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Top Kitchen Faucet Brands

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Flaws in such colossus mechanisms are inevitable; negative feedbacks are natural among branching companies.

Yet, it should not be the sole negativity that encompasses our preference. Rather, it’s the comparison between the good and the bad that we should base our decision upon.

Keep that in mind.

1. Delta Faucet


In many years, competitions have been fierce. However, it now seems safe to say that Delta has won over enough hearts to be considered among top faucet brands.

This is a vibe, a sense that I’ve been getting from forums, from customer reviews… that Delta, went downhill as they did, has made a comeback, scoring with satisfying customers after satisfying customers.

If it’s not for their technologies, their design or their product quality, then it’s definitely for their customer support.

Well known for Touch2o, a technology that allows you to turn the water on or off with only a touch, Delta has developed a number of solutions over the years, notably, the MagnaTite ® docking and SpotShield ® finish.

Delta also covers all of their kitchen faucets and finishes with a lifetime limited warranty for homeowners. Any repairs or replacements should be free of charge.

2. Moen

MOEN Faucet Kitchen

Another tier 1 faucet brand is Moen for the company's kitchen faucets are high quality and well regarded. Moen and Delta are the two most noticeable faucet brands and can be said to be rivals in the past years.

The company has their own innovations, aiming to fulfill users’ demands in the kitchen. Their technologies are not to be taken lightly.

Moen was among the first to apply motion sensor techs to kitchen faucets, introducing a completely touchless experience to the sink. Their MotionSense ™ promises smooth hands-free control and accurate activation, which has been reviewed to work as splendidly as expected.

With their unique collections of faucets, whether you are searching for a standard modern look or classic elegance vibe on a touchless kitchen faucet, you won’t be disappointed.

Other than that, Moen is also favored for their decent customer service. There have been few complaints on the company’s care policy.

Homeowners will receive lifetime limited warranty on their kitchen faucet purchases. Problems are to be dealt with in no time.

3. Kohler


Talking about kitchen renovation or setting up a new plumbing system, the name Kohler simply can’t go unnoticed.

Having been around for decades, Kohler has gained plenty of insights into homeowners’ needs from their kitchen fixtures, those being functionality and appearance.

What consumers usually expect from Kohler is the quality of standard experience rather than new luxury technologies. It is the customers that prefer Kohler’s simplicity, not the company that lacks the will to innovate.

Regarding functions, the most favorable kitchen faucet line from the company offers powerful Sweep spray to clear off your tableware and sink, DockNetik with secure magnetic docking and Promotion ® with light braided hose and ball joint sprayer.

Appearance wise, people take a liking to the brand’s signature Bold Look that enlightens the kitchen with a sense of elegance. Lifetime limited warranty is granted to homeowners. Customer service is well-regarded.

But there’s a bit of a trick in the customer care policy. Support requires proof of purchase (original sales receipt) to be provided. Without such, the company has rights to disregard buyers’ warranty claim, which could be a pain after years of use and you could no longer get ahold of the receipt.

4. Price Pfister


Another name that passes from consumers to consumers is Pfister. Since 1910, Pfister has been amid the top choices for plumbing plans.

From the first look on the website, the company appears to specialize in lavatory equipment. Their kitchen category strikes visitors as a second main focus.

However, they do know how to attract users with their own approach. Kitchen faucets from Pfister do not have luxury technologies. Instead, they focus on pushing basic experience forward and lowering the cost of the newest hands-free application.

Accudock ™ ensures firm docking for the spray head, Xtract ™ provides integrated filtration within the faucets controlled by the handle and Elevate offers customized spout heights.

And what keeps homeowners’ staying the most is the exceptionally economical price ranging across the company collections. Even with React, you can experience a touch-free faucet without paying to much.

Low cost and practicality are the two qualities that are crucial in most consumers’ list. Price Pfister has just that.

5. Kraus


Not yet a familiar name, Kraus is slowly building their reputation of sturdy faucets in recent years and has had much success on the Amazon front.

Talking to owners of a Kraus faucet, you won’t be hearing about its innovations or its utility techs. Instead, to much certainty, the conversation will likely be about its full metal build and its ability to satisfy standard usage.

Additionally, Kraus aims at the low price range. Without outstanding innovations, the company still make sure their consumers will get what they essentially need from a kitchen faucet, those being simple utility and longevity, at affordable prices.

Kraus also offers lifetime limited warranty like all other strong brands.

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