COMFEE CFO-BB101 Toaster Oven Review

Alan Nguyen
Tuyet Pham
Culinary Consultant
Lap Vo
Test Lead
Nguyen Ntk
Visual Specialist
Tested Methodology v1.0
Power: 1000W

Overall Verdict

Overall Score
  • Performance (50%)
  • Usability (25%)
  • Design (25%)

The Comfee CFO-BB101 is an adequate extra small, budget countertop toaster oven. It’s suitable for someone who just wants a unit that serves its functions, doesn’t use a lot of energy, and saves space on the kitchen counter.

The quartz heating elements, combined with the power output of 1000 W, minimize energy consumption. However, saving energy may affect foods that require a high temperature.

The detachable crumb tray is a nice touch that makes cleaning the oven easier. However, the control knobs can be quite tricky to adjust.

Things We Like

  • Extra-small size
  • Energy-saving
  • Quartz heating elements have safeguards
  • Cool-touch door handle
  • Stay-on feature

Things We Don’t Like

  • No convection fan
  • No internal lighting
  • No safety mechanism for the door

The polished white stainless steel COMFEE CFO-BB101 is our first choice for an extra small, budget countertop toaster oven. For $44.99 (at the time of writing), you’ve got yourself a compact and energy-saving unit with standard cooking functions and accessories.

Our goal is to provide a fair evaluation and helpful information for choosing your next toaster oven through this comprehensive review. Along the way, we’ll share some tips on what you should and shouldn’t do to get the most out of this oven.

COMFEE CFO-BB101 Toaster Oven In-depth Review


How We Tested
Performance Scores
  • Toast (40%)
  • Pizza (25%)
  • Whole Roasted Chicken (25%)
  • Baked French Fries (10%)

The Comfee CFO-BB101 has only two heating elements, and this often resulted in uneven coloring on our test dishes. Our speculation was that the low power output hinders the oven’s performance in test dishes that require a high temperature (> 400°F), including pizza and fries. In addition, it was hard to input an exact temperature and time due to the limited settings on the control knob, especially for making toast.

One solution could be to decrease the amount of food compared to what we used for our test amount.



On the left: 2m 45s; In the middle: 3m 50s; On the right: 4m 10s
COMFEE CFO-BB101 Toast 1
Best level: 3m 50s
COMFEE CFO-BB101 Toast 2
The first batch vs the second batch
Taste Test: 5.5
50% * 5.5 = 2.8
Even Surface Color: 6
20% * 6 = 1.2
Consecutive Usability: 2
30% * 2 = 0.6
  • Function: Toast
  • Number Of Slices: 4
  • Toast Level: Medium
  • Cooking Time: 3m 50s (adjustable)
  • Second Batch: 3m 50s (adjustable)
  • Convection: No

It was difficult to perform our Toast test on the Comfee as we couldn’t input the exact cooking time or toast level. This was because the timer for toast was a countdown from 10 minutes without any level or minute indicator.

Our first attempt was 4m 10s, but the toast turned too dark, especially on the bottom side. Then we tried 2m 45s, but it barely acquired any color and we figured out that 3m 30s was possibly the best choice.

However, after many attempts, we couldn’t set the timer exactly as mentioned above and had to evaluate the result of 3m 50s. This strongly affected the oven’s toast score, resulting in a 4.6/10.

Even Surface Color

After setting it at 3m 50s, the Comfee produced 4 pieces of toast with a golden brown color on the top. However, most of the bottom surface had no color but also just a few dark areas, so it got a 6/10.


The first batch, which was slightly crispy, was passable and our head chef Tuyet Pham gave it a 5.5/10 for taste.

Consecutive Usability

The fact that we couldn’t set an exact timer only worsened the results for the second batch. The top had a large burnt area, the bottom had almost no color, and the toast didn’t become crispy at all. This result made the Comfee fail the consecutive usability section of our toast test and got a 2/10.



COMFEE CFO-BB101 Pizza 1
COMFEE CFO-BB101 Pizza 2
Cooking Time: 0
20% * 0 = 0.0
Crust: 6
20% * 6 = 1.2
Toppings: 6.5
30% * 6.5 = 1.9
Taste Test: 6
30% * 6 = 1.8
  • Function: Bake
  • Temperature: 450°F
  • Cooking Time: 11m
  • Convection: No

The Comfee wasn’t suitable for baking a 9-inch thick-crust meat pizza with a score of 5/10.

Cooking Time

This oven took 11 minutes, which was over our time limit, to bake the pizza to a desirable outcome. Thus, it failed the cooking time section of our Pizza test.


The crust attained just a light golden color and was very soft, so it got a 6/10. There were some small bits stuck to the baking pan, but they weren’t hard to get rid of.


The toppings had uneven caramelization and were a bit dry throughout, so they scored a 6.5/10. The cheese was slightly melty, but some areas darkened a lot.


Our chef gave the pizza a 6/10 for taste.


Whole Roasted Chicken

COMFEE CFO-BB101 Roasted Whole Chicken
COMFEE CFO-BB101 Roasted Whole Chicken 1
COMFEE CFO-BB101 Roasted Whole Chicken 2
COMFEE CFO-BB101 Roasted Whole Chicken 3
Cooking Time: 6
20% * 6 = 1.2
Skin: 6.5
20% * 6.5 = 1.3
Doneness: 9.1
20% * 9.1 = 1.8
Taste Test: 7
40% * 7 = 2.8
  • Function: Rotisserie
  • Temperature Range: 350°F
  • Cooking Time: 1h20m
  • Convection: No

The Comfee’s capacity barely fit a 3 lb chicken, which led to some problems during our Whole Roasted Chicken test. Overall, it left a few things to be desired and got a score of 7.1/10.

Cooking Time

The oven took 1h 20m to cook the chicken, which was 20 minutes longer than the standard amount of time so it got a 6/10.


Even though we had to rotate the baking pan 3 times during roasting, most of the skin could only get a yellow color, similar to when it’s steamed. The only exception was the middle area, which was close to the upper heating elements and turned a golden brown color.

Nonetheless, the skin was soft so it could only get a 6.5/10. In addition, the skin on the back got stuck to the baking pan when we tried to flip the chicken.


The chicken was thoroughly cooked and the internal temperature was 183-189°F, which was only a little higher than recommended by the USDA, so we gave it a 9.1/10.


The meat was soft and juicy, so our chef gave it a 7/10 for taste.


Baked French Fries

COMFEE CFO-BB101 Baked French Fries
COMFEE CFO-BB101 Baked French Fries 1
COMFEE CFO-BB101 Baked French Fries 2
Cooking Time: 0
20% * 0 = 0.0
Color: 6
20% * 6 = 1.2
Texture: 5.5
20% * 5.5 = 1.1
Taste Test: 6
40% * 6 = 2.4
  • Function: Bake
  • Temperature: 400°F.
  • Cooking Time: 35 m
  • Convection: No

Baking 12 oz of french fries wasn’t a favorable task for the Comfee; it ended up with a 4.7/10.

Cooking Time

Even after 35 minutes, the Comfee wasn’t able to produce a notable change in the texture and color of the fries. In addition, as the time limit for our Baked French Fries test was 25 minutes, this oven failed our cooking time criterion.


The fries lacked color, so they got a 6/10.


The oven basically thawed the fries without really baking them resulting in soggy fries with a score of 5.5/10.


Our chef could only give the fries a 6/10 for taste.

design Scores
  • Exterior (20%)
  • Interior (30%)
  • Build Quality (50%)

While being compact, the Comfee CFO-BB101 has a good capacity. Moreover, it still has all the standard exterior features, plus a neat detachable crumb tray. However, it’s very lacking in terms of the interior even though it uses quartz heating elements. Its overall construction also leaves a lot to be desired.

In the Box

COMFEE CFO-BB101 In the Box
  • Model: CFO-BB101
  • Warranty: 1-year limited (US only)
  • User Manual
  • Baking Rack
  • Baking Pan

The packaging has two foam pads to keep the oven firmly in place. However, the two accessories are simply wrapped in plastic and duct-taped to the oven. Comfee also provides a user manual with some simple recipes.



COMFEE CFO-BB101 Exterior
COMFEE CFO-BB101 Exterior 1
COMFEE CFO-BB101 Exterior 2
COMFEE CFO-BB101 Exterior 3
  • Weight:
    5.4 lbs (2.45 kg)
  • Length:
    13.85 inches (35.2 cm)
  • Width:
    11.18 inches (28.4 cm)
  • Height:
    8 inches (20.4 cm)
  • Material:
    Stainless steel
  • Color:
  • Door Handle:
  • Tray Level Indicators:
  • Removable Bottom Tray:

The oven’s casing is painted white but also polished, so you won’t have to worry about it getting dirty easily. Besides the two back buffers that keep the oven from being pushed too close to the wall, the Comfee also features carrying handles on the sides.

What stands out to make an impression is the detachable crumb tray. You can open it by tilting the unit slightly backward and pushing the dial on the tray towards the rear of the unit.

Control Panel

COMFEE CFO-BB101 Control Panel
  • Type:
     2 control knobs
  • Temperature Setting:
    150°F - 450°F
  • Timer:
    1 minute - 30 minutes + stay-on
  • On Indicator Light:
  • Cooking Status Bar:
  • Light Toggle:
  • Convection Toggle:
  • Rotation Toggle:
  • Automatic Oven Preheat:
  • Audio Reminder To Turn Food:

The Comfee simply has two control knobs: one for temperature and the other for time. Even though the timer is set only from 1 minute to 30 minutes, it has a stay-on position.

Cooking Functions

COMFEE CFO-BB101 Cooking Functions
  • Toast
  • Bake
  • Broil

If you know your way around the kitchen, the bake and broil functions will be all you need.



COMFEE CFO-BB101 Interior
COMFEE CFO-BB101 Interior 1
  • Number Of Heating Elements:
    2 quartz
  • Convection Fan:
  • Lighting:
  • Tray Levels:
  • Rotisserie Socket And Bracket:
  • Safety Hook:

Capacity: 10 liters - 4 slices of toast - 9-inch pizza

Although compact, the Comfee has enough capacity for 4 slices of toast, a 9-inch pizza, and barely enough for a 3 lb chicken. However, it doesn’t have internal lighting and a convection system.

The oven uses 2 quartz heating elements which use infrared light to cook. Each one has its own safety guard to prevent direct contact with baking pans and trays.

Compared to the more common nichrome heating elements, the quartz heating elements produce more heat and cool down faster. They’re also easier to clean and more energy-efficient. However, they are not as durable.

Power Cord

COMFEE CFO-BB101 Power Cord
  • Length:
    26.37 inches (67 cm)
  • Type
    2-prong plug
  • Power:
    1000 W
  • Rated Output:
    120 V ~ 60 Hz

The power cord has enough length for household use. However, the back buffers aren’t designed to wrap the cord around, unlike many other toaster ovens.

Accessories: Baking Rack

COMFEE CFO-BB101 Accessories: Baking Rack
  • Length:
    10.15 inches (25.8 cm)
  • Width:
    8.26 inches (21 cm)
  • Height:
    0.43 inches (1.1 cm)
  • Material:
    Stainless steel
  • Dishwasher Safe:

The rack fits perfectly with the guide, which helps prevent accidents when placing your food in the oven.

Accessories: Baking Pan

COMFEE CFO-BB101 Accessories: Baking Pan
  • Length:
    10.15 inches (25.8 cm)
  • Width:
    7.87 inches (20 cm)
  • Height:
    0.66 inches (1.7 cm)
  • Material:
    Stainless steel
  • Dishwasher Safe:

The baking pan has ridges and grooves which can give your food attractive roasting marks and catch the dripping better. However, its coating isn’t completely non-stick, so it may be prone to some stubborn stains after a hefty roast.


Build Quality

COMFEE CFO-BB101 Build Quality

Being a compact product, it’s understandable that the Comfee doesn’t have as many design features as bigger toaster ovens. Even though the price of this product is quite reasonable, it doesn’t have a very sturdy build. In addition, the door can open if you tilt the oven.


How We Rated
usability Scores
  • User Control (30%)
  • Ease of Use (50%)
  • Cleanability (20%)

The Comfee CFO-BB101 doesn’t have anything strong going for it in terms of usability. The simple control has some drawbacks and doesn’t provide much convenience. However, a detachable crumb tray makes it easier to clean the oven, especially if the oven is of this size.


User Control

Play video
COMFEE CFO-BB101 User Control Video

Even though the Comfee has only two simple control knobs for time and temperature, there are a few things to keep in mind. For the timer knob, when setting it to less than 5 minutes, always rotate past 5 minutes (Med) and then rotate back to the desired time.

For the temperature knob, both the heating elements function when the oven is set from 150°F to 450°F. On Bake, only the bottom element functions, and the oven’s internal temperature is maintained at approximately 400°F-425°F. On Broil, only the top element functions, and the temperature stays steady at approximately 425°F-450°F.

The other problem relates to time and temperature, both of which cannot be adjusted precisely. Nonetheless, you can get used to adjusting time and temperature on this oven after a few times. You can also use an oven thermometer and an external timer to help with this.


Ease of Use

Play video
COMFEE CFO-BB101 Ease of Use Video

With two control knobs, it’s very simple to adjust time and temperature during cooking. When the timer runs out, a bell will sound and the oven will shut off.  The oven does not have a digital display, so you can freely leave it plugged in and not worry about power consumption.

It’s easy to keep the door partially open to let food cool down, but keep in mind that this doesn’t stop the cooking. Also, be careful as the oven’s exterior gets hot to the touch quite quickly.



COMFEE CFO-BB101 Cleanability
COMFEE CFO-BB101 Cleanability 1
COMFEE CFO-BB101 Cleanability 2
COMFEE CFO-BB101 Cleanability 3

We cleaned the Comfee following our toaster oven cleaning guide without much problem. Thanks to the detachable crumb tray, not only were we able to remove the crumbs, we also had better access to clean the oven’s interior.

However, some of the crumbs got stuck inside the bottom heating element’s guard. As for the baking pan, without a good coating, it got a slight discoloration after our Whole Roasted Chicken test.

Prior to First Time Use

If you’re using the Toshiba AC25CEW Toaster Oven for the first time, don’t forget to follow these few pieces of advice:

1. Place the oven on a flat surface with at least 5 inches of space above and around all sides.

2. Make sure your outlet is 120 V - 1000 W.

3. To avoid electrical problems, do not operate the Toshiba on the same circuit with another appliance.

4. Make sure the interior of the oven is dry and clean before use.

5. New ovens have a distinctive smell from their materials and protective layering that you need to burn off. Do this by setting the temperature to max, convection on, and timer to 15 minutes. It’s normal to see smoke during this process for a new oven, and it will not last longer than 15 minutes.