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How To Find Delta Faucet’s Model Number With Just a Few Steps

Knowing how to find Delta faucet's model number can be crucial when you're in need of repairing or replacing certain parts. Here's an easy instruction.

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Learning how to find Delta faucet's model number is probably not something you'd think you'd have to do when you first make the purchase. But then one day, all of a sudden, your faucet is in need of repairing or replacing certain parts. And "What the heck is a model number and where do I find it?"

So are there actually ways to get it down to nuts and bolts? Let’s read on below for more tips.

A Break-down To Why And How You Should Start Your Faucet’s Model Number Discovery

Being a company of high reputation, Delta usually makes the quality products and their models vary greatly. It may be a commercial-built configure or just simply an interior home gear. Whatever it is, collecting some more extra know-hows has never been redundant, either for overhauling or utilizing it.

Most of the service that involves the actual product will likely require the model number. Through that short series of characters, the company will be able to identify your faucets model and, therefore, offer correct guidance and details of the needed parts.

In other cases where you require only the parts, the info (series number) of the parts can be found in the Maintenance and Installation Sheet that comes with the product. You then can call their support line for the delivery of those parts.

If you have lost all of the manuals, it's totally fine. You can go to the website and look for the info there as long as you remember the model number (which can be found on the box). If those, the manuals and the box, are, most unfortunately, no longer in your possession because you threw them away or you've just moved to a new house with pre-installed fixtures, the next simple steps are for you.

Step 1: Visit Delta Faucet Website

Get access to the official Delta website (https://www.deltafaucet.com/) and head straight to the “Service & Parts” button on the main menu.

Step 1 Visit Delta Faucet Website

Scroll it down a bit to the “Troubleshoot your product” part. From this step on, the Delta handy wizard tool will thoroughly guide you through the rest of the process.

Step 1 Visit Delta Faucet Website 1

Step 2: Provide the peculiarities of your faucet

In the first step “Room”, click on the picture to choose whether your item is a kitchen or a bathroom fixture

Step 2 Provide the peculiarities of your faucet

Keep answer the clarifying questions by clicking on the pictures

Step 2 Provide the peculiarities of your faucet 1

Make sure you go through all of the questions, which are 8 in total, to narrow your search down. Why? Because Delta Faucet has more than 1000 models of kitchen faucets alone, not to mention the other plumbing fixtures. Surely you don't want to look for yours in that mess without a little filtering.

If something happens that make you miss a question, like misclicking or your internet connection acting up, simply scroll up or down and click on that one again to give your answer. Be patient as the page has to load your every choice.

Remember, 1) DO NOT refresh/reload the page or you have to start from the beginning, 2) if you have to, use the back button on the wizard, NOT on the browser.

Step 2 Provide the peculiarities of your faucet 2

As soon as you’ve finished providing the product’s descriptions, the number of Matching Products will decrease. Hopefully something less than 20.

Step 2 Provide the peculiarities of your faucet 3

After the filtering process is done, click on “View matching products” to move on to the next step.

Step 3: Select your faucet among filtered results

At this final step – “Issue”, you’ll be presented with the faucets with closest matches to how you’ve described your faucet in the previous step.

Step 3 Select your faucet among filtered results

Up until this, the hard work has already been reduced considerably. It’s a much simpler task now to visually pick out your faucet based on comparisons to much smaller selections.

Drag your mouse over to the chosen product’s image on the website, and these buttons will come into sight. Click on “Trouble shoot this product” if you wish to seek help solving certain matters of the faucet. Make sure to note down your faucet’s model number first.

Otherwise, click on “View product details” if you’re looking for specific information, namely the specifications or the digital manuals.


Step 4: Start reporting your issues

You will be asked whether you’re facing any of the provided types of issues as listed. Just simply click on any image for more information about replacements and/or repairing solutions for each type.

Step 4 Start reporting your issues

Click on “Contact Us” button to reach to Delta’s customer service unit for further guides.

You will be forwarded to a form with their customer service info and details about your breakdown to. At this point on, you should be crystal clear about how you desire to be assisted.

Step 4 Start reporting your issues 1

It’s also promised to be a more operative help-out as you could include on-scene pictures of the faucet’s breakdown. Don’t forget to check out the photo tips lie at the bottom part of the page.

Step 4 Start reporting your issues 2

However, my personal recommendation is to call them directly. It's way better to describe the situation verbally and receive response on the spot.

So there you have it! We've just gone through the down-right rudimental steps to find your Delta faucet’s model number. Just relax and let the whole process does what it's designed for - to let you approach their service with ease. That's one of the things I love about Delta, apart from the fact that it offers some of the finest kitchen faucets out there.

Happy mending!

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