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Kitchellence 3-Stage vs Longzon 4-stage Side-by-Side Comparison

The Kitchellence vs the Longzon manual sharpener. We tested them for speed, keenness, and stability. Here we compare them.

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Kitchellence 3-Stage

Longzon 4-stage

Kitchellence 3-Stage vs Longzon 4-Stage Sharpener: When a Nice Edge Isn’t Enough

Overall Verdict

Ranking by
OverallScore Performance50% Design15% Ease of Use35% ScoreOverall 50%Performance 15%Design 35%Ease of Use Kitchellence 3-StageLongzon 4-stage8.
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Out of the two, we would choose the Kitchellence because it’s faster and more effective. However, the Longzon does have its advantages.

The Longzon removed only a minimal amount of material from the knife’s edge, and it produced a much smoother edge than the Kitchellence could. That edge was arguably the nicest we’ve seen, and we’ve tested more than a dozen manual sharpeners! 

Unfortunately, the Longzon took too much time to get there, and that is a big faux pas for convenient sharpeners.

The Kitchellence wasn’t the fastest we’ve tested, either, but it certainly outspeeded the Longzon. It brought the knife further on the sharpness scale too and also did well in terms of material retention. As such, it’s the more well-rounded choice here.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to use, intuitive design
  • Soft, comfortable finish
  • Extra weight near the base for stability
  • Affordable price
  • Included glove for added safety
  • Sleek design
  • Substantial, accommodative size
  • Fine, smooth knife edge
  • Inclusion of protective gloves
  • Slot for scissors
  • Tapered base 
  • Awkward base pad
  • Tall base
  • Slow sharpening
  • Ineffective slot layout

Key Specs

Scissor sharpener
diamond, tungsten carbide, ceramic
Diamond, tungsten carbide, ceramic
Grit size
Coarse, Medium, Fine
Coarse, Medium, Fine
L8.1 x W1.8 x H3.0 inches
L9.3 x W1.8 x H3.1 inches

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Analysis and Test Results


Overall Performance Scoring

Sharpening Time to Cut a Lemon

Sharpening Time
2m 05s
3 minutes 10 seconds
Cutting Feel
Swift and smooth
Swift and smooth

Material Retention

Medal residue on two abrasive slots on the Kitchellence knife sharpener
Medal residue on two abrasive slots on the Kitchellence knife sharpener
A bowl containing metal sharpening residue next to the base of the Kitchellence sharpener
Metal residue in the sharpening slots of the Longzon knife sharpener
Metal residue in the sharpening slots of the Longzon knife sharpener
The Longzon household knife sharpener next to a bowl containing metal dust residue
Sharpening Time
1 minute
1 minute
Target Sharpness

Maximum Sharpness Achieved

Sharpening Time
6 minutes
6 minutes
Sharpness Level
7 (ripe tomatoes)

Edge Smoothness

Close up view in vignette of the knife blade and edge after sharpening with the Kitchellence 3-stage knife sharpener
Longzon Knife Sharpener Edge Smoothness


Overall Design Scoring

In the Box

The Kitchellence knife sharpener, its package box, instruction manual, and included safety glove
The Longzon knife sharpener lying next to its package box, instruction leaflet, and two gloves


The Kitchellence knife sharpener and arrows and figures showing its dimensions
The Longzon household sharpener with arrows and figures showing its dimensions.
8.1" (20.6 cm)
9.3" (23.6 cm)
1.8" (4.6 cm)
1.8" (4.6 cm)
3.0" (7.6 cm)
3.1" (7.9 cm)
6.4 oz (181 g)
8.7 oz (246 g)

Build Quality

The base and separated working section of the Kitchellence, and a glove, all on a cutting board
The Longzon sharpener standing on a surface

Working Section

The working section of the Kitchellence with 3 abrasive slots on a frame and part of its handle and base
Longzon Knife Sharpener Working Section
Levels of Sharpening
Coarse, Medium, Fine
Sharpen, Hone, Polish
Diamond rods, tungsten carbide blades, ceramic rods
Tungsten carbide blades, diamond rods, ceramic rods
Pull through
Sharpening Angle
20 degrees
20 degrees


The Kitchellence 3-stage sharpener lying upside down, its base and base pads in full view
The Longzon sharpener lying on a surface with its base in full view
The Longzon sharpener lying on a surface with its base in full view
Part of the base of the Longzon manual knife sharpener
ABS plastic
Feet Type
non-slip rubber base
EVA feet


The grip of the Kitchellence sharpener and part of its base and abrasives.
Longzon Knife Sharpener Grip
ABS plastic


Overall Usability Scoring

Slot Arrangement

The working section on the Kitchellence, with 3 slots featuring diamond rods, tungsten carbide blades, ceramic rods
The working section on the Longzon handheld sharpener, with 1 slot for scissors and slots 2, 3, 4 for knives


Top view of two hands sharpening a knife with the Kitchellence on cutting board, lemon and tomato slices in background
Top view of a kitchen knife being sharpened using the Longzon with 2 hands holding them

Pulling Through

A kitchen knife being sharpened with the Longzon, and the 2 hands that hold the knife and the sharpener

Stability on a Clean Surface

a person wearing a glove in one hand sharpening a kitchen knife with the Kitchellence on a countertopa person wearing a glove in one hand sharpening a kitchen knife with the Kitchellence on a countertop
A hand holding the Longzon on a kitchen countertop and sharpening a knife with it.

Stability on a Wet and Dirty Surface

a person wearing a glove in one hand sharpening a kitchen knife with the Kitchellence on a salt-sprinkled countertop
A kitchen knife being sharpened with the Longzon on a countertop with salt particles

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