Holstein Housewares HH-09125016B Mini Waffle Maker Review

Matthew Lee
Tuyet Pham
Culinary Consultant
Lap Vo
Test Lead
Nguyen Ntk
Visual Specialist
Tested Using Methodology v1.1
Holstein Housewares HH-09125016B Waffle Maker Review
Power: 350W

Overall Verdict

Overall Score
  • Performance (50%)
  • Usability (30%)
  • Design (20%)

The Holstein Housewares HH-09125016B 4” Personal waffle maker doesn’t have any outstanding features from the other mini-sized waffle makers we have tested. Its cooking performance was mediocre at best, while the design was unremarkable. Considering the price, the results were expected and, to a degree, understandable. The only thing it has going for is its exceedingly affordable price, making it an appealing choice for budget shoppers.

Things We Like

  • Highly affordable
  • Compact size and lightweight
  • Handling is simple and smooth
  • Acceptable build quality
  • Excellent cleanability rating

Things We Don’t Like

  • Mediocre cooking performance with our self-mixed recipe
  • Cheap-looking design
  • Lacks a control panel
  • Safety rating is very low
  • Updated Aug 23, 2022:

    Review published.

This model is the smallest, most affordable model in Holstein Housewares’ catalog. The machine is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, and so are its 4-inch waffles. Holstein also gives you plenty of colors to choose from when you order, ranging from plain back to more vibrant colors like yellow, lilac, and blue.

We recently bought a black unit and put it through its paces in our lab. After a week, here is our consensus on this handy mini waffle maker.

Holstein Housewares HH-09125016B Waffle Maker In-depth Review


How We Tested

Its performance was unremarkable in the test with our self-mixed waffle batter. The waffle maker was able to serve up a cooked waffle but overall quality could use some improvements.


Self-Mixed Recipe

Holstein Housewares HH-09125016B Self-Mixed Recipe
Holstein Housewares HH-09125016B Self-Mixed Recipe 1
Holstein Housewares HH-09125016B Self-Mixed Recipe 2
Holstein Housewares HH-09125016B Self-Mixed Recipe 3
Color: 5.75
35% * 5.75 = 2.0
Texture: 7
25% * 7 = 1.8
Taste: 6.5
40% * 6.5 = 2.6
  • Heat Level: 3
  • Cooking Time: 5 minutes

The coloration was decent but looked slightly burnt. The interior was filled nicely with bubbles and softened, though it was still mushy. As for the taste, the waffle only received a mediocre score from our chef, on account of its mushy core and slightly bland taste.

Color (35%) — 5.75/10

  • Color tone: Very dark brown
  • Color distribution: Uneven

Most of the waffle’s crust was a light gold color but within the deep wells are dark brown spots that indicate overcooking. Several of the wells were darkened beyond the point of “overcooked” and into “burnt” territory.

The color distribution is messy. The upper left-hand side is darker than the rest, which is a symptom of an uneven heating grid.

Texture (25%) - 7/10

  • Texture: Soft and fluffy, but still slightly mushy
  • Aeration level: High, with multiple air bubbles and pockets within the waffle’s core

Texturally, the waffle had filled out nicely with bubbles and air pockets all through its interior. This resulted in a decently soft and airy consistency. But our chef assessed the interior to be excessively moist and mushy still, resulting in only a “Good” score.

Taste (40%) - 6.5/10

  • Flavor: Sweet and buttery, but has off-tastes from burnt spots on the crust (bitter) and undercooked spots in the interior (raw batter taste)
  • Mouthfeel: Soft and fluffy, dry at burnt spots, and mushy on the inside

The overall taste was flavorful. The waffle’s flavor profile was sweet and buttery. However, burnt spots on the crust imparted a slightly bitter taste. And within the waffle, the mushy, undercooked spots also gave the waffle a raw batter-like taste. They effectively ruined the overall tasting experience.

In the mouth, the waffle was generally soft and spongy, but it wasn’t a consistent experience. Burnt spots on the crust felt dry on the tongue. And the undercooked portions within the waffle’s interior were disconcertingly wet and mushy.


Birch Benders Mix

Holstein Housewares HH-09125016B Birch Benders Mix
Holstein Housewares HH-09125016B Birch Benders Mix 1
Holstein Housewares HH-09125016B Birch Benders Mix 2
Holstein Housewares HH-09125016B Birch Benders Mix 3
Color: 5.25
35% * 5.25 = 1.8
Texture: 6.5
25% * 6.5 = 1.6
Taste: 7
40% * 7 = 2.8
  • Heat Level: N/A
  • Cooking Time: 5 minutes

Though the waffle may not be the most attractive or have the best texture, it was edible and, most importantly, quite tasty. It would do the trick for breakfasts or snacking.

Color (35%) — 5.25/10

  • Color tone: Very light gold (Both)
  • Color distribution: Even

The waffle had a very light gold crust, with the deep wells having a dark brown tone. Although the color distribution on both sides of the waffle was even, we noticed the wells at the top to be more erratically colored. Notably, some wells are darker than others. This may indicate that the top lid's heating element is slightly unbalanced.

Texture (25%) - 6.5/10

  • Texture: Soft, but overly moist and mushy
  • Aeration level: Medium

The waffle’s texture was acceptable. It had a medium aeration rate, and air pockets had populated the waffle’s interior. But many portions of the waffle were still quite dense. These thick, mealy parts significantly affected the overall texture.

Taste (40%) - 7/10

  • Flavor: Sweet and slightly savory
  • Mouthfeel: Soft, but certain parts are mushy

The flavor was well-developed. Our chef appreciated the sweet and slightly savory taste of the waffle. The tasting experience was impacted by the mushy mouthfeel of the underdeveloped parts, though.

We didn’t expect much from the Holstein 4-inch waffle maker when we received it, considering its price. And indeed, with a plastic outer shell, it will probably not be the most beautiful or premium waffle maker you have ever seen. Nevertheless, the build quality is sufficient with relatively solid lid hinges and a pair of well-built waffle plates.

It notably lacks a control panel, but none of the mini waffle makers in this price range sport this feature.

In The Box

Holstein Housewares HH-09125016B In The Box
  • Holstein Housewares 4” Personal Waffle Maker
  • User manual

The box contains the waffle maker itself and the instruction manual.


not image
  • Length
    5.1" (13.0 cm)
  • Width
    6.5" (16.5 cm)
  • Height
    3.5" (9.0 cm)
  • Weight
    1.1 lbs (0.5 kg)

The Holstein 4-inch waffle maker fits perfectly into the Mini class size, weighing only one pound and compact enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Its compact, lightweight design may put it on the radar of hikers and travelers who want a portable waffle maker to cook on the go.

For those at home, the small size takes up very little space on the countertop. And when you have to put it away for storage, it can fit easily into a cupboard or a drawer.


Build Quality

Holstein Housewares HH-09125016B Build Quality

The build quality of the Holstein 4-inch is acceptable.

It is made almost entirely from plastic except for the cast-aluminum waffle plates. The plastic shell feels far cheaper than some other waffle makers we have tested that are made of metal. And of course, compared to metal, plastic can be more prone to damage, too. Still, at this price point, we can't ask for more.

Certain parts of the waffle maker are very well-built. The lid hinges, for example, are solid and don't wobble a lot when opened or closed.

But when inspected closely, various manufacturing flaws reflect this waffle maker's budget price. We observed hideous gashes on the plastic at the back of the unit and exposed electrical wirings.


Waffle Plates

Holstein Housewares HH-09125016B Waffle Plates
Holstein Housewares HH-09125016B Waffle Plates 1
  • Numberof Plates
  • Grid Pattern
  • Plate Area
    17.72 inches2
  • Plate Length
    4.75 inches
  • Plate Width
    4.75 inche
  • Material
    Cast aluminum
  • Non Stick Coating
  • Removable
  • Dishwasher Safe

The waffle maker has a set of two cast-aluminum waffle plates. They are treated with a layer of smooth non-stick that, throughout our performance test, seemed to work very well. We never had to deal with a sticky waffle, and we could easily wipe off debris and residues.

Surrounding the plates is a small anti-spill channel. It will help minimize the mess in the event of a minor batter spill.


Control Panel

not image
  • Indicator Lights
  • Audible Alarm
  • Timer
  • Browning Control

The Holstein 4-inch waffle maker doesn’t come with a control panel. The only thing it has is an indicator light at the top. When you plug the unit in, the light will brighten to indicate that it is receiving power. Once the plates are heated and ready for use, the light will turn off.

Power Cord

Holstein Housewares HH-09125016B Power Cord
  • Plug Style
    Type A (Flat Blade Attachment Plug)
  • Length
    25 inches
  • Cable Management

The power cord measures roughly 25 inches long, which is shorter than average compared to other models in our database. Some users may have to rely on an extension cord.

Integrated to the back foot of the waffle maker is a small grommet. When you have to put the waffle maker away into storage, you can wrap the cord around it for easier management.

Extra Accessories

not image
  • Material
  • Removable
  • Dishwasher Safe

The Holstein 4-inch waffle maker does not come with any accessories.

Ease of Use

How We Rated

Like every other waffle maker that doesn’t come with a control panel, the Holstein 4-inch is straightforward to use. Wait for the indicator light at the top to turn off, then pour in the batter. Wait as long as you want the waffle to cook, lift the lid, and extract the finished waffle.

In terms of safety, the Holstein — due to its small size — heats up very quickly. Thus, you should wear oven mitts while handling it. Cleaning is easy thanks to the smooth plastic outer shell and the non-stick plates.



not image

Since the waffle maker lacks any control feature, the Holstein is a “plug-and-play” device. You only need to plug it in and let it handle the rest.

We can open and close the lid smoothly. When pushed back, the lid leans at an angle. As a result, there’s no risk of it unexpectedly snapping shut on your hand while you’re pouring the batter.

However, the lack of a control panel greatly reduces the waffle maker’s versatility.



Holstein Housewares HH-09125016B Safety
Holstein Housewares HH-09125016B Safety 1
Holstein Housewares HH-09125016B Safety 2
  • Top Side Temperature
  • Bottom Side Temperature
  • Handle Temperature

The waffle maker doesn’t do well in our safety assessment. It suffers from the same all-surface heating issue as the other mini waffle makers that we have tested. Particularly, after two or three cooking sessions, every surface on the unit becomes piping hot, including the handle. It warrants wearing oven mitts throughout the entire process.

But with our thermometer, the waffle maker fared significantly worse than any other mini waffle makers we have tested.

The top lid measured 219°F. This is hot enough to cause a serious burn injury.

The bottom is considered warm at 113.7°F, which is great if you need to move the waffle maker immediately after cooking. However, we still recommend wearing your oven mitts when you touch the unit, just in case.

At 160.7°F, the handle is unacceptably hot.

We also noticed a problem with steam. After a few cooking sessions and when the plates are thoroughly heated, a plume of hot steam can eject from the plates whenever the lid is lifted. It’s not going to seriously injure, but it can be startling if you’re unprepared or aren’t wearing oven mitts to insulate your hands.



Holstein Housewares HH-09125016B Cleanability

The waffle maker has excellent cleanability from a variety of factors. The non-stick waffle plates are helpful during post-cooking clean-ups. Any cooking residue can be easily wiped off with a cloth. And if there were to be a batter spill, the anti-spill channel surrounding the plates will minimize the amount of batter ending up on the table.

As it is made from smooth plastic, the exterior of the waffle maker doesn’t grip the batter tightly. So, even after the batter had dried out, we could quickly deal with it with a few spritzes of light detergent followed by a little buffing with a cloth.


Indicator Light Visibility

not image

The sole indicator light on top of the lid is fairly bright. We could easily observe it from afar, under harsh studio lighting.

Compared to Other Waffle Makers

The Holstein 4-inch waffle maker is part of a very crowded market. We have tested several other mini waffle makers, like the DASH Mini and the Crownful waffle maker. You can check the other models out if you want to see all the options before buying. A good starting place to do that is our best waffle makers listing!