Jul 3, 2022

Test Methodology Version 1.1

We adjusted the Performance tests to exploit the devices’ full potentials  and reflect the condition of the knife as it is used in a kitchen setting. 

  • Time to Reach Workable Sharpness - We spend more time sharpening on the coarsest slot and less time on the other stages. 
  • Maximum Sharpness - We focus on the coarsest sharpening slot and reduce time on the other slots to get the maximum sharpness possible.
  • Edge Smoothness - We assess the edge at the lemon-cutting level of keenness after sharpening it on the device. 
  • Material Retention - Instead of the blunted original knife edge, we now check how much material the sharpener can remove on an edge that has been sharpened to its maximum sharpness on the device, then blunted.

May 17, 2022

Test Methodology Version 1.0

We bought a batch of popular sharpeners and spent months putting them through various tests in the RTR lab. Ratings were given on the sharpness level each device could achieve, the sharpening time, and ease of use, among other criteria. Read our reviews and comparisons to find out the device that best suits your sharpening needs!