle of the lid to let you add ingredients mid-session or to push the contents down when needed with the included tamper.


The parts of the blender that are often in contact with food, from the tamper to the lid and the container, are not highly recommended for the dishwasher. They should be washed by hand instead. Here is how to clean them in the simplest manner: pour in some water and a little bit of dish soap and blend to let the parts clean themselves.

Another issue is that the blender is relatively tall (20.5″), and doesn't fit on the counter under an upper cabinet like a stand mixer or food processor.


Indeed the Vitamix 5200 is built like a tank and works like a beast, blending anything you throw at it with ease. Of course, it is not without drawbacks. But given the amazing performance, it will certainly be worth the money spent.

2. Best for Home Use: Vitamix 5300 Blender

“Simple” and “user-friendly”are the best words to describe this next generation of the 5200 model. Besides having strong, stainless steel blades that can handle even the hardest ingredients, it also comes with a 64-ounce, BPA-free pitcher for easy blending in large batches.

Vitamix 5300 Blender Review
  • Good for daily use
  • Good for large blends
  • Durable, efficient
  • Useful pulse feature
  • No pre-programmed settings


The first thing you need to know before digging a little deeper into this model is that you can buy it new or refurbished. This affordable option is readily available for the 5300 model, which makes it more appealing to many customers, especially for those who are on a budget.

Covered with a 5-year warranty (7 years for a new model), the reconditioned version looks and performs like new. Whether new or refurbished, these models all come with the same unique features.

The 5300 has ten adjustable speeds, which play an important role in maximizing flexibility in usage, allowing users to achieve a variety of textures. Equipped with a high-powered motor (2.2 horsepower), the blender can process multiple types of tough ingredients.

They’re so powerful that the foods will actually start to heat up after long blending time due to friction. As a result, steaming-hot soup can be cooked right in the container without being heated up with a stove.

Not only that, their high-quality stainless steel blades are sharp enough to help you in grinding nuts or coffee, mixing batters and dough, and creating chilled desserts in seconds without having any problem with dulling over time.

In comparison with the 5200 version, this model has a more powerful motor but produces less noise. It also has a shorter 64-ounce low-profile pitcher (17.25″) that makes them easily fit under most kitchen cabinets and take up less kitchen space. However, in practice, both versions perform almost identically — a point to help decide whether you should pay an extra cost (about $40-$60).

Another difference between them is that the Vitamix 5300 exclusively features a built-in pulse function, which comes in handy for making soup or blending light ingredients.


The machine lacks pre-programmed settings. However, not having pre-program settings is more of an inconvenience than a critical flaw.


Further available as a refurbished version which offers nothing different than the new option but at a lower price, the Vitamix 5300 could help you get the perks of having the technology that you want while still saving some serious money. Plus a five-year warranty gives greater peace of mind as well as better meeting the needs of those who are running on a tight budget.

3. Best Immersion: Vitamix Immersion Blender

Our Rating:(8.6/10)

Things We Like

  • A great hand-held tool for recipes that involve fibrous or frozen food
  • 4-pronged heavy-duty blade promotes speedy blends and consistent results
  • Intuitive interface makes it easy to switch between speed settings
  • Ergonomically-designed handle offers a secure grip
  • Blade guard prevents scratching 
  • Stainless steel body ensures optimal durability

Things We Don’t Like

  • Relatively heavy

The Vitamix 5-speed is by far the best immersion blender we’ve tested. Throughout all of our hands-on testing, it tackled difficult tasks with ease and left us behind with unbeatable results. Particularly, in the smoothie test, it took just one minute (20 seconds faster than its rivals on average) to bring us a smooth icy drink. It also didn’t take long to puree soup. Of all the blenders we tested, it was actually the only one that produced velvet hot puree. We also tested its emulsifying and nut-grinding capabilities. Likewise, none of those performances was disappointing.

And for the most parts, we agreed these achievements were accelerated by the blender’s powerful 650-watt motor and exclusively-designed blending shaft. As we learned from our research, the Vitamix’s hand motor is more powerful than most. Mostly made of stainless steel, it is also among the sturdiest versions available. Under heavy-duty use, it can hold up to basic wear and tear significantly well.

The blending shaft is also very special. It features a 4-pronged blade instead of a common 2-pronged one, which was proved to create greater contact with the blended ingredients to promote more even results. There is also a blade guard at the end of the blending wand designed to reduce suction, thus preventing the blending surface from being scratched.

However, the removable shaft is not dishwasher-safe, so after each batch, you’ll need to clean it manually. More often than not, our food residuals were rinsed off easily under the running water tap without the need for scrubbing. Removing sticky, oil-based substances like mayonnaise, however, wasn’t as easy. In the sauce test, we found it was very tricky to thoroughly scrub the backsides of the blades. A lot of food residue couldn’t be wiped off without the use of a straw-cleaning brush.

Price at time of publish: $146.87

Key Specs

Weight 3.2 lbs
Dimensions H17.5 x W3 inches
Number of speeds 5
Pulse/Turbo option No
Min speed 8,600 RPM
Max speed 15,700 RPM
Max noise 85 dB
Accessories No
Dishwasher-safe wand No

4. Best High-End: Vitamix A3500 Blender

The Vitamix A350 model is definitely with excellent performance. Though it seems costly for what you’re getting, judging from the simple design, it is a good choice for those who want to enjoy restaurant-quality smoothies at home.

Vitamix A3500 Blender Review
  • High capacity
  • Ten years warranty
  • Self Detect Technology
  • Five pre-programmed settings
  • Intelligent
  • Touch Interface
  • Expensive
  • The blender’s lid is difficult to clean


All Vitamix modes are solid all-rounder blenders that always deliver wonderful results, and the one in this deal is not an exception.

This blender looks pretty at all angles. It’s one of the best blenders on the market right now that can be used for commercial purposes, from making smoothies to frozen margaritas, thanks to its powerful motor base and a 64-ounce wet blades container.

If the included new container, which combines a measuring cup and a transparent lid so that you can view your blends from the top, seems too large for your small family, there are additional containers so that you will have alternative options.

With the Self Detect Technology, the blender can automatically detect which containers (new container versions) are attached to it. This means a variety of cups, bowls, and containers from Ascent Series Containers allowing for smaller batches such as salsa or smooth creamy baby food, can be compatible with this machine base.

You might also enjoy the on-screen display for the presets showing blending speed and blending time. It has a touchscreen to operate five pre-programmed settings (smoothies, hot soups, dips & spreads, frozen desserts, and self-cleaning) and the butter-smooth rotary dial featuring 19 speeds to give users more precise controls. It also has a precise programmable timer allowing you to customize your blending time. This means you can control the machine manually and digitally.

Another nice perk is how the device can practically self-clean. Simply pour warm water with a drop of dish soap into the container, run your blender at the highest speed, and it’ll be clean in less than a minute.


The smaller additional containers are quite noisier than the 64-ounce container and the blender lid is trickier to clean. Also, you cannot use old Vitamix containers on this blender base, as it’s only compatible with new-designed containers.

It’s very expensive (two times as much as the Classic models). However, with ten years of warranty, spending extra money on this model is worth it.


All Vitamix modes are solid all-rounder blenders that always deliver wonderful results, and the one in this deal is not an exception. It is very durable and will stay with you for a long time. If you are looking to upgrade to a high-tier blender, the Vitamix A3500 is definitely a wise investment.

5. Best Variable Speed: Vitamix Standard Programs Blender

The Vitamix Standard Programs Blender (also known as the 6300) has several innovative features that significantly improve the machine overall performance, including the three pre-programmed settings, the cool-running motor, and the ultra-responsive variable speed control.

The Vitamix Standard Programs Blender Review
  • Strong motor and blades
  • Heavy-duty
  • High quality
  • Variable speed control
  • Safe-cleaning function
  • Pricey
  • Fairly bulky


Being a member of the Classic series product line, this machine lives up to its name in functionality while also satisfying its users with a sleek appearance and anon-skid base.

In terms of performance, it's quick, quiet, and blends food exceptionally well. It has a set of auto-presets for soup, smoothies, and frozen drinks. With fewer preset functions than the 750 version, it still allows users to prepare meals with the speed and precision of a skilled cook.

For those who find these options unnecessary and would prefer to take an active role, they can run it manually by using the variable ten speed controls along with a pulse switch to have complete control over texture.


Compared to the S-series, it’s about twice the size and much taller (20.5 inches tall with the pitcher on, 9.5 inches wide, 8 inches deep). This means it might be a little too bulky for kitchens with limited space.


The Vitamix 6300 is designed to perform the tasks of crushing ice into a drinkable slush, cutting through frozen fruits, and pulverizing even the hardest produce into a smooth liquid. If you are blending frequently and actually need a pro-level blender at a moderate price, consider getting this item.

6. Best for Professional: Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender

Now it’s time to talk about the Professional Series 750, which is another well-rounded product of Vitamix’s varied kitchen blender collection.

Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender Review
  • Quieter
  • Automatic cleaning
  • Versatile
  • Wide range of preset settings
  • Pricey

First and foremost, this functional and aesthetically pleasing device is the most powerful yet quietest model the Vitamix has ever created. It does everything that the 5300 version does but with better results, taking a giant step towards becoming an important part of any meal preparation.

The other differences between these two models would be the higher price point of the 750 and the pre-programmed settings that it offers, which effectively keeps you in control of your blending.

Developed with 5 different presets for specific needs, consisting of smoothie, frozen dessert, soup, puree recipes and a setting for automatic cleaning, I am confident that the machine is presently in the position of satisfying even the strictest demands of its customers. It also comes with a manual speed dial for those wanting to manually control the speed.

The sum total of the items included in the box are best quality. They include: the motor base, a 64 oz Tritan BPA container with lid and an updated blade seal, an introductory DVD, a high performance blending recipe book and the low-profile tamper. All of them seem super high quality and sturdy as well as extremely useful. For safety reasons, there is no glass option for the container.

That being said, this blender is only excellent if exclusively used to make very large batches of product. If you plan on buying it for personal use, there are the 32 oz wet/dry containers as the accessories for you to consider.


We believe most people are satisfied with the power and speed of the Vitamix 5200, but the stronger blender like the Vitemix Professional Series 750 can help you get faster results for more inspired family meals. Yes, this appliance is a bit steep, but obviously, price and quality are interlinked.


In short, Vitamix is surely a premium brand when it comes to blenders. Of course, you will find many cheaper models that claim to offer a pretty good balance of performance and quality. They are just not as powerful or durable as the Vitamix, though.

The best Vitamix blender should efficiently blend even the hardest ingredients in less than one minute. It also should have a user-friendly design that makes it convenient and straightforward to use.

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