Insinkerator Evolution Excel Review – Both the Beast and the Beauty

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Insinkerator Evolution Excel Review

Along with the traditional, popular and budget friendly Badger series, Insinkerator has been developing and improving on a high-end series over the years; a series that has met its own success, and has its own fan base for that matter: the Insinkerator Evolution series.

Barely anyone would take their time to question the quality of the series’ models anymore, especially not the Insinkerator Evolution Excel. After more than 10 years on offer, the feedback and the experience shared by the satisfied owners speak for themselves.

If you take any model with the same wattage, the said Evolution unit would do what its name tells us- EXCEL. But how does it excel? How does a unit get judged and on what grounds do we decide a unit is a cut above the others?

Basically, besides the ability to finish the job in an efficient fashion, if the said machine can also tackle the several by-product issues without hindering its performance, it is deemed a top quality unit.

But more details on that later, down in the review below. Right now, simply know that the Insinkerator Evolution Excel is extremely capable; that among all the best home garbage disposal units on the market at this moment, the model reigns as supreme.

Alright, let’s cut the chase and dissect the model to help you decide whether it is worth the praise and the price at all.

Insinkerator Evolution Excel Quick Review

Regardless of all the compliments earlier, if you asked me whether the Insinkerator Evolution Excel is actually that great, I would frankly not be able to say yes with confidence now that I think about it.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s still one BEAST of a home waste disposal unit, that is if you exclude its cost out of the equation. To be honest, it is quite expensive for a home disposal, and we all know that the price is one crucial factor when it comes to home appliances. Therefore, it might not meet all the requirements for some of you, even though it shines in the eyes of others.

All that being said, if you’ve got the money, just go for it already. But not without some reasoning, of course. So here it goes!

Insinkerator Evolution Excel Review
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  • Strong motor

  • Super quiet

  • Handle most food waste

  • 3-stage multigrind

  • Auto unjam

  • Pricy

A 1 HP Dura-Drive Motor

For motors, Insinkerator has laid their trust on the ACIMs (AC Induction Motors for many years now, despite the rising popularity of the PMACs (Permanent magnet AC motors) that is adopted by Waste King machines. That speaks volume, does it not?

If you're curious how the PMACs fare with the grind task, have a read at our review of the Waste King L-8000. There are a few things that should be helpful.

Still, we do wonder “Why would anyone use ACIMs anymore knowing that PMACs would outperform them? There must be some reason!”

And indeed there are a few.

First, IMACs is manufactured with a much lower cost than PMACs . While the mechanics of ACIMs can be said to be a thing of the past, it is not that far away. Meaning its efficiency is still worth considering and of good use. So to aim at a low cost motor that can carry its weight in a selected task, ACIMs does it well.

Plus, with the other quality features that the Evolution Excel is equipped with, the price would be pumped a whole way up should the unit bare a more contemporary motor.

Second, Insinkerator exploits the Dura-Drive technology to enhance their motors’ overall performance. Dura-Drive has been gradually moving up the ladder to be one of the most favorable drive mechanisms, improving both the accuracy and durability of motors. Together with the 1 HP maintaining the speed at 1725 RPM whilst boosting the torque, the Insinkerator Evolution Excel can deal with all types of food waste imaginable (and unimaginable) with ease.

Finally, ACIMs of Insinkerator are exclusively and specifically designed to serve this particular purpose of waste disposal. They’re built to be strong, quiet and durable. And their ability is not justified by just words but the very experience shared by the owners through various platforms.

If it’s possible, ask someone who owns an Evolution Excel to find out for yourself.

That is something I always recommend when buying a kitchen appliance. Nothing beats actual references.

A hardcore grind chamber

Since we have just talked about the motor, we might as well discuss the part that is connected and powered by it: the grind chamber. Just to give you an idea: if we're talking Waste King vs. Insinkerator, in this exact section, Insinkerator wins hand down.

You can probably guess the material used to make the components of the grind chamber. In such a quality machine, stainless steel is the best choice for a task that is as hardcore as garbage disposal. The density and the anti-corrosion property are both needed for a durable food waste disposal machine.

Additionally, strong units like this one are expected to deal with tougher food and in larger amounts, so the usual galvanized steel might not be cut out for the job.

The whole chamber consists of nothing but the basic parts of a grind chamber. However, with the Evolution series, they are a bit different, if not upgraded.

The GrindShear Ring ® is specially designed to increase the number of sharp cutting edges and angles. Food pieces that are pressed against the ring will surely be slashed up immediately.

The impellers are now accompanied by several extra blocks to form the Tri-Action Lug ® System, making sure every bit of food remains is banged against the ring and shredded till the desired fine texture is achieved.

But it’s not over yet! Right beneath the turnplate is the Undercutter Disk ® that once again splits anything that comes through the gaps from the chamber into much smaller pieces.

Together, they make the exclusive 3-stage Multi Grind ® technology that has been pleasing almost every single owner of the Evolution Excel, producing nothing but fine ground results after the process that greatly reduces the risks of clogs and jams

Unique anti-jam mechanics

One might think that with the ground result that smooth, the 3-stage Multi Grind is all that one would ever need to prevent jams and clogs. And that is true, albeit not entirely.

As they often say “you can never be too careful”, and Insinkerator takes that to the heart as they went on to develop their own anti-jam mechanics. There are not just one, but 2 systems that work hand in hand to prevent such incidents from happening.

The Auto-Reverse Grind System ® is one of them. Whenever a big lodge is on its way, the machine immediately acknowledges and, if necessary, sends signals to the motor causing it to spin the other way around to keep the whole mechanism from being stuck in a fixed position.

But how can the Evolution Excel tell if a jam is imminent?

All thanks to the second mechanics - Jam-Sensor ® Circuit. Not only can it sense an upcoming jam by assessing the torque of the motor, but it can also boost the torque tremendously (up to 500%) and pulse rapidly (60 times a second). This creates a hammering action that can break most hard objects into fragments.

Together with the 3-stage Multi Grind technology, jams and clogs are almost never going to occur.

Even if in the worst scenario where the said issues somehow still manage to creep up and ruin the whole experience, Insinkerator doesn’t forget to gear the machine up with the manual means. The exterior unjam mechanics and circuit breaker can be accessed from the bottom of the unit just like the Badger series.

Here’s the Insinkerator Evolution Excel manuals for some reference.

A much quieter experience than most

The Insinkerator Evolution Excel, for a 1 HP garbage disposal, is surprisingly quiet during operation.

On second thoughts, it’s not surprising at all, not while the model still bares the exclusive Sound Seal ® Plus technology from Insinkerator. It would even be called “a malfunction” if the unit made too much of a noise, which otherwise would be okay with other products on the market.

That’s the level of quietness the unit was built for. So let’s turn the scope a little tighter to see what exactly the soundproof system consists of.

One of the major reasons why garbage disposers are so loud is the vibration. The disposers are connected to hard texture pieces, namely the sink and the drain pipes. Therefore, the vibration from the machines causes the pipes and the metal sink to resonate loudly as the result.

To tackle this nuisance head-on, Insinkerator took the initiative with the Anti-Vibration Mount™ and Anti-Vibration Tailpipe Mount™. The idea is simple: reduce the vibration, reduce the noise.

The neck joint and the outlet port of the Evolution Excel are fashioned with a cushion of rubber, which is flexible and vibration transfer preventive. It’s not exactly easy to imagine if you are not familiar with such mechanics. So take a look at the video for a better idea.

Youtube Video deKLY0YwbIg

Now that the vibration is enclosed within the unit, the next thing to do is to eliminate the noise right there and then. Coming into play are the Quiet Collar® Sink Baffle and Multi-Layer SoundLimiter™ Insulation.

The sink baffle is not a new approach per se, but it’s effective nonetheless. The company even made the effort designing the baffle with extra details to maximize its sound muffling capability.

To build on that is the multiple layers of sound insulation pads, making sure that most of the high decibel sounds are kept concealed.

A sizeable…

Notice: measuring up your under sink cabinet should be the first thing you do right before you start to look for a new disposal.

The Insinkerator Evolution Excel is an excellent machine with a strong motor and a sound isolation casing, all that a homecook would want from a food waste disposal unit. So the fact that it would take up quite a bit of space is reasonably understandable.

However, it’s not actually that big. It’s just bigger than the typical garbage disposer.

The dimensions are 13.5” in length and 9” in diameter. Compared to the popular Badger 5 (11.5” x 6.3”), the Evolution Excel is indeed a lot larger. But the Badgers are all ½ and ⅓ HP units. So they don’t need a big frame.

Let’s take another 1 HP unit for example. The Waste King L8000 is one considerable powerful model that sizes up to 16” x 8.5”; and the L8000 don’t even have a sound insulation system.

If you ask me, the Evolution Excel is as compact as it can get.

...yet reliable product

With all that it has to offer, the Insinkerator Evolution Excel can handle the workload in the context of a 7-8 member family. Not only that, the unit requires almost next-to-never maintenance to be at its best performance for quite a long period of time.

That is not to say that one should leave the machine neglected, but only to stress that the machine can take care of itself if you’re too busy for a regular routine.

The icing on the cake is that Insinkerator covers the model with the exclusive In-home limited We come to you ® Insinkerator warranty of 7 years where the company will pay for all expenses for the repair or the replacement of the original unit.

You can look at the terms of the warranty yourself.

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