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Topwit Electric Kettle T630 In-depth Review

We couldn’t find much information about the brand Topwit besides their Amazon front page. There, we found they also have electric hot pots and rice cookers in addition to electric kettles.

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Tested Using Methodology v1.0
The Topwit Glass Electric Tea Kettle T630 on the right and a cup of black tea on the left. In the background is a shelf with different electric kettles.

Overall Verdict

The Topwit T630 has the largest capacity we’ve seen in an electric kettle while remaining lighter than most. However, it doesn’t have the fastest boiling speed, far from it. It could also use a proper limescale filter so that we don’t need to descale it as frequently.

On the bright side, it also has the most quiet boiling phase out of all of the electric kettles we’ve tested. It doesn’t consume a lot of energy and has adequate heat retention.

Things We Like

  • Extra large capacity
  • Low price tag
  • Quiet boiling phase
  • Light weight
  • Easy to use

Things We Don’t Like

  • Inconvenient flip-lock lid
  • Slow boiling time
  • No limescale filter
  • No cord storage

We bought the Topwit Glass Electric Tea Kettle T630 on Amazon for $23.26—a highly affordable price (at the time of writing). The first thing we noticed about this kettle was its larger-than-usual capacity—2 L, as opposed to 1.7 L. However, our first test run revealed a slow boiling speed. So, let’s give it a thorough testing to see if it’s good or not.

We chose the color white for variety but it’s no different from the black one. The brand also has a number of other glass or stainless steel models all with a tea infuser that we might test in the future.

Key Specs

L8.46 x W5.83 x H9.25
2.3 lbs (1.0 kg)
Glass and BPA-free plastic
67.63 fl. oz. (2 L)
1000 W
Cord Placement
Base (cordless carafe)

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Compared to Other Electric Kettles

Analysis and Test Results

7.2 Performance

The Topwit Electric Glass Kettle had the best score in Noise Level among our tested kettles. Its Energy Consumption and Keep Warm scores were good as well. However, its slow boiling time was a detrimental weakness.

6.0 Boiling Time

1.5 liters of water boiling inside the Topwit Glass Electric Tea Kettle T630. The digital timer displays 08 minutes and 54 seconds.
Room Temperature
80°F (26.7°C)
Water Volume
50.72 fl. oz. (1.5 liters)
Boiling Time
8m 54s

For the common electric kettles (not goosenecks) like this one, we evaluate the time they take to boil 1.5 liters of water—a middle ground of their capacity. The Topwit took 8 minutes and 54 seconds to bring 1.5 liters of room-temperature water (80°F/26.7°C) to boiling point (212°F/100°C).

This was an exceedingly slow result, earning only a score of 6/10. This brings the question of how long it’s gonna take to boil the kettle’s maximum 2 liters of water, especially considering the kettle’s 1000 W of power.

8.0 Energy Consumption

The power meter reads the energy consumption of the Topwit Glass Electric Tea Kettle T630 to be 150 Wh.
112 V
8.749 A
997 W
Energy Consumption
150 Wh

We used a power meter to measure the Topwit’s total energy consumption to bring 1.5 liters of room-temperature water to a rolling boil. The result was 150 Wh which was our standard for an 8/10 score.

9.6 Noise Level

The Topwit Glass Electric Tea Kettle T630 is boiling 1.5 liters of water. The noise meter displays the maximum sound pressure level to be 64.1 dB.
Noise Level
64.1 dB

During boiling, the Topwit’s noise level peaked at 64.1 dB while reaching a rolling simmer, making it our most quiet kettle to date. According to our data and the CDC-recommended of 80 dB, this result earned the kettle a near perfect 9.6/10.

7.0 Keep Warm

On the right is a Thermo Pro two-probe digital thermometer displaying 202°F and 204°F. In the middle is the Topwit Glass Electric Tea Kettle T630 with 1.5 liters of water and two probes inside. On the right is a digital timer on a 5 minute countdown.
After 5 Minutes
202°F / 95°C

The glass carafe of the Topwit doesn’t have the best property for heat retention. The kettle also doesn’t have the Keep Warm feature. As a result, after 5 minutes, the temperature dropped from 212°F / 100°C to 202°F / 95°C. Compared to other kettles, this was worthy of a 7/10.

5.9 Design

The Topwit Electric Glass Kettle has an extra large capacity and a few desirable features like water-level markings and an LED ring. However, the lid open mechanism and limescale filter could be better.

In the Box

On the upper right is the Topwit Glass Electric Tea Kettle T630. On the left is a cardboard box. Below the kettle, on the right is an instruction manual and on the left is the power base.
  • One cordless kettle
  • One corded power base
  • One user manual
  • Warranty: 90-day limited

The Topwit Electric Glass Kettle arrived between two foam pads—one for the top and bottom—inside a carton box. The instruction manual has the standard safeguards, how to use, cleaning and maintenance, and a 90-day limited warranty that you’ll need to activate via email within 15 days of purchase.


The Topwit Glass Electric Tea Kettle T630 is 8.46 inches in length, 5.83 inches in width, and 9.25 inches in height.
8.5" (21.5 cm)
5.8" (14.8 cm)
9.3" (23.5 cm)
2.3 lbs (1.0 kg)

6.0 Carafe

The carafe of the Topwit Glass Electric Tea Kettle T630 sitting on top of its power base.
The carafe of the Topwit Glass Electric Tea Kettle T630 sitting on top of its power base.
The heating plate with a LED ring around it of the Topwit Glass Electric Tea Kettle T630.
The heating plate with a LED ring around it glowing blue of the Topwit Glass Electric Tea Kettle T630.
The glass V-shaped spout of the Topwit Glass Electric Tea Kettle T630.
The lid opening diameter of the Topwit Glass Electric Tea Kettle T630 is 4.53 inches.
The plastic white bottom of the Topwit Glass Electric Tea Kettle T630.
67.6 fl oz (2.0 L)
1.9 lbs (0.8 kg)
Borosilicate glass
Opening Diameter
3.54 in. (9 cm)
LED Ring
Water Level Markings
Tea Infuser

The carafe is made of glass and has a larger-than-usual capacity of 2 L (67.63 fl. oz) or a little over 8 cups of water (+2). It has water level markings in the middle and a wide lid opening, 3.54 inches in diameter (+2).

The Topwit has quite a unique V-shaped spout that is shaped out of the glass carafe itself. Usually, this means that the limescale filter will be fixed to the lid and the Topwit’s design stays true to that.

However, this kettle only has a low-quality, plastic, holed filter which doesn't actually filter any limescale, similar to the Dezin DZ380 (+0). The only thing it does is restrict the water flow so that it doesn’t just gush out from the spout.

Similar to many other cordless electric kettles, the Topwit’s heating element is positioned inside the bottom of the carafe. There’s a ring of blue LED around the bottom which will illuminate when the kettle’s running, making it easy to spot in the dark (+2).

7.0 Handle

A hand holding the Topwit Glass Electric Tea Kettle T630 by its handle.
Cool-touch BPA-free plastic
Cool-touch, anti-slip

The cool-touch handle is made of BPA-free plastic (+3). It doesn’t have an ergonomic contour or anti-slip feature, but feels secure and comfortable on the wrist nonetheless (+4). Quite different from other electric kettles, the power switch of this one is on its handle.

6.0 Lid

The white clip-lock lid of the Topwit Glass Electric Tea Kettle T630.
The white clip-lock lid of the Topwit Glass Electric Tea Kettle T630.
The clip-lock lid of the Topwit Glass Electric Tea Kettle T630 opens at an 80° angle.
BPA-free plastic and 304 stainless steel
Open Mechanism
Push-button clip-lock

The Topwit has a hinged lid with a clip lock on top which isn’t as convenient as having a push button (+1). Nonetheless, the lid still opens to an 80° angle which is good enough to move out of the way to get water (+2).

While the outside is plastic, the inside of the lid is 304 stainless steel, meaning there’s no plastic material coming into contact with your water, which we know many people appreciate (+2). Be careful since only the clip is cool-touch.

Unlike some other electric kettles we’ve tested, this one doesn’t have a silicone band around the circumference. Regardless, the lid still closes tightly (+1).

5.0 Base

The top of the power base of the Topwit Glass Electric Tea Kettle T630.
The top of the power base of the Topwit Glass Electric Tea Kettle T630.
The bottom of the power base of the Topwit Glass Electric Tea Kettle T630.
BPA-free plastic
Swivel 360°
Cord Storage

The Topwit has a standard BPA-free plastic 360° swivel base that’s sturdy and fits the carafe well enough (+5). However, different from the majority of modern electric kettles, it doesn’t have cord storage or anti-slip rubber pads at the bottom of the base (+0).

Power Cord

The three-pronged round power cord of the Topwit Glass Electric Tea Kettle T630 is 22.83 inches long (58 cm).
three-pronged plug
1000 W
Rated Output
120 V ~ 60 Hz
Cord Placement
Cord Length
22.83 in. (58 cm)

The Topwit has a 22.83 inch round power cord, which is one of the shortest we’ve seen but should still be enough for household use. It has a three-prong grounded plug which is typically safer than a two-pronged one.

6.6 Usability

The Topwit Electric Glass Kettle is large but lightweight, making it still effortless to carry and pour. And, its clip-lock lid doesn’t pose a problem. However, the kettle not having a mesh filter will require you to descale it more frequently.

7.0 User Control

The handle of the Topwit Glass Electric Tea Kettle T630 has a power switch.
One touch
Indicator Light
Temperature Control
Keep Warm
Automatic Shut-Off
Boil-Dry Protection

The Topwit has a standard one-touch switch located on its handle with no digital display or temperature control (+1). This means the kettle doesn’t have an indicator light inside the switch like many of its peers.

It also has no indicator light on its body like many other kettles. Thankfully, the carafe still has a blue LED ring to let you know the kettle is running (+2).

Like most other kettles, it has an automatic shutoff feature which activates when the thermal fuse detects that the ambient temperature is 100°C (+2). Keep in mind that this feature will not kick in if you leave the lid open. If you do, however, you still don’t have to worry about overheating because the kettle’s boil-dry protection feature will turn off the kettle when no water is present (+2).

7.0 Ease of Use

A hand pouring water from the Topwit Glass Electric Tea Kettle T630 into a glass of black tea.

The Topwit has a simple control but not the easiest to open due to the clip-lock lid mechanism (+2). Nonetheless, the lock is on top of the lid so opening it doesn’t risk scalding ourselves.

Interestingly, despite its large capacity, the carafe is actually slightly lighter than the majority of our tested kettles. The handle felt good in the hand and seemed sturdy when we picked the kettle up—it was filled with water to the max (+1).

The unobstructed and large opening of 3.54 inches allowed us to comfortably pour in water from the tap or any container (+1). There are water level markings in the middle of the carafe for easy viewing and precise decanting (+1).

We found no odd odor during the first boil—a sign of good material quality and upkeep before delivery. The nice angle between the arm and the kettle made pouring effortless (+1).

The power base fits firmly below its carafe so there is no wobbling around during boiling (+1). However, there’s no cord storage for cable management (+0).

5.0 Cleaning

A person in a white shirt holding the Topwit Glass Electric Tea Kettle T630 by its handle on one hand and the other hand wiping the carafe interior with a piece of tissue. On the right is a bottle of white vinegar.

Cleaning the Topwit is very straightforward and we recommend doing it weekly, especially on the inside as the kettle doesn’t have a limescale mesh filter (+2). To remove the limescale, simply boil a mixture of vinegar and water and rinse the kettle afterward.

As for the kettle, its lid opening is large enough for an adult hand to fit through and wipe the interior when necessary (+3).

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