Breville BOV450XL Mini Smart Toaster Oven Review

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Breville BOV450XL Toaster Oven Review
Power: 1800W

The brushed stainless steel Breville BOV450XL Mini Smart Toaster Oven is a good choice if you’re looking for a small-sized smart countertop toaster oven. It also has a well-constructed outer shell and control panel. In addition, the interior coating makes cleaning easy.

Its cooking performance could be improved though. The high wattage plus quartz heating elements are partially negated by the lack of a convection system. Also, the oven’s smart heating algorithms sometimes lead to inconsistent heat distribution.

Things We Like

  • Unique feature buttons
  • Non-stick interior
  • High-contrast digital display
  • Sturdy construction
  • Cool-touch door handle
  • Easy-to-clean stainless steel exterior
  • Convenient slide-out crumb tray

Things We Don’t Like

  • No interior lighting
  • No convection fan
  • Inconsistent heating elements
  • Updated Jul 14, 2022:

    Review published.

The brushed stainless steel Breville BOV450XL Mini Smart Countertop Toaster Oven is well-constructed throughout, from the outer shell, to the control panel, to its non-stick interior coating. For $151.99 (at the time of writing), its unique features, good accessories, and interesting cooking functions make it a decent – if imperfect – oven.

We hope our comprehensive toaster oven preview can help with your purchase decision. We try to be as objective as possible in our assessments. Along the way, we’ll share some tips on what you should and shouldn’t do to get the most out of this oven.

Breville BOV450XL Mini Smart Toaster Oven In-depth Review


How We Tested

The Breville BOV450XL produced great toast and adequate results when roasting a whole chicken and baking french fries. However, it left a lot to be desired when we tried a pizza. We suspect this was due to the inconsistent heating of the oven.


Breville BOV450XL Toast
On the left: Level 3; In the middle: Level 4; On the right: Level 5

After following our Toast test procedures, we determined that this oven’s toasting level 4—3 minutes on the timer—was the best option, giving it a score of 7.9/10. At level 3, the bread was very lightly toasted and at 5 was darker than ideal and had a more uneven surface color.

At toast level 4, the Breville produced 4 pieces with mottled light golden to golden-brown color which looked quite appetizing. The color was not evenly distributed due to the oven’s lack of a convection system, though, so we gave it an 8/10.

The first batch of toast was nicely crispy outside while still soft and moist inside, deserving an 8/10 score for flavor. Our head chef, Tuyet Pham, determined they would go well with pretty much anything including an omelet, eggs benedict, and particularly sandwiches.

Even though the oven automatically adjusted the timer to 2 minutes 36 seconds, the color of the second batch was a bit darker. Also, the second batch was crispier than the first which made it more suitable for soup.

Overall, it’s a 7.5/10 for consecutive usability. Remember to reduce the heat by one level if you want the same result. Thanks to its high wattage, this oven has the fastest cooking time for toast among the toaster ovens we’ve tested thus far.


Breville BOV450XL Pizza

The Breville oven did not agree with the 9-inch thick-crust meat pizza we tried to bake. We gave it a score of only 5.5/10.

This oven took 10m 30s to bake the pizza which was only slightly longer than the recommended 10 minutes on the label. However, 10 minutes was the time limit of our Pizza test, so it failed the cooking time section.

The crust had a nice golden color but was soft and dry — a possible consequence of the long cooking time. Therefore, we could only give it a 7/10.

The toppings were mostly dry with uneven color. Plus, the cheese wasn’t well melted, so it received a 6.5/10.

After tasting, our chef gave the pizza a 7/10.


Breville BOV450XL Roasted Whole Chicken

The Breville could barely fit the 3 lb chicken for our Whole Roasted Chicken test and scored a 6.9/10. The chicken grazed the safety guards that protect the upper heating elements while we were putting it in. During the roasting, quite a bit of grease splashed inside the oven and caused the heating elements to smoke a little.

The oven took 1h 5m to cook the chicken which was just 5 minutes longer than what we consider standard, so it got a 7.5/10.

After roasting, the skin had a quite even coloring although a bit too light, and remained soft. We awarded it a 7/10. In addition, the skin on the back got stuck to the baking pan during roasting.

The chicken’s internal temperature was 168-171°F which was very close to the USDA recommendation. However, there were a few pink spots near the bone, so we gave it a 7/10.

Even though the meat was juicy, the unappetizing chicken skin was enough that our chef lowered the score to 6.5/10 for taste.


Breville BOV450XL Baked French Fries

The Breville did an acceptable job of baking 12 oz of french fries, scoring a 6.5/10.

It took 25 minutes, the limit of our Baked French Fries test, so this oven got a 5/10.

Except for a few golden pieces, the fries mostly lacked color. They only deserved a score of  7/10.

The fries had a variety of textures, none of which were good. The golden fries were dry and yet only slightly crispy. Also, the ones that lacked color were really soft, so it was only a 6.5/10.

Our chef gave the fries a 7/10 for taste.

The Breville BOV450XL has a good capacity for a small oven. However, while it has a high wattage and quartz heating elements, it lacks a convection system, so the fancy heating elements don’t improve performance much. And as a kicker, the interior is black and contains no internal lights.

Breville BOV450XL In the Box
  • Model: BOV450XL
  • Warranty: 1-year limited
  • User Manual
  • Baking Rack
  • Baking Pan

On the packaging were some illustrations and basic information, and the oven was couched nicely between two foam pads. Breville’s user manual explains in detail how each oven function works. 

The default accessories, a baking rack and baking pan, were packaged in a fitted carton box. You can opt to buy a separate 11” pizza pan and/or a broiling rack to cover more cooking methods.


Breville BOV450XL Exterior

The small size didn’t stop Breville from designing a sturdy stainless steel outer shell. The shape of the back buffers makes it easy to wrap the power cord around them once things have cooled.

Also, the tray-level indicators on the glass door and the slide-out crumb tray are always nice touches. However, the oven’s exterior doesn’t provide good grip points to carry the oven.

We measured the oven’s footprint to be 15.74" x 14.17" x 8.86" which was slightly different in terms of height from the manufacturer’s 16.1" x 14.2" x 10.4".

Breville BOV450XL Control Panel

The control panel consists of 1 control knob for 8 functions and 4 buttons to set the time, temperature, and/or toasting mode. The digital display and the Start/Cancel button both shine blue when the oven’s plugged in and red when it’s cooking.

Beyond the standard stuff, you’ll find 3 unique buttons: Temperature Conversion (°F-°C), Frozen Foods, and A Bit More. The latter adds a specific amount of time depending on the cooking function.

The LCD screen will display ‘E01’ or ‘E02’ when there is a non-resettable issue with the appliance. When this happens, immediately unplug the cord from the wall outlet and call the Breville Customer Service Center.

The ‘E03’ shows up when the oven temperature exceeds its design limit. Should this occur, unplug your oven, allow it to cool for 15 minutes, then plug it back in.

The ‘E04’ appears when the room temperature is below the set minimum. If this happens, unplug the oven and move it to a warmer area.

  • Toast (7 levels, 4 slices maximum)
  • Bagel (7 levels, 4 slices maximum)
  • Bake (1h 30m maximum)
  • Broil (High and Low levels, 20 minutes maximum)
  • Pizza (55 minutes maximum)
  • Roast (1h 30m maximum)
  • Cookies (55 minutes maximum)
  • Reheat (370°F maximum)

For safety reasons, all cooking functions have a predetermined timer limit after which the oven stops cooking. If you want to continue cooking, simply operate the oven in standard mode. The High setting of the Broil function does the job faster than Low and you’ll need to experiment with it to learn how quickly it cooks.


Breville BOV450XL Interior

The Breville’s interior has a non-stick coating, 4 heating elements, and 3 tray levels (quite rare for its size). However, it has no internal lighting or convection system.

We measured the cooking chamber’s volume to be 13.86 liters compared to the manufacturer’s provided capacity of 12.74 liters. However, it could just be because we measured from the cooking chamber’s walls to walls whereas the manufacturer stopped before reaching the heating elements.

The oven uses 4 quartz heating elements, each with its own safety guard to prevent direct contact with baking pans and food. Unlike the more common nichrome style, these don’t heat the air in the oven, but rather radiate the infrared heat directly to the food or pan.

Overall, they produce more heat and cool down faster than nichrome. In addition, they’re easier to clean and are more energy-efficient but not as durable. However, if grease splashes onto the heating elements while cooking, it’ll leave permanent stains.

Breville BOV450XL Power Cord

The power cord is roughly 40.94"—plenty of length for household use—and can be wrapped around the back buffers for storage. The plug also has a nice little handle which makes it easier to grab.

Breville BOV450XL Accessories: Baking Rack

The rack fits perfectly on the guide rails, which helps prevent accidents when placing your food in the oven.

Breville BOV450XL Accessories: Baking Pan

Although the baking pan is a bit smaller than the rack, it still has more than enough space for a 3 lb chicken. Thus, it keeps most of the mess off the heating elements. 

However, even with the enamel coating, the chicken skin still stuck to the pan during our roasting test. Also worth noting is that the dishwasher can damage this coating.


Breville BOV450XL Build Quality

The Breville is well-constructed and durable with a high power rating of 1800 W. All of its parts fit nicely and work smoothly, especially the LCD display and the buttons.

Thanks to the good insulation of the casing, the oven gets hot to the touch only after cooking for a long period of time at high heat.


How We Rated

The Breville BOV450XL is simple to use and to clean. Unfortunately, most of its unique features aren’t useful. Its smart heating algorithms also didn’t add much to the test dishes we cooked.


The Temperature Conversion button is a nice touch for international users. The cooking time can be adjusted in increments of 1 minute and the temperature in increments of 5°F. For some reason, this differs from what the user manual states.

The manual says that the FROZEN FOODS button adds the right amount of additional time needed to defrost the target foods in the Toast, Bagel, Pizza, Cookies, and Bake functions. However, we didn’t find it very useful since cooking time depends heavily on the food quantity and personal preference.

The A BIT MORE button, where each press adds a pre-set amount of time to each function, has a similar problem. It only seemed useful when the oven was still cold and we wanted to skip the preheating phase.


The Breville has an automatic preheating phase that lasts 1m 45s. Our tests saw it reaching around 180°F in that time. The temperature alert will sound when the oven reaches your selected temperature. Then, it will sound three times at the end of the cooking cycle.

It’s very easy to adjust cooking settings during use. However, even though this oven doesn’t turn off upon opening the door, the door won’t stay partially open – it’s all or nothing.

According to the manufacturer, the Element iQ System’s smart algorithms focus power where and when it’s most needed, creating ideal cooking conditions every time. However, we didn’t notice a significant difference in performance when comparing it to other ovens of the same size/wattage.

If it’s not actively cooking, the oven will go into STANDBY mode after 10 minutes with no interaction. Although unplugging the oven resets your customized setting, Breville recommends doing so anyway after you finish using it.


Breville BOV450XL Cleanability

We cleaned the Breville in accordance with our toaster oven cleaning guide. Thanks to the stainless steel exterior and non-stick interior, it was very easy to clean. Removing crumbs was also easy thanks to the slide-out crumb tray, although we still had to tilt the oven to get the last of them out.

The upper heating elements got stained by smoke from splattered grease during our roasted chicken test. Fortunately, we had no problem removing the stains by brushing the elements with a paste of baking soda and water. We were also able to easily scrub the burnt chicken skin off of the baking pan.

The Breville BOV450XL Compared to Other Toaster Ovens

In comparison to an adequate unit of the same size—the Mueller MT-175, the Breville BOV450XL had higher scores in every aspect which earned it place as our best small toaster oven. The Breville was significantly more expensive and it showed in the number and quality of design and usability features as well as its cooking performance.

This held true even when compared to a unit of the same price range—the Panasonic NB-G110P-K. While both are digital, the Breville had a higher build quality and was easier to use.

However, the limitations of a small unit in terms of room for investment became apparent when standing next to a medium-sized model of the same brand—the Breville BOV845BSSUSC. While having the same power draw, the BOV450XL had a less consistent performance in cooking due to its lack of a convection system. In addition, the Breville BOV845BSSUSC wasn’t even on our list of best toaster ovens.

Breville BOV450XL FAQs

Length: 11.49 inches Width: 11 inches Height: 6.69 inches

No, the Breville doesn’t have internal lighting. No, this oven doesn’t have a stay-on function.

The Breville oven uses 1800 Watts of power. The exterior gets hot to the touch only after cooking for a long period of time at high heat.

Yes, the Breville has a non-stick interior which is free of PFOA and is very easy to clean.

After 10 minutes of no interaction, the oven will go into STANDBY mode. However, it’s advised to unplug it. No, the Breville doesn’t have a turn-on timer.