The 7 Best Ice Makers in 2023 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

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There are two basic types of ice makers. Countertop ice makers (also known as compact ice markers) are compact enough to fit on most counters, but they cannot hold freezing temperatures. This means ice will eventually melt.

Under-counter ice makers offer more capacity and have the ability to hold freezing temperatures for hours. These units are designed to fit under a kitchen or bar counter and may weigh much more. This makes them more difficult to install or move around.

Best Ice Makers 2022

Read on to find out what is the best ice marker available out there!

Benefits of an Ice Maker 

A portable ice maker allows you to enjoy pure ice without sacrificing too much kitchen space, especially if you live in an RV or motorhome that doesn’t have space for a full-size refrigerator.

On the other hand, bar or coffee shop owners who need a large quantity of ice on a regular basis will find a reliable built-in ice maker to be worth the investment. Made primarily for commercial purposes, these devices can produce up to 300 pounds of ice per day. They make ice quickly and continuously, keeping a constant supply of clean, fresh ice on hand. 

If you often host parties where a lot of ice is needed, this kitchen appliance can ensure there’s always enough ice on demand. It helps save time and effort so you don’t have to run to the convenience store while the party is still on.

Best Ice Maker Buying Guide

When finding a good ice maker, you will want to consider design, price, and ice shape.  You should also pay close attention to the size and capacity of each type. It’s important to ensure that your ice maker fits both your space and provides enough ice for your needs.

1. Type 

There are two main types of ice makers: countertop and under-counter.

Countertop Ice Makers

Countertop ice makers

Countertop ice makers are popular choices for light use. They’re convenient tools for those in compact living spaces, as they’re portable and easy to use. They’re smaller than their counterparts, but, of course, that also means they hold less ice.

And since these machines are designed to be easily portable, they freeze the water directly without being connected to a water line or drain. Their water tanks must be filled manually to keep the ice production running.

Most portable ice makers do not have a cold storage bin. They make ice but cannot store it. When unused ice melts, the machines will automatically recycle the water to make a new batch of ice. This means you need to use your ice right away or it will melt if left in the basket. If you want a machine that can keep your ice frozen until you are ready to serve it, you will probably have to buy an under-counter unit that includes an integrated freezer.

Under-counter Ice Makers

Under-counter ice makers

Like countertop ice makers, under-counter ice makers (aka built-in ice makers) are automatic. They continuously produce ice until the bin is full. While they cost more than countertop models, they offer greater production capacity. They also have bigger storage bins which can contain anywhere from 30 to 500 pounds of ice at a time. 

This is enough to ensure you always have a steady supply of ice during a day, even though most countertop ice makers cannot keep ice frozen for an extended period. Due to their larger size, that being said, they require much more time to complete a batch of ice. They’re also more difficult to move around. 

All built-in ice makers require a dedicated water line supplying them with enough water for their production rate. For that reason, a professional plumber may be necessary. 

2. Size

Under-counter ice makers are as tall as mini fridges and often come with big, oversized ice baskets. Countertop ice makers are about half of the height of the under-counter ones—often about as compact as toaster ovens. Make sure you know the dimensions of the space you intend to fit, and decide whether you’ll move the machine around or not. 

A standard portable ice maker can produce 9-12 ice cubes per batch in about seven minutes. That’s enough for 2-3 small drinks and about twice as fast as under-counter machines. That means smaller units may work faster than big heavy ones. They also produce smaller ice sizes and may keep ice colder because there is less room for air to circulate. 

3. Ice Shape

  • Dice ice: This ice is great for soft drinks and mixed drinks. With less surface area, it melts slowly so it will not change the flavor of your drinks as drastically. 
  • Crescent ice: This is the best ice for soft drinks, mixed drinks and blended drinks. It’s generally half the size of dice ice. This means it will melt and cool your drink more quickly than dice ice, making it less desirable for sipping drinks like cocktails and whiskey. 
  • Nugget ice: This small, soft ice is the perfect choice for soft drinks, fountain drinks, and blended cocktails. If you love chewing ice then nugget ice can satisfy your craving, as it’s easy to break down when chewed. Due to its soft consistency, it melts and waters down your drinks quickly. If you want ice that lasts, this chewable kind probably isn’t right for you. Many nugget ice makers use less energy than other types, though, so it saves money on energy bills. 
  • Bullet-shaped ice (aka pearl ice): This ice is ideal for soft drinks, margaritas, iced tea, and blended beverages. True to its name, it’s shaped like a small bullet. Because it’s hollow in the middle, it will melt into your drink more quickly than dice ice or crescent ice. While most other ice cubes are transparent, bullet-shaped ice tends to be cloudy or white throughout. 
  • Gourmet ice (aka top-hat ice): This ice is crystal clear and elegant, explaining why it’s usually served in high-end liquors and upscale drinks. It’s the slowest melting on this list, and cools your drinks quite well.

Top-Rated Ice Makers Comparison Chart

Ice makersProduction capacity (pounds)Storage capacity (pounds)Ice Size Ice shapeWarranty
(Editor's Choice)
Vremi VRM010636N261.5SmallBullet-shaped2 years
Euhomy IM-0210033LargeDiamond1 year
Scotsman CU50GA-1A6526LargeGourmet1 year
GE Profile Opal243.0SmallNugget1-year
Frigidaire EFIC102261.2Small,

Here’s our picks for the Best Ice Makers:

  1. IKICH Portable Ice Maker Machine for Countertop - Best To Buy in 2023
  2. Vremi Very Nice Ice Maker for Countertop - Best Portable Ice Maker
  3. CROWNFUL Ice Maker Machine for Countertop - Best Countertop Ice Maker
  4. Euhomy Commercial Ice Maker Machine - Best Commercial Ice Maker
  5. Scotsman CU50GA Undercounter Ice Maker - Best Undercounter Ice Maker
  6. GE Profile Opal Countertop Nugget Ice Maker with Side Tank - Best Nugget Ice Maker
  7. Frigidaire EFIC102-RED Compact Making Machine - Best Residential Ice Maker

1. IKICH Portable Ice Maker Machine for Countertop - Best To Buy in 2023

The IKICH is our choice for the best ice maker this year because it offers everything you’d expect in a high-quality package without costing a fortune. It’s one of the fastest ice makers on our list, producing nine-cube batches of bullet-shaped ice in about six minutes, which is enough for two or three small drinks. This comes out to 1.0 lbs of ice per hour, making it quite efficient.

IKICH Portable Ice Maker Machine
  • Feature-packed

  • Highly efficient

  • Lightweight and compact

  • Convenient drain plug

  • Affordable

  • Plastic construction

The ETL-certified ice maker offers two ice size options: small and medium, allowing users to choose a suitable cube for their favorite drinks. With a 2L water tank, it can produce 1.5 pounds of ice at a time. (Though that storage capacity is slightly smaller than most other models on our list, it still ensures enough ice for 5-7 drinks.) 

At 17.35 pounds, the IKICH is the lightest portable ice maker on our list, with dimensions measuring 13.4 by 10.2 inches. Since it is a small and lightweight unit that won’t take up too much space, you can easily carry it around when you’re on the move. 

The other thing you will notice about the IKICH countertop ice maker is its unique looks, with the prominent LED display on the tank. The control is useful since the machine has a variety of features, including two ice sizes (small and large bullet ice), automatic standby, and a warning when water is low. Not only this, there is a clear window on the top that means to let you view the progress of ice making without opening it. Still, we don’t think the idea is necessary. 

Between the basket and the wall is a thick layer of PU foam for efficient insulation to keep the ice cool longer. It also includes a BPA-free plastic ice scoop, saving you an extra purchase. Its compressor and DC fan are both low noise. Granted that many components are plastic, the whole unit is well-built, solid, and it will blend in nicely among other kitchen appliances. Just make sure you remember to run the occasional cleaning cycle in addition to a wipe-down before your first use. 


It’s totally fine and reasonable not to spend a large sum of money on fancy ice makers when a little one like the IKICH can get the job done. It’s a nice blend of price and functionality, and it enjoys some positive reviews among owners.

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2. Vremi Very Nice Ice Maker for Countertop - Best Portable Ice Maker

The Vremi ice maker comes equipped with almost all the same specs and features as the Frigidaire but costs about $15 more, including  a 1.5 pounds storage bin, 2.2 L water tank and BPA-free plastic ice scoop for easy, hassle-free ice retrieval. Besides an automatic shut-off function, an underside drain plug which makes it quickly to drain unused water is also a nice feature to have.

Vremi VRM010636N home ice maker review
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  • Quite

  • Energy efficient

  • ETL and FDA certified

  • Modern stainless steel finish

  • Portable and Compact

  • Offers only one ice size

For further conveniences, there is a straightforward control panel located on the front that allows users to easily check the ice-making progress. On the dashboard, there are indicator lights which light up to notify you when the machine needs more water or when the ice bucket is full.

Like most portable ice makers, this machine also features an automatic standby which works with an infrared sensor to detect the ice level in the basket and turn off when it’s full, saving you from having to monitor it. Users can monitor ice production through the transparent viewing window.

In terms of performance, it works slower than the top pick, producing nine bullet-shaped ice cubes in 8-10 minutes. However, with a thick layer of PU foam that can insulate the heat very effectively, this model can keep the ice cool longer compared to its peers.

While most portable ice makers can make from two to three sizes of ice, the Vremi VRM010636N offers only one ice size option. But we think this barely matters, because having less settings makes the device more simplicity and easier to use. Each ice cube is about 8 grams, which makes it best suited for mixed beverages or small water bottle openings.

The VRM010636N is a reliable and reputable portable ice maker. Vremi seems to agree, as they back it up with a 1-year warranty and a 30-day return policy. It has ETL certification to guarantee its safety.


If you’re on a budget and looking for a top-notch countertop ice maker that works well, the Vremi VRM010636N is a worthy choice, and it may even exceed your expectations.

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3. CROWNFUL Ice Maker Machine for Countertop - Best Countertop Ice Maker

Crownful is the least expensive countertop ice maker on our list, but it still compares well to other more expensive models in terms of construction and functionality. 

Crownful Ice Maker Machine for Countertop
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  • Fast ice making process

  • Quiet cooling system

  • Easy to fill and drain

  • Ultimate-insulated storage basket

  • BPA-free ice scoop included

  • Plastic construction

Though compared to the top pick it doesn’t perform any better and come with a shorter warranty coverage, we think it should be well worth your consideration, given that Crownful is among some of the most trusted brands in high-quality kitchen appliances with professional after-sales service. 

The Crownful produces 26 pounds of ice per day and works as fast as its competitors, making nine- cube batches of large-sized bullet ice in 8-10 minutes (depending on your room temperatures). It doesn’t have the option of small or medium cubes though.  

While this ice maker is not a freezer itself, it can keep your ice remaining for hours before they start to melt, thanks to the ultra-insulated ice basket. Not many countertop models have this great feature, so for us, the Crownful deserves to be an exceptional ice maker available. 

Specifically designed for household application, the basket offers enough storage space to meet most of the ice demand for any form of home use. On average, it will be full with up to 70-80 pieces of ice cubes under an hour. And since it sits right above the 1.8L water reservoir, melt-ice will drain back into the reservoir through the ice making process without making any mess. 

Like our top pick, the Crownful has an overall plastic construction, which makes it feel flimsy and of lesser quality than stainless steel models. But don’t let the appearance fool you — having a stylish design makes the machine fit in well with any kitchen decor. Crownful seems to stand by it as well, since they offer a 1-year warranty for this model. 

With a straightforward interface, the Crownful is very simple to operate. On the front, there is a backlit LED control panel, which features just an On/Off button and warning lights for when the ice bin is full or the water tank is empty. 

There is also an underside drain plug at the bottom, which makes it quicker and safer to empty unused water from the container than side-drain models. 

Many owners praise the cooling fan, which they say is quieter than those found on other models, such as the Opal. They also love the large transparent window located on the top that allows them to easily see how much ice is in the bin without opening it and letting in warm air.


With a great feature set, this unit is well-equipped to make ice very quickly. If you’re looking for a countertop ice maker that’s compact, easy to use, and convenient to clean, the Crownful may never let you down.

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4. Euhomy Commercial Ice Maker Machine - Best Commercial Ice Maker

With high production capacity, a low-set profile, and simple controls, the Euhomy IM-02 is perfect for restaurants, bars, canteens, and other food service businesses that need a steady supply of clean ice.

Euhomy Commercial Ice Maker Machine
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  • User-friendly

  • Large ice bin

  • Proper sanitation

  • Easy to access stored ice

  • Self-cleaning

  • Delay timer

  • Expensive

The Euhomy IM-02 is a powerful undercounter ice maker which can hold 33 pounds and produce 45-cube batches of diamond-style ice in about 13-20 minutes, resulting in about 100 pound of ice per 24 hour. Few undercounter models can claim to produce ice faster, and those that do may produce lower quality ice.

The machine weighs 67 pounds, and has a footprint of 17.3 by 15.7 inches—suitable for most standard-sized counters. Compared to most undercounter ice makers, this model is lighter and more compact. Because of the smaller size, it works relatively faster and requires less installation space.

By equipping their products with a delay feature, the engineers at Manitowoc have successfully come up with a new approach to make their brand more special. This function permits the users to pause the ice-making process for 4, 12, or even 24 hours and leave the machine dormant.

There is an illuminated power button with LED lights for easy viewing and a full-bin indicator, which will give you advance notice when it’s nearly full. The Euhomy IM-02 is also designed with easy cleaning in mind, removing the need to use a sponge or towel to clean the inside. The cleaning function requires only water and vinegar to run its cycle.

The filter, ice bin, and other parts are detachable using hand screws. Plus, its tall legs make cleaning under the machine just as easy. Those are the small features that make it pleasant to use on a daily basis.


The Euhomy IM-02 ice maker possesses many exclusive features aimed at providing users with more flexibility. It comes at a high price tag, but its high-quality design and sustainable construction make it worthwhile for commercial applications.

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5. Scotsman CU50GA Undercounter Ice Maker - Best Undercounter Ice Maker

With the ability to crank out up to 65 pounds of high-quality ice per day, this air-cooled undercounter ice maker is a serious investment that is very suitable for commercial purposes.

Scotsman CU50GA-1A Undercounter Ice Maker Review
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  • Durable stainless steel construction

  • Long-lasting ice

  • High yield

  • Ample storage room

  • Designed for limited space

  • Approved for outdoor use

  • Pricey

  • Noisy operation

  • Quite heavy

The Scotsman CU50GA-1A is significantly larger and heavier than the Euhomy IM-02. It measures 35 inches high by 15 inches wide, and weighs approximately 100 pounds. It makes full ice cubes and can store a maximum of 26 pounds of ice at a time.

The stainless steel ice maker is equipped with WaterSense technology, which can detect hard-water conditions and purge mineral-laden water after every freezing cycle. Thanks to this capability, it can produce pure ice and leave you with less worry about water quality. Pure ice doesn’t affect taste and stays cold longer than unfiltered ice. 

The added value is that this unit has been tested and meets all of the UL standards and NSF International standards for safety. It is certified for outdoor use and is also Energy Star certified. This means your undercounter ice maker will be more energy-and water-efficient than most standard models.  

A typical Energy Star-Rated ice maker is 10%-16% more energy efficient and 20% more water efficient than conventional models, possibly saving about $1,200 in utility costs over the machine’s life.


The durable Scotsman CU50GA-1A is designed for commercial use and can even be used outdoors. It’s exceptionally powerful and relatively low maintenance, so it’s a good fit for small businesses and large families.

Don’t miss our review for everything you need to know about undercounter ice maker.

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6. GE Profile Opal Countertop Nugget Ice Maker with Side Tank - Best Nugget Ice Maker

The GE Profile Opal might be the only portable ice maker that produces nugget ice. As mentioned above, the chewable texture of nugget ice makes it a great option for any beverage dispenser as well as anyone who loves to chew ice.  If you have young kids, this unit is certainly worth your consideration. As nugget ice is soft and chewy, you can safely use it in your child’s drink with less concern about choking hazards.

GE Profile Opal Countertop Nugget Ice Maker
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  • Long-lasting ice cubes

  • Easy to use and schedule

  • Fashionable design

  • Relatively fast ice production

  • Good output system

  • Must be cleaned regularly

  • Noisy

  • Quite expensive

The GE Profile Opal is the largest and heaviest countertop ice maker on our list. It measures 17.5 by 16.5 inches and weighs about 47 pounds. It’s about the same size as a mini fridge. The ice maker’s relatively large size will obviously take up space, but it doesn’t cause the machine to work slowly. On an average, it takes about one hour to produce nearly a pound of ice, which is enough for at least four small drinks. 

The GE Profile Opal is also the loudest portable ice maker in our list, running at 64.5 decibels with the compressor running. This noise level is tolerable during daylight hours but not at night. 

If we are pressed to describe the Opal in one word, it’s “simplicity.” The machine itself is pleasing to look at—with a smooth and shiny stainless steel finish. To make things even simpler for consumers, there’s a sole starting button at the front, which is encircled with a ring-shaped LED indicator. There are three color codes—white for operating, blue for water replenishment, and yellow for self-cleaning. If the light is moving in a circle, it means the selected mode is in progress.

The transparent ice bin lets you monitor the interior as the Opal generates ice cubes. You can retrieve the ice cubes by opening the bin partially or removing it completely from the unit. The ice bin can hold three pounds of ice at a time. When it’s full, the machine will stop running automatically. 

This expensive device is bluetooth-equipped, so you can set an ice-making schedule and monitor the machine’s status via your smartphone using the FirstBuild app. The app is free for both IOS and Android. 


The FirstBuild Opal is a good product, but it’s quite pricey for something that does nothing but make ice. So unless you find yourself desperately craving nugget ice every day, you might want to look elsewhere.

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7. Frigidaire EFIC102-RED Compact Making Machine - Best Residential Ice Maker

The Frigidaire  works in a similar way and is roughly the same size as our top pick but costs more. It weighs 18.6 pounds, has a footprint of 15.3 by 11.7 inches, and is mostly made of plastic. It makes nine-cube batches of ice in about six minutes, resulting in about 1.1 pound of ice per hour— enough for 2-3 small drinks. Owners can choose between small- and medium-sized “bullet” cubes.

Frigidaire EFIC102-RED Compact Making Machine
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  • User-friendly

  • Lightweight and compact

  • Automatic shut-off

  • Quiet cooling

  • Regular cleaning needed

  • Expensive

Compared with the hOmeLabs, this model has a smaller storage bin that carries 1.2 pounds of ice at a time. That’s enough ice for 6-8 drinks. Once the ice bin is full, the device issues an alert and automatically turns off to prevent overflowing.

Besides the compressor cooling system, this countertop ice maker also comes with a low-noise, high-speed exhaust fan, which helps carry the heat away from the coils. That’s why the machine is totally perfect for indoor use. 

The machine has received a safety certificate from ETL. So, you can trust that it is absolutely safe to use. The only trade-off is a slightly higher cost.


The Frigidaire is a great choice for an RV or outdoor entertainment. If you’re after a fairly-priced ice maker with solid values, this one has what you need.

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So this is our list of the best ice maker this year. By providing a detailed comparison of the various features, prices, sizes, and designs of most ice makers, including their ice-making capacity, we hope the list would be helpful in giving you a better idea of what’s like to own one.

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