DASH Mini Waffle Maker In-depth Review

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DASH Mini Waffle Maker Hands-on Review
Power: 1200W

The Dash DMW001AQ Mini Waffle Maker is great to have around for a midday snack. If you live by yourself, a plate of these mini-sized waffles constitutes a quick, healthy breakfast. Quality, however,  isn’t going to be restaurant-like: It tends to unevenly cook the top of the waffle while leaving the inside slightly undercooked. Nonetheless, the waffles should still be palatable.

Despite being easy to use and clean, the Dash Mini waffle maker has a low build quality. With the addition of a rather unsafe design, many people may hold off from pulling the trigger on this model.

Things We Like

  • Does a decent job at making pre-mixed waffles
  • The waffle plates’ non-stick layer works well
  • Easy to use ‘plug-and-play’ design
  • Great cleanability

Things We Don’t Like

  • Unremarkable performance in the self-mixed recipe test
  • Relatively slow cooking speed
  • Thin layer of paint that can be easily scratched
  • Many safety issues

Due to its compact size, the Dash DMW001AQ Mini Waffle Maker easily stands out from the rest of the competition. It’s a handy purchase for those who want bite-size, snackable waffles and a good fit for people who live alone or have small kitchens.

Ok, so it’s small and convenient but is it actually good at making waffles? We thoroughly tested the waffle maker in our lab, and here’s what we found.

DASH Mini Waffle Maker In-depth Review


How We Tested

In our tests with our self-mixed recipe, the waffles produced by the Dash Mini were of mediocre quality. The Dash Mini tended to char the crust while leaving the inside a bit undercooked and soggy. However, in our tests with the premade Birch Benders waffle mix, it scored higher. Coloration, texture, and taste were all great—even borderline excellent.


In all three aspects (coloration, texture, and taste,) the DASH Mini still received mediocre scores. Nonetheless, compared to the test results in the first testing methodology (v1.0,) the DASH Mini still saw marked improvements.

Color (35%) — 6

  • Color tone: Very dark brown (Both)
  • Color distribution: Uneven

The waffle’s coloration was mediocre, and we assessed the waffle maker to have done a lousy job at cooking the waffle evenly. Inside some of the wells, the crust was cooked to a dark brown color, almost like they were charred. Upon closer inspection, it seems like they were only overcooked rather than burnt.

The crust was mixed between dark gold and light brown outside the wells.

Texture (25%) — 6

  • Texture: Mediocre
  • Aeration level: Low, air bubbles were small and weren’t well-distributed

The interior was decently aerated. Air bubbles have begun to form on the inside of the waffle. However, they were pretty small and weren’t distributed evenly. As a result, the waffle was still relatively chewy and didn’t have the spongy softness we were looking for.

Taste (40%) — 6

  • Flavor: Sweet and savory with a hint of bitterness
  • Mouthfeel: Dense and dry

The taste was also mediocre. Our chef did recognize the sweet and slightly savory taste of the batter in the waffle. Unfortunately, the haphazardly burnt crust introduced a somewhat bitter taste to the waffle’s flavor profile. Plus, the underwhelming mouthfeel of the waffle also contributed to the waffle’s relatively low taste score.


Compared to the results using the self-mixed recipe, the test results using the Birch Benders mix were significantly better. Coloration was still slightly messy, but it was smoother and more attractive. The texture was soft and spongy, but the interior was still too moist to garner a higher score though the waffle certainly was flavorful.

Color (35%) — 6.3

  • Color tone: Very dark brown (Both)
  • Color distribution: Uneven at the top, uniform at the bottom

The coloring on the top was still not great. The upper crust was still marked with seemingly random dark and light spots—the darker burnt areas being mainly concentrated within the waffle’s wells.

The underside was significantly better. It enjoyed a prettier color gradient that ranged from light gold to golden brown. The distribution of color was excellent.

Texture (25%) — 6.5

  • Texture: Mediocre
  • Aeration level: High, the interior was filled with sizable air bubbles

The aeration level was high, and large air bubbles could be seen within the interior of the waffle. This resulted in a decently soft and fluffy texture. However, our chef judged the inside to be still too moist to get a better score.

Taste (40%) — 8

  • Flavor: Tasty, but a hint of raw batter is present
  • Mouthfeel: Crunchy outer crust with slightly mushy interior

The Dash Mini was able to bring out the complete flavor profile of the batter. Sweet and savory, it was a great-tasting waffle. The well-developed crust gave the waffle a nice crunch. Sadly, the slight mushiness of the interior prevented us from giving it a perfect score.

Being quite a cheap waffle maker, we already expected the design quality of the Dash DMW001AQ Mini Waffle Maker to be unexceptional. And indeed, the waffle maker did not perform well in this test at all. It has a relatively low build quality and many major design issues. Sadly, due to all of the aforesaid flaws, the Dash Mini received a low score in this section.

DASH DMW001AQ Mini in the Box
  • Dash Mini waffle maker
  • Instruction manuals and leaflets

The shipping box contained the waffle maker along with the instruction manuals and advertising leaflets. This waffle maker does not come with any accessories.

DASH DMW001AQ Mini Waffle Maker Dimension

The Dash Mini has a very compact form factor. All three of its dimensions measure less than 10 inches taking up very little space on the kitchen countertop. You can also easily fit the waffle maker into a cupboard when it’s not in use.


DASH DMW001AQ Build Quality

Build quality is not good. The waffle maker’s outer body is made entirely from plastic with a very thin layer of paint sprayed on the top. During our tests, we noticed that the paint flaked off very easily. In fact, the layer of paint was so flimsy that fingernails could scrape it off.


DASH DMW001AQ Waffle Plates

The waffle plates, however, are excellent and are coated with a layer of PFOA-free non-stick. As a result, cleaning the plates is effortless. We only needed to give them a cursory wipe with paper towels to clean off crumbs and other small pieces of food debris. We never had to deal with a sticky waffle throughout our week-long test.


The Dash Mini doesn’t have a control panel. The only feature is the indicator light at the top, which turns on when the waffle maker is plugged in. Once the plates are heated and ready for use, the light will turn off.

With no controls, it gets a zero in this section.

DASH DMW001AQ Power Cord

The Dash Mini has a very long power cord measuring 30 inches. Though it gives the waffle maker greater usability, the long cord can be an issue when it comes to storage. We had to loop the cord around the waffle maker’s body to store it.

The Dash Mini waffle maker does not come with any kind of accessory.

Ease of Use

How We Rated

On the whole, the waffle maker is easy to use. Wait for the top indicator light to turn off, pour in the batter, wait out the cooking time, and you’re finished. However, there are a few safety issues with this waffle maker that greatly hampered its score in this section.


Handling is adequate. As previously mentioned, there aren’t any manual controls on this waffle maker, so it functions as a ‘plug-and-play’ device. You only need to plug in the power cord, wait until the top light turns off, then pour in the batter.

The lid opens and closes smoothly. When pushed back, the lid leans backward at an angle. This effectively prevents the top from snapping closed unexpectedly.


DASH DMW001AQ Safety Top-side temperature

Due to its small size, the entire waffle maker heats up after just one cooking session. We had to pick up the waffle maker by the power cord and let the machine dangle by the end to move it off the countertop after testing. 

Additionally, upon opening the lid after a waffle has finished cooking, you could be subjected to a startling plume of hot air from the waffle plates. The hot air isn’t dangerous, but the flash of considerable heat can still feel extremely uncomfortable.

The top surface reached a temperature of 191°F.

It is only slightly warm at the handle, measuring 98°F. However, like we mentioned earlier, beware of the plume of hot air when you open up the lid.

The base of the waffle maker is uncomfortably warm at 120°F.


The waffle maker is easy to clean. We only needed to wipe down the non-stick waffle plates once in a while to scoop up leftover debris.

Dried-out waffle batter doesn’t stick hard to the smooth plastic body when a spill happens. Cooking residues can be dealt with using mild detergent and a few scrubs with a cloth.


DASH DMW001AQ Indicator Light Visibility

The waffle maker has a large indicator light at the top. It’s difficult to see under harsh studio lighting and daylight. Under normal lighting conditions, however, the light should be clear.

Compared to Other Waffle Makers

The DASH Mini isn’t the only one of its kind. The most recent batch of waffle makers arriving in our lab was the Holstein 4-inch waffle maker, the Nostalgia Mini waffle maker, and the Crownful Mini waffle maker. All of them did pretty well, so if you’re looking for more options, check out their reviews!

The DASH Mini was featured in our best-to-buy waffle makers list once, but the Crownful has since replaced it. You can check it out if you wish to see more options before settling on a model to buy!