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PUR PLUS Faucet Filter (PFM350V) In-depth Review

Wondering if the PUR Plus PFM350V faucet-mount water filter is a good upgrade for your kitchen? Here’s our hands-on review!

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Tested Using Methodology v1.0
The PUR PFM350V filter next to its box on a white table.

Overall Verdict

The PUR Plus PFM350V is a good water filter as far as performance goes in our list. Although its filtering flow rate leaves much to be desired, the chlorine filtering performance of the filter was definitely up to code in our test.

The design of the filter was made from plastic, which means its long-term durability can be a little bit concerning. However, we really liked the compact and trendy design of the filter. It’ll blend in and accentuate the design of most kitchens (especially contemporary ones.)

It is both easy to install and to use and didn’t leak once in our various tests.

Things We Like

  • Excellent chlorine filtering ability
  • Sleek and compact design with a very modern aesthetic
  • Has a filter indicator light
  • Easy to install and use

Things We Don’t Like

  • Filter has a low capacity (100 gallons)
  • Housing is built entirely from plastic, which can be a durability issue in the long-term

PUR is one of the premier names in the residential water filtering market segment, having endeared itself to consumers with its successful water filtering pitcher lines. It’s not at all surprising when we learned that PUR also offers faucet filters, too.

So, how well do the faucet-mount filters in PUR live up to the successes of their pitcher filters?

For the past week, we’ve tested the PUR Plus PFM350V in the lab alongside other water filters on the market. And while the test results weren’t as good as we had hoped, PUR still did a decent job with this filter. If you plan to pick up a unit yourself, this review can tell you everything you need to know before you click the order button!

Key Specs

Filtering flow rate
0.44 GPM
Filter capacity
100 gallons
ANSI Standard 42, 53, 401
L6.5 x W5.25 x H2.8 inches
1.1 pounds
2 years

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Compared to Other Faucet Water Filters

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Analysis and Test Results

6.8 Performance

As expected from PUR, the filter cartridge they shipped with the PFM350V did a great job of filtering out chemicals like chlorine. In our test, it was able to remove nearly all traces of free chlorine in the highly-chlorinated water that we pumped through the filter.

Our only issue with the PFM350V is its low flow rate in filtering mode. Specifically, when switched to filtering mode, the filter only outputs around 0.44 GPM (the faucet we attached it to has a flow rate of 2.2 GPM). Currently, the PUR Plus PFM350V is one of the slowest filters in our database.

8.4 Design

The PUR Plus PFM350V is made entirely from plastic, which will usually get a downvote from us on grounds of durability. But we’re really taken by its design: the sleek and modern form factor and the slate gray color of the plastic housing makes it a perfect fit for contemporary kitchens.

The filter compartment is also designed uniquely. When the filter is mounted on the faucet, the large, bulbous filter compartment is laid horizontally instead of vertically, like in other filters we’ve tested. This means the filter won't obstruct your use of the faucet.

9.8 Usability

Like most faucet-mount water filters, there’s only one motion that you need to learn to use the PUR Plus PFM350V once it’s installed on the faucet: switching the routing valve’s handle up and down to get either filtered or unfiltered water. So, usability-wise, the PFM350V is excellent.

But this model further stands out from the rest by having an extra indicator light at the front that tells you exactly when your filter has maxed out its capacity and needs to be replaced. It makes maintaining the filter much less of a hassle.

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