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CROWNFUL Mini Waffle Maker In-depth Review

The CROWNFUL 4-inch mini waffle maker is lightweight, compact, and affordable. As a result, it is highly recommended for small families and those who like to take a small snack in the middle of the day. In this article is our full test report for the CROWNFUL waffle maker … check it out before you buy!

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Tested Using Methodology v1.1
Crownful Mini waffle maker with its lid opened and a fresh waffle inside. Next to it is a stack of mini waffles.

Overall Verdict

The Crownful 4-inch Mini Waffle Maker has the same basic design. It has an almost similar cooking performance compared to other mini-sized waffle makers in the same price range. In particular, it was able to cook some decently-tasting waffles in our performance tests. They weren’t restaurant-grade by any means, but at least they were edible.

Where it distinguishes itself is the patterned exterior. The Crownful has a gorgeous outer shell with a patterned top.

The Crownful is easy to use, thanks to the lack of a control panel. You only need to plug it in. But its scoring suffers from having a bad safety profile. Many surfaces of the waffle maker get dangerously hot after one or two cooking sessions.

Things We Like

  • Affordable
  • Beautiful patterning on the lid
  • Excellent build quality
  • Easy to clean, thanks to the non-stick waffle plates and the smooth plastic outer shell

Things We Don’t Like

  • Fairly mediocre performance in our performance tests
  • Does not have a control panel
  • Low safety rating

This 4-inch waffle maker is the only model in Crownful’s portfolio. It is available in four colors: white, green, black, and red. Although the box is relatively sparse, containing only the waffle maker and the manual, the unit has a distinctive design. Its textured lid and wooden handle allow it to visually stand out from other mini waffle makers in our database.

But does it fare well in performance tests against our list of front-lining waffle makers? Here is our full report after a week of testing the Crownful CF-WM01.

Key Specs

Compact size, patterned top lid, indicator lights
Adjustable Settings
L5.7 x W5.12 x H3.15 inches
Plastic housing; aluminum nonstick baking plates
1 pound
Waffle diameter
4 inches

Where to Buy Price at publication $12.95

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Compared to Other Waffle Makers

Analysis and Test Results

6.3 Performance: Great Scoring Throughout

In our cooking tests with the self-mixed recipe, the Crownful CF-WM01 waffle maker managed to achieve brilliant results across all three scoring criteria: color, texture, and taste. The waffles weren’t gourmet-grade, but they can still make for great breakfast treats for families and individuals.

However, in our test with the Birch Benders mix, the waffle maker notably failed the color test by producing a very pale, undercooked-looking waffle.

7.2 Self-Mixed Recipe

CROWNFUL 4-inch Mini Self-Mixed Recipe
The light brown top crust of a waffle baked in 5 minutes using our self-mixed recipe.
The light brown bottom crust of a waffle baked in 5 minutes using our self-mixed recipe.
The cross-section of a waffle baked in 5 minutes, revealing the interior filled with air bubbles and air cavities.
A waffle is torn down the middle by hands in order to test it for its consistency and texture. This particular waffle was baked for 5 minutes using our self-mixed recipe.
Heat Level
Cooking Time
5 minutes

Our chef gave the CF-WM01's waffle a good score, citing the beautiful, lightly browned crust. The waffle's texture was soft, thanks to a decent aeration rate. But the waffle was still developing, and the air pockets hadn't expanded to their maximum size. Our chef also gave the waffle a good score in the taste section but didn't rate it highly as the waffle has a slightly cloying taste of the raw batter.

Color (35%) — 7.25/10

  • Color tone: Dark brown (Top) — Light brown (Bottom)
  • Color distribution: Uneven

The crust has an appealing shade of light golden brown. Within the deep wells on the waffle, the colors are darker, turning to a light golden brown.

We noticed the wells at the top of the waffle tend to be darker than the bottom. On some tests, the wells on the top side looked like they were charred, while the bottom remained lightly colored. This inconsistent heating pattern alludes to an unbalanced heating grid.

Texture (25%) - 7.5/10

  • Texture: Soft in most parts, but mushy in certain spots
  • Aeration level: Medium

The waffle’s interior has a medium aeration rate, and several air bubbles can be observed in its core. But since the bubbles were still developing, much of the waffle’s core was still solid and mushy. The mushy spots of under-developed batter stood out as an annoying contrast to the otherwise soft and spongy waffle.

Taste (40%) - 7/10

  • Flavor: Sweet and savory
  • Mouthfeel: Soft, but slightly mushy

Taste wise, our chef judged the waffle to have a good blend of flavors: sweet and savory. But the mushy mouthfeel was a turn-off that ultimately resulted in the Crownful getting only a Good score in this section.

5.3 Birch Benders Mix

CROWNFUL 4-inch Mini Birch Benders Mix
The pale gold top crust of a waffle baked for 8 minutes using a batter made from the Birch Benders mix
The pale gold bottom crust of a waffle baked for 8 minutes using a batter made from the Birch Benders mix
The cross-section of a waffle baked for 8 minutes using a batter made from the Birch Benders mix, revealing the small air bubbles and cavities within the waffle.
A waffle is torn by hand down the middle to test it for its consistency and texture. This waffle was baked for 8 minutes using a batter made from the Birch Benders mix.
Heat Level
Cooking Time
5 minutes

The waffle was light colored and mushy when we picked it up from the plates. It was clear this test was a bust from the start. But surprisingly, while coloration and texture were discouraging, the waffle's flavor was decent. It saved the otherwise mediocre waffle from failing the test.

Color (35%) — 4.5/10

  • Color tone: Pale gold (Both)
  • Color distribution: Even

The waffle has the appearance of being undercooked with its pale gold crust. Some of the wells on the waffle were dark brown, slightly improving its look. But, as a whole, we still found the coloration not up to the mark.

Texture (25%) - 7/10

  • Texture: Soft, but overly moist and mushy
  • Aeration level: Medium

The waffle’s interior developed well. Slicing it in half, we saw prominent air bubbles and pockets inside. It should have resulted in a soft, fluffy waffle. Unfortunately, the waffle has a lot of moisture, making it limp and mushy. We let it rest for 5 minutes to see if it would get better, but the texture did not improve.

Taste (40%) - 5/10

  • Flavor: Distinctly savory and sweet
  • Mouthfeel: Very mushy

The waffle maker did a great job developing the waffle’s flavor profile. That was despite the lackluster color and texture. Our chef judged it tasty, with a distinct savory note, from the pre-made batter mix.

But while the taste was great, the mouthfeel was subpar due to the mushy texture of the waffle.

8.8 Design

The Crownful is visually striking compared to other mini-sized waffle makers in our database. Featuring a raised circular pattern on the lid and finished off with a light wooden handle, its aesthetic is the most remarkable part. The build quality is decent for the price point. A pair of solid hinges on the lid and the waffle plates are coated with a layer of functional non-stick coating.

Our only complaint is that, like many other mini-sized waffle makers, the Crownful lacks a control panel.

In the Box

The Crownful 4 inch waffle maker in the middle, with its warranty card, instruction manuals, and shipping box around it.
  • Crownful CF-WM01 waffle maker
  • Instruction manual
  • Warranty card


A side profile of the black Crownful compact waffle maker, with the patterned top lid and the wood-tone handle in the front visible.
5.7" (14.5 cm)
5.1" (13.0 cm)
3.1" (8.0 cm)
1.0 lbs (0.5 kg)

The Crownful lives up to expectations when it comes to compactness. You can easily fit the waffle maker inside a cupboard or a traveler’s backpack or duffel bag.

10 Build Quality

CROWNFUL 4-inch Mini Build Quality
Crowful waffle maker’s lid, with the center indicator light and the patterning made up of concentric circles visible. The wood-like handle in front is inscribed with the word “Crownful”.
A zoomed-in shot of the Crownful 4 inch waffle maker’s lid hinge.
The back of the Crownful waffle maker’s lid hinge. It is currently in the closed position.
The rubber, anti-slip feet at the bottom of the Crownful mini waffle maker.

Since it is such a cheap waffle maker, we didn’t have high expectations of its build quality when we first received it in the lab. It was a pleasant surprise when we unboxed the waffle maker and found its build quality to be so good.

The top lid is made from textured plastic and has a pattern of raised, concentric circles. Contrasting the black paint of our unit is the light-colored wooden handle at the front, inscribed with the company’s name.

The build quality of the unit’s interior is also good. The lid hinges are solid, and the waffle plates are immaculate.

9.5 Waffle Plates

A top-down view of one of the waffle plates of the Crownful waffle maker.
A top-down view of one of the waffle plates of the Crownful waffle maker.
A top-down view of both the Crownful’s black waffle plates.
Number of Plates
Grid Pattern
Plate Area
12.57 inch
Plate Length
4.0" (10.2 cm)
Plate Width
4.0" (10.2 cm)
Cast aluminum
Non Stick Coating
Dishwasher Safe

The cooking area of the plates is nestled inside a raised moat, which acts as an anti-spill channel. It is slightly offset from the moat, creating a fascinating “Hawaiian earring” pattern.

Although the anti-spill channel is meant to catch excess batter and prevent it from spilling out of the machine while cooking, it doesn't work well in practice. The channel is very shallow, so it has very little value unless the spill is minor.

The plates are coated with a layer of non-stick, which works well enough. We have never had trouble scooping out a finished waffle during our tests.

0.0 Control Panel

Indicator Lights
Audible Alarm
Browning Control

The waffle maker doesn’t come with any control feature. There is an indicator light at the top, which lights up when it’s plugged in, then turns off once the plates have been heated and are ready for use.

Power Cord

A zoomed-up view of the Crownful mini waffle maker’s power plug and its Type-A prongs.
Plug Style
Type A (Flat Blade Attachment Plug)
2.6 ft (0.8 m)
Cable Management

The power cable is very long at 31.5 inches, making it an even more attractive option for travelers who may not always have convenient access to power outlets. For those at home, the longer cord means you’ll most likely be able to skip using an extension cord (unless your kitchen has very odd outlet placement.)

But the longer cord can be a problem when it comes to storing the waffle maker, especially when it doesn’t have any cable management feature.

Accessories: N/A

Dishwasher Safe

The Crownful waffle maker doesn't come with any accessory.

6.6 Ease of Use

The lack of a control panel doesn’t mean the Crownful is hard to use. The opposite, in fact. Plug it in, wait for the signal light to go off, and pour your batter. Getting the perfect browning level can be tricky, but you’ll get the feel of it after some time using the waffle maker.

Cleaning up is a breeze due to its non-stick coating plates. Like most mini waffle makers we’ve tested, safety is an issue since the entire waffle maker heats up after a few cooking sessions.

8.5 Handling

As it doesn’t have any control features, all you have to do is plug it in. The waffle maker will handle the rest. Once the waffle plates are heated up, the indicator light at the top will turn off. That’s the signal to pour in the batter. Wait out the cooking time for however long you want, then lift the lid and extract the finished waffle.

The opening and closing motion of the lid is smooth, thanks to the solid lid hinges.

2.5 Safety

The surface temperature of the Crownful waffle maker’s top lid is being measured using a thermometer during a thermal safety test. The screen reads 187.9°F.
The surface temperature of the Crownful waffle maker’s top lid is being measured using a thermometer during a thermal safety test. The screen reads 187.9°F.
The temperature of the Crownful’s bottom is being measured using a thermometer during a thermal safety test. The screen reads 129.6°F.
The temperature of the Crownful’s front handle is being measured using a thermometer during a thermal safety test. The screen reads 188.4°F.
Top Side Temperature
Bottom Side Temperature
Handle Temperature

The Crownful has an abysmal safety score. But it’s worth noting that the faults don’t lie with the manufacturer. Like most mini-sized waffle makers, the whole unit has bad insulation because of its small size. After one or two cooking sessions, every surface on the machine will become piping hot: It is unavoidable. Unfortunately, since this is what we measure to determine a waffle maker’s safety score, the Crownful failed miserably in this test portion.

Using a thermometer, we measured the temperature of the waffle maker’s top side, which was 187.9°F.

The bottom side was warm, measuring 129.6°F. It’s still safe to the touch. However, it’s better to wear oven mitts while handling the waffle maker.

The handle was scorching hot at 188.4°F. The hot handle, combined with the hot steam surging from the plates, makes wearing oven mitts a must. The heat is intense enough to instantly cause a burn injury.

10 Cleanability

The Crownful is easy to clean, both from within  and outside. The non-stick coated plates only need a few scrubs with a clean, dry cloth to remove batter residues or waffle debris.

The exterior of the waffle maker, made from a type of smooth plastic, doesn’t grip onto the dried batter. We left spilled batter to dry on the exterior of the waffle maker for a day. We were able to scour it off with a few spritzes of detergent and a cloth without any difficulty when we cleaned it the next day.

10 Indicator Light Visibility

The red indicator light at the center of the lid of the Crownful waffle maker, shining dimly.

The indicator light at the top was decently bright. We could see it even under studio lighting.

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